Designer Noura Al Shamsi: My collection is a tribute to my father’s passion for jewellery

Emirati designer Nora Al Shamsi has drawn her own style and line unlike any other. She has been fascinated by the world of jewelry since her childhood, the world in which she grew up. Her father is the source of her inspiration as she is influenced by the high craftsmanship he enjoys. Noura Al Shamsi brand is a new brand but with new contemporary touch, catering to the taste of Arab and international women at the same time. Learn more about this talented designer in Sharjah, who gave us this interesting conversation and shared with us the details of her start in this field, her ideas and sources of inspiration, the role of jewelery for her in addition to her future projects.

Jewelery designed by designer Noura Al Shamsi

Tap us into the details of your start in the world of jewelry

I lived through the worlds of creativity and the arts at a young age. I grew up surrounded by jewelry. My family, Al Shamsi, has been in the jewelry industry since 1977. I was fortunate to join the family business at the age of 16, rotating across different departments. Besides pursuing my studies in interior design, which helped shape my design philosophy. My father has always been my greatest inspiration. Watching his unbridled passion built my appreciation for the jewelry making process.

How do you see the jewelry scene in the Arab world?

Jewelry has always been a big part of our culture and history and an important tool for self-expression in the Arab world. As Arab women, we are drawn to designs and colors. The most interesting thing about a jewelry is that it is universal and transcends borders. I especially appreciate developing our traditional design concepts and craft techniques into contemporary jewelry.

How is your last group?

Our latest collection combines natural motifs with contemporary color combinations, with diamonds and precious stones set in 18-karat gold designs. This diamond set is a tribute to my father and his crafting techniques.

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Jewelery designed by designer Noura Al Shamsi

Of the woman and of the precious stone

Jewelery designed by designer Noura Al Shamsi

Where do you usually get your design inspiration from?

I am always inspired by the beauty and power of nature. The aesthetic of our contemporary, luxurious design is a play of subtlety and power that celebrates femininity and the ever-evolving concept of time and passing beauty. Sometimes I’m also inspired by the woman I’m designing for, if we’re working on a custom design, and sometimes I’m inspired by the beauty of stone.

Are you inspired by travel?

I have always been inspired by the art and architecture of every city I visit. Exploring different cultures and meeting new people has a certain feeling that stays in my heart and always keeps my creativity flowing.

Who is your icon in the world of jewellery?

I consider my father a role model and a source of inspiration for my success and determination. He taught me all my industry experience, and I still follow in his footsteps on how to run a successful business.

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Jewelery designed by designer Noura Al Shamsi


Jewelery designed by designer Noura Al Shamsi

What is your favorite jewelry brand?

Bulgari is one of my favorite design houses. I appreciate their design aesthetic and exceptional craftsmanship.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

I put my heart into every piece I create, but the pieces that will always hold a special place are our signature Side Diamonds. The symbolism of this design inspired my love of jewelry and is an ode to my father and his exceptional techniques. It also represents our design ethos of delicacy and strength, beautifully reflected in the contrast of textures between pure silk, gold and diamonds.

What stone do you like to work with?

I love working with citrine. It adds vibrant color to my designs, like the light and warmth of the sun, which inspires many of my designs.

Jewelery designed by designer Noura Al Shamsi

Who is Noura Al Shamsi’s wife?

I design for every woman who appreciates art, strength and beauty, creating practical pieces that embrace her beauty and envy her, with the aim of giving her confidence and empowerment.

As an Arab brand, how do you reflect the taste of oriental women through your designs?

Jewelry has sentimental value in our culture. I like to emphasize this in all my designs, especially wedding dress jewelry. We design and customize pieces for each bride that reflect her personality. Personalization is one of our greatest values ​​and it is the feeling that our customers throughout the Middle East and GCC countries appreciate.

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Exploring different cultures and meeting new people evokes a feeling that stays in my heart and always keeps my creativity flowing.

I lived in the worlds of creativity and arts at an early age

Marketing and Sales

Jewelery designed by designer Noura Al Shamsi

Where do you sell in the Middle East?

We are launching our international online store later this year, as well as special appointments and regional fairs across the GCC. We are also planning to launch our official pop-up showroom in Sharjah, UAE next October.

Do you rely on social media to market your brand?

Digital presence is invaluable; Extend our reach to a larger audience regionally and globally. Social media has created a great platform for Arab designers in general to be discovered and showcase their collections.

What are your future plans?

We have a lot in the pipeline! We are currently focusing on planning our official launch in October in Sharjah and finalizing the designs for our bridal collections.

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