Tales before death.. the talk of the cursed pillow

There is a space of time that can be a few minutes, which is the same pleasure in any hotel life, it is those moments after the room door is closed behind the baggage handler and his famous phrase (Happy stay, regret).

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When you discover your room and keep fiddling with its details and furniture and take out what is in your pocket and make sure of the splendor of the view and the view you have chosen for yourself, then you fall on the soft white bed with its comfortable quilt and pillows while you are almost lighter than most of your clothes, and sigh for a long time, aimlessly turning the TV remote while you sip your first cup of Coffee from the contents of your room.

What a wonderful hotel life, when you don’t have to worry about arrangement or order, for your certainty that everything you deliberately scattered will be cleaned and organized quietly and smoothly, and above this service smiles and welcoming expressions, that’s what I felt while I was in my room in Hurghada to publicly announce through a Facebook photo that I was on vacation myself for a week, just to reward her for the many months of hard work that I endured without ceasing.
Sometimes I envy married couples.

But in a week like this, I thank God for my freedom and to go alone.. No one shares my choices in food or the way I cook it, and I’m alone at night watching and flirting with girls the beach during the day, then I play with my friends in Samar until early morning.

Now, before I start the travel plan, I have to sleep soundly on this white bed that looks like a thick cloud carrying me. I don’t know what the link is between the white hotel quilt and a state of sexual excitement inside we don’t pulse. tired bodies?!

And now… to sleep

5 minutes was enough for Hossam to fall into a deep sleep, especially in a mattress like this, but that comfortable state did not satisfy him to complete his sleep in stability, especially if something happened to disturb and overload him and made him open. eyes suddenly without gradually when he heard someone calling.

It’s okay.. the first time you don’t have to be ambiguous or always ask concerns because the justifications are still fresh, unused and convincing
Like: Maybe it was a voice from outside.. Maybe it was part of the dream.. Maybe this exhaustion

(Hossam) fell fast asleep again, and it was only a minute before he distinctly heard her emerge from the pillow in the voice of a whisper:
Hossam immediately got up from his place and chills spread over his body and filled with sweat despite the coldness of the air conditioning, these symptoms that everyone who suffers from panic attacks knows very well.

What happened?..Is someone really calling me in the room?..but the call is coming from the pillow?

Hossam began to question himself and began to spin in vicious circles, and this time it was difficult to fall asleep again, despite his exhaustion, but he was stubbornness first and fatigue and exhaustion second, and he was sentenced to go to ‘ fifteen minutes to go back to bed. an hour of chatter.

Hossam slept easily, the problem was not to start sleeping, then the play started after 30 minutes, when he fell into a deep sleep that made it difficult for him to get up and was more able to listen to all that the pillow revealed.
– Hussam.. Hussam.. I am Makhnoooooq.. . Tired… To Jawaya Nara

Here Hossam could not finish his sleep and broke the collar of the nightmare to find before his eyes next to him on the bed directly in front of his face a sleeping blue-faced man looking at him sharply, only now Hossam knows the black hair of which he heard in the horror cinema, and he did not know how to act on what happened to him Unfortunately, the holiday was spoiled, and now he has to go, at least leave this room.

Hossam decided to forget and enter the logic of justification, placing the delirium of exhaustion as the justification for all that had happened.

Husam went down to the pool and enjoyed a special drink until sunset. What happened did not prevent him from exchanging glances and smiles with one of the beautiful women, which ended with an artificial meeting at the barman in which ‘ An agreement has been reached and greetings are. Then he went up to his room and got ready for the evening, hoping to find the same girl.

Indeed, Hossam found her in the disco hall and found comfort and a good time with her that made him not leave her easily, and took her name (coincidence) as a good sign of a special kind of friendship

The nightmare that awaited him in his room squatted in his mind, preventing him from fully relaxing, but he tried to forget.

It was time to leave and they agreed to enjoy the pool and sun together tomorrow.

Now he has to get up, relax and get ready for bed. Indeed, Hossam sat in front of the TV and fell asleep for two full hours. He felt a crack in his body, but he was reassured that he slept without nightmares. and he did not know that the secret was in the pillow that wanted to tell him something and carried a message for him.

Happily, Hossam slipped into bed and dived into it, remembering his promised girlfriend in the morning

And the game started again…

5 minutes and Hossam got up from his place after he heard someone whispering to him from the pillow and calling him by name.

No, it is not delirium, nor senile exhaustion, but a reality, a reality and a certain doom if he does not understand what is happening.

Here Hossam decided not to respond but decided to start calling and put his head on the pillow and wait for what was revealed and indeed it was only minutes and the broadcast was sent and the signal was activated and the story started with it, so he kept listening and listening:
– I am crazy about you
= I die for you
– It’s just a loss
= what just
– We will never be together.. We would rather meet in secret.. the last of us had a good time in bed.
= Why do you say that?
– Your husband.. You’re not saying that you can’t stand him.. We have to get rid of him.
= Oh or eh?

Hossam could not finish the conversation, terrified by what he had heard, as if he also honored this voice in his memory as if he had heard it before, but he was prejudiced against himself and again put his ear down and did not hear not anything, then he lit a cigarette on the balcony and returned to try to repair the pillow.. That was
– Oh, coincidence, coincidence
= Yes, my love
– I feel so bad… I don’t know what to do with it
= How do I mean.. your safety, my love.. Don’t you close your eyes and get some sleep.. The day is still long and the hotel is sweet… Sleep for a while and when you wake up we’ll go down (Alpecin) together
– Present.. my brain is really big and I need to sleep

Hossam began to listen to other voices, followed by the sound of the room’s door closing, and then this dialogue:
Shhhhhh, raise your voice to wake up
= Don’t be afraid.. I surrounded him with a hypnotic agent in coffee
– Now I will put the pillow on his face and ride it with my whole body.. You just hold his leg because if he resists
= Present.. but quickly we finished the rest

More overlapping sounds interspersed with a muffled moan and a knee-jerk sound, then this dialogue:
– Oh, oh, gore, in a sly way that takes you.. Works like a phase, even while he’s numb.. Okay, my love.
= The important thing is now.. we will finish the rest of the plan right.. and you will see this friend who can beat us with the forensic report
– Oh, coincidence, my love.. Redemption.. Reassure me.. I tell you, worry about displacement.

Hossam slowly lifted his head in shock, because he was sure of the sound and then the name. He soon saw with his own eyes the same man with a huge body that he had seen before sitting on a chair in front of the bed and smiling. upon him in satisfaction, then he came out of the balcony and did not come back

In the morning, the very beautiful beauty happened to stand in front of the receptionist and asked him:
– Please.. No one answered in room 202, don’t you know where Mr. Hossam went?
= Oh, sorry.. it’s a two-hour pay and a walk
– OK thanks

The beautiful woman got upset and slipped away, grabbed her cell phone and made a call, and she said at the beginning:
Okay, my love.. the bird flew.. forget

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