Madbouly opens the “Climate Horizons” magazine as a new issue for the Ministers Information Centre

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly inaugurated the first edition of the new edition of the Information and Decision Support Center of the Egyptian Council of Ministers, “Afaq al-Calimat” magazine, issued on the occasion of Egypt’s hosting of the 27th session of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) in Sharm El-Sheikh, highlighting the importance that Egypt attaches to the climate issue, and the main mission of the Center to support every decision-maker, including the public policy maker, the executive team, public and private institutions, and the citizen.

Osama El-Gohary, Assistant to the Prime Minister and President of the Center, indicated that this magazine is one of the center’s selected scientific publications, which will be published in a quarterly magazine, and the Center hopes that “Climate Horizons” will serve as an “essential platform for accelerating climate action.” , by offering analytical insights, introducing ideas and initiatives, and analyzing the many experiences and expertise from around the world; And to be of help to citizens and decision makers in issues related to climate change.

The head of the center explained that the magazine “Afaq al-Manakh” is published in two parts; The first part includes opening speeches, peer-reviewed papers, opinion pieces and climate narratives, as well as presentations of reports and research published by international bodies. Addendum: Given the importance of the climate event that Egypt is currently hosting, this part also has a complete file of all previous sessions of the States that have included parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change, focusing on the objectives of each of them , and their conclusions and recommendations, emphasizing that due to the importance of this part was issued in both Arabic and English.

At the same time, Osama El-Gohary indicated that the second part of the journal includes a number of refereed research articles, to be the first time that the Information and Decision Support Center issues a refereed research journal entirely in English.

Al-Jawhari said: Among the main topics covered by the magazine: building a global community of climate champions to halve emissions by 2030, five priorities for climate action, exploring ways to live in harmony for people and nature between denial and confrontation, and addressing the climate through a new financing approach, in addition to To (Climate Change and Security.. Towards Exploring Links), and (Climate Justice Discourses.. Tenless Said in the Noble Cause), as well as (Environmental Education. .An Effective Step on the Road to Confronting Climate Change).

The magazine also dealt with the issues of (decarbonisation of buildings… an achievable goal), the sustainability of building envelope materials in the light of Egypt’s sustainable development strategy “Egypt Vision 2030”, circular economy practices in Egypt in order to sustainable and low -carbon economies, and the impact of climate change on impact Egyptian.

In addition, the journal also addressed the role of nurturing in climate change mitigation as an evidence-based approach, the impact of climate change on hunger and extreme poverty in Africa, triple energy balances and climate change considerations in Egypt, in addition to the problem of environmental refugees, and (environmental migrants. from one risk to another), electric cars and the future of climate change.

The magazine sheds light on the One Million Young Volunteers Initiative.. a new vision for climate adaptation, the environmental and economic values ​​of urban green spaces.. a case study of Hong Kong, and the activist Joan Carling, and climate action.

It is worth noting that the magazine contains opening speeches in both parts by Mr. Nigel Topping, the British climate pioneer and representative of the United Nations in the 26th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, Climate Pioneer for the Egyptian Presidency The United Nations Special Envoy for Financing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The magazine also included selected research articles in its first edition, contributed by Dr. Rasha Mustafa Awad, Advisor to the President of the Information Center for Public Policies, Sherif Mohamed Ghaly, Director of the Economic Department of the Environmental Affairs Agency, and Engineer Rana Imam, an architectural expert in engineering consulting and interior design companies, and Dr. Sarah Kira, founder and director of the European North African Research Centre.

The magazine also included many analytical articles by many experts, academics, researchers in a number of government agencies and agencies, and experts in the offices of international organizations in Egypt. The magazine’s papers also include leading stories told by a number of experts.

It is also mentioned that the Information and Decision Support Center has posted the entire contents of the magazine on its website (; In order for it to be available to decision-makers, specialists and citizens, and to make real contributions to them in the course of combating climate change.

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