Lucky Fish supports fishermen in the UAE by buying local products

On November 7, 2022 | Time 10:53

Written by: Ashraf Al-Adi

Dubai United Arab Emirates;

Lucky Fish, the award-winning Best Mediterranean restaurant in Dubai and located in Palm West Beach, continues to purchase fish and seafood from local fishermen to serve fresh and delicious dishes to guests and support the local economy.

Since opening in 2021, Lucky Fish has purchased more than 25,000kg of sustainably caught seafood, including many types of fish, calamari, prawns, oysters and mussels displayed on its signature vintage schooner.

Some produce is sourced internationally, such as carabiner shrimp and octopus from Spain, but where possible, the focus is on purchasing fresh local produce.

“We focus on buying from local fishermen because they provide fresh produce to our guests,” said Dimitri Proud, owner of Lucky Fish. With the tough competition in Dubai, being able to provide fresh produce is a huge advantage in terms of quality that our discerning guests will appreciate. Also, because our suppliers know us so well, they understand our specific preferences and appreciate that we never compromise on quality, so they choose the best and made specifically for Lucky Fish.”

Proud added: “When we evaluate any product, we consider two main factors, quality and freshness. If these two conditions are met, everything else can be negotiated. Much of the highest quality produce can be sourced locally from our own waters, and it’s impossible to compare the freshest when you can serve night-caught fisherman food to guests the next day, which is essential, especially when it comes to seafood.”

Prior to opening Lucky Fish, our culinary team visited all the fish markets in the seven Emirates, and built strong relationships with the local fishing community, helping them access the freshest seafood available in the country.

Trots concluded: “Locally sourced products are environmentally friendly, often healthier, help the local economy and show that you care about what you offer to your customers. We believe that using everything possible in the UAE has been the key to Lucky Fish’s success. Locals appreciate the act, our regulars understand the value and quality and tourists want to explore what our region has to offer, so it’s a win-win situation for our restaurant and local economy.”

This charming seaside restaurant brings a Mediterranean vibe to the shores of Dubai and is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway, especially with the city’s now cooler temperatures. The outdoor space is now open for dining and enjoying the sunset and sunbathing.

The dining destination has been a popular spot for the best crowds in Dubai, and offers an excellent menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with Italian, French and Spanish flavours, as well as delicious seafood and selected meats.

Guests can enjoy delicious meals in the restaurant, which seats 260, or on the beach terrace, which accommodates 182 seats.

Lucky Fish is open from Monday to Sunday from 11:00 until late at night, while the beach welcomes guests until 19:00.

For reservations, please call +971 4569 3447 or email [email protected] Follow the Instagram account [email protected]

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About Lucky Fish:

Lucky Fish is located directly on Palm West Beach” on Palm Jumeirah, the perfect destination for lovers of sunny weather and the sea. Guests are invited to enjoy the alluring and beautiful charm of the Mediterranean with a rich culinary journey and exciting atmosphere from day to night.

The interior design reflects a relaxed coastal style with a rustic design concept on the terrace and beach, making it the perfect dining spot no matter the time of day.

The menu is inspired by the flavors of the sea and the Mediterranean, emphasizing Italian, French and Spanish flavours, and showcasing high quality seafood and meat. Working with local fishermen, Lucky Fish offers an impressive daily display of fresh seafood on the snow on its signature vintage sailboat, with an emphasis on local and seasonal delicacies. Implementing a no-plastic policy behind the bar, Lucky Fish encourages guests to order “out of the box” and explore the creative flavors of its beachside ceremony while relaxing and unwinding, with DJs sweet and lively.

Named to represent the playful and sophisticated nature of this venue, Lucky Fish brings a fresh twist to the restaurant and lounge overlooking the ocean. Transporting guests to an authentic seafood paradise, Lucky Fish is one of the most sought after spots in the city.

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