MasterCard and Arab African International Bank sign a long-term cooperation strategy

This collaboration comes as a step in achieving the bank’s digital transformation strategy and focuses on providing modern digital services for safe and easy payment solutions that suit customers’ needs and evolve their lifestyles.

Cairo, Egypt- The Arab African International Bank has announced the signing of a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with MasterCard, and this agreement comes as part of the efforts made to accelerate the digital development of the financial system in Egypt. The Group and Banking Transformation, and Dina Zekry, head of retail banking and financial inclusion, Khaled Al-Jabali, regional head of MasterCard in the Middle East and North Africa, Adam Jones, general manager for the central region in the Middle East at MasterCard and a number of senior management from both sides.

Through this collaboration, MasterCard and Arab African International Bank will focus on planning and implementing the bank’s digital transformation strategy, and providing modern services for digital payment solutions that meet the growing needs of customers with the highest standards of security and convenience.

Commenting on the signing, Khaled El-Jabali, Regional Head of MasterCard in the Middle East and North Africa, said: “Collaboration with the Arab Africa International Bank to support the digital transformation strategy is an important step in achieving the goals of financial inclusion and attract the largest segment of unbanked customers, who are part of the process. This is fundamental to MasterCard’s global plan and vision, which aims to transform into a cashless society through financial institutions in state to provide more advanced and flexible payment methods to their customers.”

“Egypt is accelerating the adoption of digital payment services, and we believe that constructive partnerships are a key factor in achieving financial inclusion goals and providing innovative payment methods,” said Adam Jones, General Manager, Middle East, Central, at MasterCard. “We look forward to a fruitful collaboration.” With the Arab African International Bank to provide the necessary solutions to meet the changing expectations of its customers.”

Haitham Al-Maayerji, Assistant Managing Director and CEO of Group Operations and Banking Transformation at Arab African International Bank, said: “This long-term partnership with MasterCard is in line with our strategy to achieve digital transformation and innovative payment methods for our customers on a larger scale.” He also added: “This collaboration confirms our commitment to developing our products in a way that suits the different needs of customers and providing innovative solutions that suit their evolving lifestyles by taking advantage of MasterCard’s expertise in finding modern solutions and products.”

Dina Zakri, head of banking services and financial inclusion at Arab African International Bank, said: “Cooperation with the “MasterCard” company offers the bank opportunities to introduce new technological and advanced products in accordance with the needs of the current banking market, and this partnership is a positive step in the strategy of the Arab African International Bank In achieving digital transformation and providing services that suit the different needs of customers, this partnership will also give us the opportunity to share the features and benefits of diversifying, expanding and developing our banking services, which contribute to the satisfaction of our customers.

MasterCard leverages its extensive experience to support digital transformation, the pursuit of financial inclusion and the promotion of an inclusive digital financial system in Egypt. These steps are part of Mastercard’s global commitment to integrate 1 billion people and 50 million micro and small businesses into the digital economy by 2025, focusing on providing solutions to 25 million women to help them grow their own businesses .

It is worth noting that the Arab African International Bank continued with the realization of its strategy 2021-2025, where it achieved many achievements, the most important of which is the introduction of special departments for digital transformation and the establishment of internal work teams. which works in an integrated way to professionally complete various projects, as it was one of the first banks to establish a Digital Factory and which is a new model to work quickly and orderly to provide the best services and products to its provide customers, in addition to launching the WhatsApp service and the mobile banking application, which is completely designed in-house by the best cadres and expertise of the bank.


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