Artist Mohamed Adel: I love the era of the beautiful time and imitate the style of giants on communication platforms

Mohamed Adel is a young artist with whom the audience has reached the pinnacle of stardom for 12 years. He grew up in an artistic family, his father, artist Adel Madi, and his mother, artist Samar Abdel Wahab. He worked in the theater since childhood and then began his career in television drama after graduating from the Institute of Dramatic Arts. This was his first experience in the series “The University” directed by Hani Khalifa. After that, his series and various roles followed until the audience associated him with the role of “Akram” in the series “Abu Al-Arousa”, and Mohamed Adel became more mature in the series “The Returnees”, which he last Ramadan presented. “Ma’am,” she met him in his office, where he spent most of his time reading business scenarios.

Do you like the name Mohamed Adel or Mido Adel more?

Muhammad Adel is certainly my real name, but Mido is the pet name my friends and family have called me since my childhood until now. The name has spread in the artistic community and it never bothers me to be called by it, but the name Muhammad Adel is the original.

I love theater

Was your love of acting because you grew up in an artistic family?

I played the play “The Court” by Yusri Al-Jundi with my father and mother when I was three years old. I loved the theater and certainly my father and mother had the biggest impact on my love for art through the theatre, I grew up in it and the theater contributes a lot to the artist. She graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art and performed in the state and private theater.

The play “Sayed Darwish” was presented in Alexandria this summer. What do you like about Sayed Darwish?

Sayed Darwish is one of my dreams. It was a series project and it is still in 14 episodes. I was very happy when the role came to play it on stage. So I agreed to put him on stage first so that I could study it more, and it was a nice experience that I enjoyed. I loved and learned from Sayed Darwish his love for art, his genius in his works and his passion for life. The “Sayed Darwish” series project is still ongoing to provide more details about his life.

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A very successful experience

How did your first experience in TV drama come about 12 years ago?

The series “The University” was the beginning of my work in television drama, and I was lucky to work with the director Hani Khalifa, because I benefited a lot from it and it was a very successful experience. Then the business continued, and I’m standing here at the drama show “Steps of the Devil,” which is “Wish Al-Saad Ali.” The reason for the many shows that came to me after this drama program of Moez Masoud, it was a very special experience for me, the audience knew me through it, and the program was an important message to the audience. Then came the series “My Way” with the star singer Sherine, then the series “Ramadan Kareem”, “The Godfather”, “The Flood”, “Abu Al-Arousa” and finally “The Returnees” and other works.

We stop at Akram in Abu Al-Arousa. Do you feel that this is an important station that people have connected with you more?

Certainly, the audience was associated with the series “Abu Al-Arousa” because it brought them back to the Egyptian family with its customs and traditions, and brought us back to series in which we were raised and our conscience and our soul with which we are connected , such as “The Shalash Family”, “Baba Abdo” and “Our People”, and others. The audience definitely loved all members of the Abdel Hamid family in “Abu Al-Arousa” as if they were their children and sisters. And “Akram” is one of the characters loved by the audience. Akram bin Abdel Hamid is an extension of the characters played by Tariq Lotfi, Ahmed El-Sakka and Wael Nour in the nineties drama. When I was offered the role of “Akram”, I was worried that the same person and the role I played in the series “The Flood” would be the young man who loves his mother, has principles and traditions and hates to lie we added an aspect of naughtiness to it and always at odds with his father, he has ambition and fails. I loved Akram so much, I love every role I play.

How was your experience with Amir Karara in the series “The Returnees”, in which you played the role of Alaa?

Amir Karara is a talented star who gives you advice in a polite way. All his actions are wrapped in taste and respect. When you sit with him, you don’t feel that he is a big star, he always struggles, and he tries to be artistically different from others. As for the artist Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni, he is a genius actor, as is the great director Ahmed Nader Galal; He is in another area with me and director Khairy Bishara.

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Good times stars

Artist Mohamed Adel

Why do you lean more towards the generation of the good olds?

I wish I could work in this era, I love Nour El Sherif, he is very influential in my life and unfortunately I did not have the honor to work with him. He is a great school and I hope to achieve his genius as a great artist, in my opinion he inherited a lot from the great artist Farid Shawqi, his love for art, and his presentation of young artistic talents. He is always consistent with all ages in his subjects, and one of the few artists who produced and had a major role in art. I love his awareness as an artist like Anwar Wagdy and Farid Shawky, and his executive cultural awareness, he fought to present talents. He has experienced many ups and downs, Nour El Sherif, the discoverer of generations of acting and directing. I tell about Nour El Sherif, Ahmed Zaki and all the stars of the beautiful time of my daughters, and how they loved art and gave it their lives. Ahmed Zaki is a unique artistic case, and a unique artistic genius.

As for Mahmoud Al-Jundi, he is my lover and I was raised by him. I worked seven works with him, his influence on me is great. I worked with him “Ramadan Kareem”, “The Godfather”, “The Flood”, and other works. I learned poetry from him, he was a great poet who wrote poems, and I loved singing with him. He was an honest person, with a moderate state of religion, he was very happy to wear the galabiya, not religious, but he always told me that I felt very comfortable wearing it. I prepared to present his memoirs, but fate did not allow us. But I will start preparing for it again and finish until it comes out.

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a new movie

What are your upcoming projects to present the lives of real characters in dramas?

I am preparing a film about the life of the genius director Atef El-Tayeb, “The Features and Life of Atef El-Tayeb”. This project started years ago and I will stay on it until it is finished and comes to light, in which I will tell the journey of his struggle and how he became a pioneer of the realism of the eighties genre.

Why Don’t You Like “Social Media”?

“Social media” has entered our homes and bedrooms and corrupted the smallest details of our lives, and society. I hate it. Unfortunately I have a documented page after finding many pages claiming to be my page and I have nothing to do with them. .

Who is your closest friend in the artistic community of your generation?

My teacher Mahmoud al-Jundi, may God have mercy on him.

Do you discuss your work with your two daughters Hayat (nine years old) and Helm (seven and a half years old)?

I discuss everything and in my roles with them and take their opinion on it before and after the show.

Do you accept to become an actress one day?

It is an honor for me to become an actress because I love and respect acting. My father, mother and sisters are actors, and my wife is a graduate of the Institute of Dramatic Arts. The profession of acting is an honorable profession, and whoever looks at it in a different way, that is his problem. Every profession has good and bad, and everyone is free as long as he does no harm, he chooses his own path. I respect all my fellow artists and professors.

I have worked with many art giants, what did you like about Yahya Al-Fakhrani and Mahmoud Abdel Aziz?

It was fortunate that I stood in front of Professor Yahya Al-Fakharani in the series “Dashah” directed by the genius Shadi Al-Fakharani. What Mr. As for Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, I loved his humility, his struggle in his artistic career and his high professional excellence. I worked with him in his latest work, “Ras Al-Ghoul”. Moreover, I am very happy for the success of the great producer Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz and the beautiful talented artist, the star Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz. I wish the sons of the stars are in the genius and art of Mohamed and Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Mohamed Adel Imam, Hind Saeed Saleh as moderator and the genius director Shadi Al-Fakharani.

Are you satisfied with the films you have made for the theater?

I am very satisfied with my films “No Responsibility”, “Jawab Arrest”, “Al Jazeera 2” and other works that I cherish.

Do you refuse to be present with videos on Facebook and Instagram like other artists?

I completely refuse, my private life belongs only to me, and surely the professors Nour Al-Sharif, Ahmed Zaki, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Hisham Selim and Mamdouh Abdel Alim would have completely refused to expose their private lives to “Social Media” . Like them, may God grant them health, Professors Yahya Al-Fakharani, Adel Imam, Hussein Fahmy and Hassan Youssef. We don’t look at their private lives on “Social Media” because they are my role models, so I like them.

What does your experience with artist leader Adel Imam in “Professor and Head of Department” represent to you?

I am very happy with this experience with the leader, Adel Imam, as he is a great artist from whom I learned love and dedication to art. May God give him health.

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