Intifada rain – Amad for the media

duration/ In all countries and countries we find that the official is the first to sacrifice for the sake of the fatherland and the citizen. With his life, his house or his money, the official is the last person who thinks of sacrificing, not even thinking of resigning or admitting his shortcomings.

For more than ten years, the homeland and the citizen suffer from humanitarian, health, environmental, educational, economic, financial, rehabilitation and development disasters, until the situation suffers from rain disasters. The governments of the world When any government takes over the reins of power, the councils of their municipalities, towns and cities draw up their strategies and policies in all service, environmental, health and rehabilitation fields and prepare plans and programs for how to face crises, disasters and emergencies. the absence of his strategies and visions and his narrow-mindedness in solving crises, especially service or any emergency situation the country is going through, the sky in the winter of last year showered its blessing of rain on us. These provinces and cities again, not even how to use rainwater.

The mercy of God Almighty was a curse on the poor citizen who drowned his house in rain water, and today the sky descended on us again from his blessings, and this time amounts of rain for more than tens went over the Gaza Strip. years, and the municipalities and local and town councils no longer have any plan or program to benefit from rainwater or to prevent the sinking of cities and governorates, and the citizen was the victim as he is every time, and the official did not bother to go to the streets, alleys, alleys, camps and squares, and people shared their concerns only very, very rarely, and he did not stop there and began to accuse each other of negligence and accusations. And some of them said that the sewer drain was closed with big stones, and is it reasonable to underestimate the thoughts of citizens? Where did these stones come from, did they fall from the sky with the rain?

Over the course of more than ten years, millions of dollars have been spent on the municipalities of the Gaza Strip, and we have only seen floods in our streets, alleys, neighborhoods and the rest of our cities. To wake up from this hibernation that benefits not and to turn away from justifications and accusations, and to solve the crises. Was this country not able to make men serve and change the reality in which the country is going through? Or are there categorical accounts that distance powers and bring others closer!!!.

There is no doubt that the rain is good, but I wish the best rain did not come to us in abundance this year, and my question here, and I will venture to ask it: Are not we oppressed people good? Or is the believer harassed? Or do we not behave well in our crises and take advantage of our good and thank God for His blessing for us?

The Palestinian homeland is a country that is very rich in gifts, donations, financial grants, economic aid and grant projects from this or that country, but the rain has become a curse and not a blessing for our people due to mismanagement , and the citizen does not benefit from the blessing of these gifts except destruction, worries and ruin, so what will the citizen benefit from the blessing of rain? It was not surprising that rain was so heavy this season, as many meteorological platforms warned that our winter will be the worst in terms of bad weather, and many countries and countries were preparing for the winter season, except for our local councils and municipalities as if the heads and members of these municipalities were waiting for the rain to start. Political rushes and the exchange of accusations, such as rainwater poured into the bedrooms of citizens without permission, and an hour of rain destroyed the contents and furniture of the houses, and the citizen is here surprised and imagines that the municipalities have the warnings of ignoring the arrival of a severe rainy season that the country has not seen for decades.

I consider the policy followed by most municipalities and local and town councils to be out of step, because the head of the council or the municipality and its fellow members were not aware of the reality of the citizens’ requirements and did not the handling did not improve. with the citizen on the basis of taking advantage of the mistakes of the past, but the mistakes were instead strengthened into fatal mistakes! The citizen paid a heavy price because he put his full trust in those who cannot lead themselves and are not qualified to lead, so how can they lead a people unfortunately, the mites have gnawed their programs and they are close to falling, the engineers are planning, the rain has risen and the sewage has overflowed!!!

In closing:
When rain is a curse on a people, I know that there are failed municipal councils behind it.
* Journalist and political researcher

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