National Auto Supplies launches the X90 PLUS from Jetour – Saudi News

One of the top 10 Chinese engines

The spacious luxury cabin offers the highest levels of comfort

Intelligent equipment, craftsmanship and superior quality place this vehicle at the forefront of the SUV segment

National Motors Supply Company (NMS), the agent for Jetour cars in Saudi Arabia, announced the launch of the all-new Jetour X90 PLUS in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the launch ceremony held at Jetour Showroom in Riyadh, located on Khurais is. Road, with an excellent presence of dignitaries and media at the launch event.

The new Jetour X90 Plus is the ideal choice for the family, as it is characterized by its spacious cabin, smart technologies, advanced equipment, ultra-strong chassis and multi-link suspension that controls each wheel separately, making it the ultimate driving pleasure. in the SUV segment. The Jettor X90 PLUS is also equipped with a 1.6-liter TGDI four-cylinder turbocharged engine. Generating 194 horsepower and 290 Nm of torque, this engine is characterized by quick response and provides a smooth driving experience, whether in the city or during long drives, and is one of the top 10 Chinese engines.

luxury car dimensions

The length of the car is 4,858 mm and its width is 1,914 mm, which makes it better in size than similar cars in the same class in the spaciousness of the cabin. This 7-seater car offers exceptional levels of comfort, as the ceiling height at the front row of seats is 1 meter, and the car is equipped with a suspension system that controls each wheel separately, improving the safety of passengers.

This 7-seater sports car excels with ample luggage space thanks to the adjustable backrests of the second row seats, and the folding and removable rear seats in the third row that contain multi-level storage, making this car ideal for trips and adventures, as it is unique with a grille Large front polygon with horizontal chrome accents.

The spacious 1.1 square meter panoramic sunroof improves visibility, ventilation and sunlight while providing unprecedented levels of driving pleasure through the landscape on long journeys.

Smart accessories

In terms of technology, the Jettor X90 Plus is characterized by a stylish interior design that includes 3 advanced screens with advanced technology. The first of these displays is the 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel in addition to a 12.3-inch smart center display. It also has a 9-inch high-definition touch screen to control the air conditioning temperature.

The Jettor X90 Plus driving experience gives the driver the feeling of luxury driving as if they are in the cockpit of an aircraft, thanks to the elegant instrument cluster and the D-shaped leather steering wheel. As for car lights, it has faster LED front and rear lights thanks to the high-frequency blinker, and front daytime running lights with a vertical design.

Long warranty period and after-sales service

The Jettor X90 Plus comes with an exceptional factory engine warranty of 10 years or 1 million km whichever comes first, in addition to a factory vehicle warranty that also extends to 5 years or 150,000 km whichever comes first first come, which gives customers peace of mind for years to come.

Wide variety of colors

The X90 PLUS is available in five striking colors – black, dark blue, light blue, magenta and white, while the vibrant interior colors include two options, elegant black or soothing maroon.

For his part, Hassan Al-Shamrani, CEO of United Automotive Group, said: “The Jetour X90 PLUS offers safety levels that are among the highest in the market, and is an ideal vehicle for customers looking to purchase a luxury family car at an affordable price.”

He added, “The X90 PLUS is equipped with a powerful and responsive engine for a smooth ride in the city and on long journeys. It also features the most luxurious Jettor cabin among all models.”

He continued, “The 7-seater Jettor X90 Plus achieves extraordinary levels of comfort thanks to the high ceiling height in the front row of seats and spacious rear passenger space, in addition to ample luggage space, superior craftsmanship and large panoramic sunroof, which will make it a favorite among the whole family. ».

Al-Shamrani concluded: “The word Jetour in Mandarin means comfortable travel, which is the best description of Jetour cars, as the company strives to offer the best SUV cars that provide superior comfort for drivers and their families, with elegance, exclusivity, spaciousness, smart technologies and versatility. In other words, Jettor provides the best luxury cars at affordable prices. We invite all customers to test drive the Jettor X90 PLUS at any of our Jettor showrooms in Jeddah, Riyadh or Al Khobar, and we promise that their view of the SUV segment will change forever.”

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