Riyadh Newspaper | Robots are students’ window to the world of software and artificial intelligence

Robots are students’ window to the world of software and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and robotics are getting a lot of attention from the state – may God protect it –

This created SABIC’s qualifications for the WRO Robot Olympiad in all its categories and from the virtual category at the level of the Kingdom, recently established by the Saudi Federation for Wireless Sports and Robotics, with the participation of 1739 teams, with ‘ a total of 3,200 students in the Kingdom In all countries of the world due to the different turn in the industrial field.

(Riyadh) visited the King Khalid High School in Al-Ahsa Governorate and met a group of students who achieved the (second, third and fifth) positions in the virtual robot competition in the Kingdom.

(Riyadh) meets the heroes of the Kingdom and monitors the efforts of the state to take care of them

national strategy

The Director of the General Administration of Education in Al-Ahsa Governor Hamad bin Muhammad Al-Issa pointed out the importance of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques – may God protect him – in the development of the technical capabilities of our male and female students and taking them into the world of artificial intelligence has turned into a national strategy for artificial intelligence, and the Ministry of Education is keen to implement this national strategy in a way. Minister of Education Youssef bin Abdullah Al-Bunyan to create a generation of ambitious youth capable of registering a real presence in this vast world.

Al-Issa indicated that it is important to note that the virtual category aims to develop technical skills through the programming of the virtual robot in a digital environment concerned with the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, which they in enable learning and challenge in building strategies and be able to solve technical problems through robot programming.

The programmer..a national treasure

The student who won second place in the Kingdom in the competition, Mamoun Saad, explained that the virtual robot competition is based on programming a robot to complete a number of tasks in the least time and with more points for each task do. discover gaps and shortcuts before entering the robot competition, and Mamoun talked about the stress and tension stage for all participants, adding that the competition has two virtual and realistic categories, and that the preparation of the work took him and his colleague two weeks has, while the test takes two hours, while the test takes place in three rounds and each round is It has a job, a project and a file, and each round has its own terms and conditions.

Mamoun said that he broke into the world of programming two years ago with the encouragement of his father, a “programming and computer teacher”, and recalls that most companies today attract programmers and give them high salaries, as the future is based is on the world of artificial intelligence and software, indicating his desire to participate in international competitions for robotics.

train well

Student Osama Qabbani said that he was eager to practice before he entered this competition two years ago, and on the day of the competition he was asked to explain his strategy and express his plan. The side, which is a map of a hospital with four rooms, and the participant must deliver three tasks via the shortest shortcut and in the shortest time and deliver these tasks to the four rooms, and each type has its own points, for example the cube 16 points and so on, programming languages ​​and artificial intelligence are future sciences and have many great benefits, and he appealed to those who want to learn these sciences to enter this science through the method of entertainment to enjoy it and then the condition of creativity.

Technology… love

The students Hisham Saeed El-Salahi and his colleague Abdul Rahman Al-Aseel said that they have loved technology since their early childhood. Hisham started with touring devices until he fell in love with programming. In the first secondary school, the professor asked him to the world of robots, so he entered the experience portal, but he quickly loved it until he could reach it, and he won the first place in the level Al-Ahsa governor and won third place in the Kingdom, while Abdul Rahman pointed out that the world of programming needs patience, adding that they are now communicating with experts in the world of robotics from outside the governorate to benefit from their expertise. Hisham and Abdel Rahman praised the support of the Al-Ahsa Education Department and the school administration.

English and Mathematics

Walid Saleh Moftah came fifth in the Kingdom. He revealed the challenges they faced on the last day of the competition, where they discovered mistakes that forced them to erase their work completely, so he and his colleague were forced to during the last 48 hours. , to implement a new project, and they continued without sleep for 24 hours.

On the secret of his electronic superiority, he said that from the third grade of primary school he used his father’s computer and was able to gradually develop his skill in computers and robotics, and he warned that the pupil’s relative familiarity with the English language to identify assignments, as well as mathematics to calculate time, assignments, percentages, etc., expressing his aspiration because He becomes one of the top programmers in the world, and he thanked his father for his constant support, and Eng. Khaled Fangal Al-Otaibi thanked him for his support.

Applied Engineering

The teacher, trainer and arbiter of the robot, Khaled Saad Al-Masoud, said that the students who participated in the robot competition were selected by the education courses in the secondary stage, from the engineering and computer courses, the students were caught. competition is based on applied engineering, and the other part is programming of what is designed in mechanical engineering, as robotics is a practical application of physics and mathematics.

He spoke about the advantages of the virtual category robot competition, indicating that it allows the enrollment of the largest possible number of students with the least financial effort and the ease of communication from a distance without being forced to attend live, and that the students perform part of their tasks inside the school and the other part outside it, and through intensive training daily, the performance was achieved, which indicates that the actual competition requires bags and equipment and its material costs are very high, while the virtual is only a computer.

Hisham El-Salahi

Walid Moftah

Abdul Rahman Al-Aseel

Osama Qabbani

Mamoun Seed

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