Wesal Al-Maghribiya reveals the details of the night she met with Muhammad Al-Turk: I was on my way to work and he wanted something else | news

After the Moroccan press described her as the mistress of Muhammad al-Turk, the Moroccan girl named Wisal broke her silence and responded to the allegations of the artist Donia Batma and her accusations of treason.

In a live broadcast via her Instagram account, Wisal said: “When everyone went to defend himself, I decided to go out with this live broadcast to tell the story from my side as people tell it from the side of the Turk and the destination of Batma.”

Confirming that she did not know Muhammad al-Turk or Donia Batma, she pointed out that the Bahraini producer started talking to her after they met by chance in a cafe, adding: “I only had the come tell the truth.

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She pointed out that he told him that she worked as a model, and he told her that they could work together and that he had a production company and a singer husband, and then gave her his phone number .

Wesal Moroccan

Regarding their meeting at home, Wesal said, “We agreed to meet at his home because he was afraid that a picture of us would be taken in a public place and he would start talking to the press, and notes that she agreed to the matter because of the presence of a third person, the photographer, who gave her some reassurance.

She explained that the photographer in Muhammad al-Turk’s house pretended to be on the phone but he was filming them together, adding: “The Turk was selfish of high class, he was not going to to work, but wanted something else, he denied everything, and he gave me the anklet that Donia Batma was talking about.” “.

Recently, Muhammad Al-Turk decided to return to his home in Bahrain, where his children are from Mona Al-Saber.

Donia Batma and Muhammad Al-Turk

Al-Turk published a video clip through his Instagram account documenting his return home, his children receiving him with tears, and how he knelt before his mother and asked for her forgiveness.

In the video, Muhammad Al-Turk is shown overhauling Donia Batma’s bedroom at home to the tunes of Hussein Al Jasmi’s song “Baz Nafsi,” and Al-Turk said, “Our room that we left 3 years ago, I’ll bring it back better than the first.”

Donia Batma and Muhammad Al-Turk in a photo shoot

Al-Turk reviewed Butma’s bed, his special perfume and collectibles, and lightly touched the pictures.

Yesterday, the Moroccan girl who was accused of treason along with Muhammad Al-Turk broke her silence and responded to the allegations of the artist Donia Batma and her accusations of treason.

Through the comics feature, Wisal revealed her relationship with Muhammad al-Turk, noting that their relationship was limited to work, nothing more and nothing less, denying allegations of betrayal and that she considers him more than a friend.

Wesal added that in the first place there are problems between Donia Batma and her husband, Muhammad al-Turk, and that she took it as a way to take revenge on him. There are no allegations of treason and theft, as Batma claims not. and that the law does not protect fools.

Donia Batma and Muhammad Al-Turk in a romantic picture

Wesal sent a message warning Donia Batma that she was playing with fire by accusing her of false accusations, adding: “I’m not one of those people who argue on Instagram, and I’m not trying to get the sympathy of the public opinion and the testimony of my innocence in court.”

On the other hand, Bahraini producer Mohammed al-Turk responded to his wife Donia Batma’s accusations of treason with a girl in her home and gave her her perfume and gold anklets.

In a live broadcast via his Instagram account, Muhammad al-Turk decided that the best response to Donia Batma was to re-enact the scene, which she considered a betrayal of her. Muhammad al-Turk said that he sat with this girl. home, but it was a work dinner, which emphasizes that he sat away from her and that the person who informed her He deceived her with the story of betrayal.

Donia Butma

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Al-Turk indicated that there was no alcohol as this person claimed, and reviewed her perfume and anklets, stressing that he had not given them to the girl, and he was surprised by Butma’s belief in this person’s story who entrusted him with his house 15 days ago.

Muhammad Al-Turk described his wife, Donia Batma, as the poor woman who was deceived, along with her family, adding: “I have done nothing wrong, but the filth of your brain that I imagined that you are deceiving you . “

Donia Batma broke her silence and spoke about her crisis and the reasons for her request for divorce.

Donia Batma and Muhammad Al-Turk

In a live broadcast on her Instagram account, Donia Batma said she was subjected to physical violence at the hands of her husband, which she described as sufficient reason to file for divorce.

And Donia Batma tearfully added that Muhammad al-Turk drinks alcohol and incites prostitution as he was accompanied by a girl in his house in her absence, and she also accused him of theft after he gave the girl her own perfume and gold ankle straps.

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