After being put on price lists in Egypt, the most prominent features of the “Citroen C5 Air Cross” Face Lift 2023

After its official presentation in the production version in 2017, at the Shanghai exhibition, the compact crossover SUV “Citroen C5 Air Cross” was introduced from China to the rest of the world markets, until it reached the Egyptian market in 2019.

At the beginning of this year 2022, the French manufacturer revealed the first Face Lift for its car, and as expected it was announced inside Egypt in the latest price list announced two days ago by a Citroën dealer.

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So far, the agent has not officially disclosed the local specifications, but in the following lines we get to know the most prominent international specifications that Citroen offers in the European market.

The new updates are clearly visible in the interface that has completely changed, starting with the front grille, which has become smaller and within a few thin strips, and in the middle of it is the “Citron” logo, and the strips end in the sides at the headlights that merged with the daytime lighting in a modern design, after the They were separated in the previous version.. As for the lower half of the facade, the front bumper has a sporty design, the lower grille has become larger , the side vents have been highlighted, and the four-color stripes that previously distinguished Air Cross have disappeared.

From the sides, the door mirrors appeared in a glossy black color, and the car also got new 18-inch rims.. At the back, the modifications look less compared to what happened in front, as Citroen only changed the interior design of the rear lights.

As for the dimensions of the car, they have not changed, except for the width, which has become less than before, while the length of the roof rails has been calculated with the height, so this may explain the slightly different numbers.

Old dimensions New dimensions Length 4,500 mm 4,500 mm Width 1,969 mm 1,840 mm Height 1,654 mm 1,670 mm Wheelbase 2,730 mm 2,730 mm Ground clearance 23 mm 23 mm Boot space 580 liters 5 liters Fuel tank 580 liters


Inside the cabin, the updates seemed to be inspired by the C5 X, and most noticeable was the infotainment system, whose screen became 10-inches (instead of 8-inches) and floated above the dashboard in instead of its previous location, so the shape of the air conditioning vents changes to get a slim design under the screen, Instead of a square shape on both sides of the screen, the French manufacturer made the car seats with a design that provide more comfort by enhancing it with additional padding. to the heating and massage function, and the choice of seat upholstery is available in Alcantara and perforated leather.

Good luck and prize system

In the new version, the C5 Air Cross was presented with several options for the power system. For the Egyptian market, it relies on a 1.6-liter engine that can generate 165 horsepower and a maximum torque of 240 Nm. It is mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox so that the car accelerates from standstill to 100 km/h in 9.4 seconds.. But it is not yet confirmed whether this system will continue or be replaced .

The official prices for the Facelift version came with an increase of 105 thousand pounds over the previous version for the first category, 95 thousand pounds for the second category, and 130 thousand pounds for the third category, so that the prices of “C5 Air Cross Face Lift 2023 is as follows:

???? The price of the first category is 719,900 pounds ???? The price of the second category is 779,900 pounds. The price of the third category is 864,900 pounds

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