Mohamed Abou El-Enein: Washington holds the key to solving the “Renaissance Dam” crisis


Sunday 06 November 2022


Representative of the House of Representatives, Mohamed Abu El-Enein, emphasized the importance of the United States’ role in resolving the Renaissance Dam crisis, noting that the United States holds the key to resolving the crisis and the ability to pressure Ethiopia to negotiate. in good faith and with serious political will and within a specific time frame to reach a new agreement that reaches the interests of the three countries, warns that failure to take steps to resolve the crisis predicts new conflicts. For Egypt, the Nile is the source of life for its people, it is the source of 97% of the water, and Egypt will not tolerate any existential threat to the lives of its citizens.

He added that international law and international agreements prove Egypt’s historic rights to the Nile waters and impose international legal obligations on Ethiopia vis-à-vis its downstream neighbors, noting that these agreements are “not colonial treaties” as Ethiopia claims, but all of they, without exception, were signed by Ethiopia as an independent, sovereign state, including the 1902, 1993 and 2015 agreements.

It took place during the US capital, Washington, as host to the 31st Conference of Arab and American Decision Makers, organized by the National Council on US-Arab Relations, which had an extensive presence of members of Congress, Arab ambassadors, a number current and former Arab and American ministers, leaders of think tanks and professional media, and the conference devoted a special session on Egypt. The keynote speaker was MP Muhammad Abu Al-Enein, the deputy of the House of Representatives.

The session witnessed a great interaction of the audience, who praised the achievements of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi at the internal and external level, and that during the last seven years, Egypt presented a role model to restore stability and move forward to move on the path of development in the light of a world hit by successive crises.. Abou El-Enein also presented a film It records the most important achievements achieved by Egypt to build the new republic.

Abul-Enein emphasized in his speech that President Sisi succeeded in building the new republic, which is based on stability, prosperity and democracy, adding that everyone in Egypt shares the president’s dream of this republic, and is working towards it to build it in record time.

He pointed out that all indications confirm that Egypt is on the right track, to achieve further political reform and economic launch, and to improve the quality of life for Egyptians, explaining that what we have seen recently with the launch of the General National Dialogue in which all national powers participate is sufficient for them to freely discuss all political and economic issues, social and cultural. The President promised to implement his recommendations and even participate in his activities.

Representative Abul-Enein invited members of Congress, think tanks and the media to visit Egypt and listen to parties, parliamentarians and intellectuals, stressing that such visits and dialogues explain and clarify what is really going on in Egypt and what is not being reported . false information from unknown sources that negatively affects the relations between the two parties our two countries.

Abul-Enein spoke about the leap Egypt is making in the field of promoting human rights, since last year President Sisi launched the first national strategy to promote human rights in Egypt, which aims to address all civil, political, social, cultural and economic rights for more than 100 million Egyptians, as stipulated in the constitution and agreements International.

He spoke about the great progress seen by the rights of women, youth, civil society, housing and health rights, in addition to the state’s determination to end the file of convicts.

On the economic front, Abou El-Enein spoke about President Sisi’s ambitious project to achieve a major economic launch. He pointed out that this project doubles the surface of the globe from 6% currently, on which we have been living for thousands of years, to 14% to build a new country. New, for Egypt to become a regional center for gas and a center for renewable energy in the Mediterranean basin, and Egypt’s success in transforming from a gas importing country to an exporting country and from a country with a large electricity shortage to an electricity exporter to neighboring countries and we have the ability to export more.

Abou El-Enein spoke about President Sisi’s major efforts to encourage the private sector and improve the business environment, as the state has issued a package of policies and legislation in recent years that remove bureaucratic obstacles , improve competition, protect intellectual property rights, and stimulate priority sectors.

He added that according to President El-Sisi’s directives, every investor who wants to establish a project in Egypt can obtain the golden license, which includes all approvals in one step. With its right to enjoy the benefits and other exemptions for the projects established in the Suez Canal and Upper Egypt and in the industrial sectors, green hydrogen, green ammonia and renewable energy.

Abul-Enein called on American companies to redouble their investments, taking advantage of the fact that Egypt is the largest local market and that it is committed to free trade agreements with almost half of the world’s countries, which are about including 2 billion consumers. This is definitely the time to invest in Egypt.

He added that Egypt has security, stability, high profitability, many opportunities, infrastructure and energy, and the most qualified and cheapest youth in the region, and most importantly, it has the political will and determination to support the private sector and remove any obstacles. it faces.

He called on American companies to make Egypt a gateway for production and exports to the Middle East and Africa, especially with the entry of the Continental Free Trade Agreement among African countries, and to locate part of their supply chains in Egypt establish. US government establishing an industrial city for US companies in the Suez Canal area.

He emphasized the importance of increasing US investments in renewable energy, green hydrogen production and in the field of conventional energy, as Egypt has large undiscovered reserves of natural gas.

Abul-Enein called for expediting the signing of an Egyptian-US Free Trade Agreement and holding an annual Egyptian-US economic forum for investors to increase ways of economic and trade cooperation and investment between our two countries increase.

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