Full Features of “Crete Island Mountain View North Coast” Crete Islands Mountain View

A prominent stage of the gigantic Mountain View project, covering a large area of ​​up to 450 hectares, in the most prominent places in the North Coast city, with its wonderful atmosphere, picturesque beaches and landscapes that attract attention due to its beauty and its facilities.

Crete Island Mountain View Village website

If you are a lover of charming nature, please do not hesitate to go to Crete Island Mountain View, located in the Ras El Hekma area, kilo 200 Alexandria Desert Road, to enjoy relaxation in front of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea overlooking the village.
You have the opportunity to go here and there thanks to the strategic location that connects guests with many roads, vital cities and other areas such as:
New Fouka Road (15 km)
Syed Abdul Rahman (15 km)
Marina (90 km)
East Ras El Hekma (15 km)
Alexandria (200 km)
New Alamein Airport (50 km)
Borg El Arab Airport
Greater Cairo (journey takes only three hours)
Major tourist towns, such as: Hacienda Bay, Zoya, Upper Island, Jefaira.

Crete Island North Coast area

The area occupied by the Crete Islands Mountain View is 70 hectares of the total area allocated to the entire Mountain View project, this means that the client will find anything he can think of in the same place, whether it is related keep with the type of unit, its area , or even a specific service, especially since most of the space occupies It has service and leisure facilities, together with modern decorations, such as water bodies, green areas, and so on.
Staying in Crete Island Mountain View means seeing one of the most beautiful beaches even from inside your unit, because it is built at a depth of 200 km and the width of the beach is 1500 square meters and its length is estimated at 1000 meters, in addition to the luxury you will enjoy thanks to the impressive designs inspired by the style The Greek and implemented by creative human cadres of engineers and design experts.
Taking into account the different tastes of customers is very evident within Crete Island. Looking at its units and spaces, we find them very diverse, as they include villas, semi-detached houses, townhouses, chalets, some fully finished and others unfinished, with the following areas:
Chalets: Consists of a ground floor, above by two other floors, with an area of ​​92 square meters, with two bedrooms, and the largest, with an area of ​​125 square meters, and three bedrooms.
Townhouses: their spaces vary greatly, but the minimum space is 140 square meters.
Semi-detached house: It has a large area compared to the previous units, with a minimum of 155 square meters.
Boutique Villa: a very modern unit built on a suitable area of ​​205 square meters.
Independent villas: with a minimum space of 225 square meters, knowing that it is only 50 meters from the lagoon)

Crete Islands Mountain View town services and features

You can imagine how much luxury you will enjoy inside Crete Island, the latest phase of Mountain View, that grand project that everyone sees for its ultimate excellence, as it offers its clients all of the following:
24-hour guarding and security to ensure that the entire town is secured and the necessary security for those in it so that they can enjoy their time more.
Medical clinics with doctors of various specialties to provide an integrated service to guests, in addition to a pharmacy open throughout the day to facilitate the purchase of medicines and other preparations at any time.
A private beach for guests so they can enjoy nature now and in complete calm, to maintain privacy there is a women only beach.
A garage designed on a suitable area that can accommodate a large number of guest cars to ensure that there is no overcrowding inside.
Halls equipped for business owners to hold their meetings or organize various conferences, which means that the project is not only an ideal place for entertainment, but also for work.
A unique atmosphere for food and drinks, because there are cafes and restaurants directly overlooking the beach, and there are other great cafes and the most luxurious restaurants in the Agora area, in addition to shops.
The village has generators that kick into action immediately in case of a power outage for any reason, so you won’t face any problem preventing you from enjoying your time.
A beach area equipped to organize parties and enjoy many leisure activities, and there is also a club house, which ensures a more enjoyable time.
A commercial area that lacks nothing, but has various products and brands that are also known in the local and international market.
Swimming pools are scattered in many places, numbering about 19, one of them is covered because it is for women and some for children.
Gardens and green spots spanning 14 hectares within the Crete Islands mountain view make it look more like a large theme park than a residential tourist project.
Open paths where guests can walk in the beautiful scenery and the outdoors, or do simple sports such as cycling or running.
A modern lagoon area covering a large area of ​​the total area of ​​the village of Crete Island Mountain View, which covers approximately 40 thousand square meters.
Beautiful views and imaginary decorations, such as landscapes, artificial lakes that permeate the spaces between buildings, to give them an impressive view.
Other amenities add a nice touch to the exterior, where there is a central swimming pool as well as a modern designed garden pool.
A health club that is no less sought after than the rest of the other facilities in the town, especially with the availability of many modern facilities in it.
An integrated gym in every way, ensuring a special time spent inside, especially for those who love to play games and sports activities.
Internet service is available within all units and throughout, due to the activation of the Wi-Fi function to facilitate access to the web for guests.
Firmly relies on solar energy to preserve the environment on the one hand and to offer a clean atmosphere and sustainable service to guests on the other.
An integrated service within the facilities concerned with health and fitness, such as the gym, jacuzzi and spa, due to the availability of the latest equipment therein.
Hotels with striking facades in line with their luxury level and wonderful hotel services that satisfy all their guests without exception.
Crete Island Mountain View offers for the children in it a wonderful entertainment area with many games such as fun water games.
An administrative office to respond to any inquiries from customers or guests at any time.
Ease of filling cars due to the presence of the Emarat Misr filling station in the town so that its guests can easily access it.
All villas have an entrance directly to the sea, so their residents enjoy a special atmosphere and a wonderful atmosphere all the time, especially in summer.
The chalets are built above sea level at a height of 34 meters, so they overlook a beautiful landscape, and others overlook either artificial lakes or swimming pools.
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