The fourth looks at Al-Abdali.. 33 years old and Al-Daghmi.. Mattresses at Al-Nasser.. the grooms on 11/11/Al-Hawamdeh open fire.. The hero is the one who the greenhouse of Fujika fill with kerosene

Jafra News – Issam Mobaideen

Fourth circle.. look what is happening in Abdali

The government in the Fourth Circuit is eager for complete neutrality, but monitors what happens from a distance, behind the scenes and understandings about the elections for the presidency of the House of Representatives, the permanent office and committees, the Abdali- area, especially since the remaining time for the elections is only about 5 days, and things are very sensitive. Any position or contact with a passing meeting or a ministerial presence can explain the opposite of what is required.


Bulldozer diary on the road

“My Footsteps Written on Us” is the memoirs of the former Prime Minister Abdul Raouf Al Rawabdeh, and it deals with the full story of Al-Balduz on the pages of paper in all its chapters with secrets, mysteries and facts, since Al-Balduz was Minister of Health, Education and Works and before that he was in the Amman Municipality, and later on the fourth circuit, the House of Representatives and the Presidency of the Senate And it is full of very important novels with names and reveals the hidden. the book will be in the markets soon ***

A former minister criticizes

Former minister Bassam Al-Amoush said I was president of the “Conference to Combat Unemployment,” and in 1998 the government held a “national” conference for employment and combating unemployment, and we came out with practical recommendations, including the harmonization of education outcomes with market needs, .. But the government at the time did not like because it stayed for six months and papers were lost. Today unemployment is in imaginary numbers, what did we do?


Reminiscences of 33 Abu Faisal

With the current speaker of the House of Representatives, Abdul Karim Al-Daghmi giving up the presidential elections to representative Ahmed Al-Safadi, Abu Faisal’s memories about crossing 33 years in Abdali, and the governments he faced while he was under the dome of the House of Representatives since 1989, and the number of them exceeds 16, and Al-Daghmi said in the same session: There were governments The most prominent of them is the government of Abd al-Raouf al- Rawabdeh, Taher al-Masri, Abd al -Karim al-Kabariti, the late Sharif Zaid bin Shaker and Mudar Badran, and there are weak governments that did not exist, but he did not agree with the governments of Abdullah Al-Nsour , Ali Abu Al-Ragheb and Omar Al-Razzaz did not. Oh sweet memories.


bridal party

The grooms flock to the wedding halls to book the luxury halls in the capital and other governorates, to hold weddings and nights by the sea, which is why bookings have increased by 30%, and everyone’s favorite day in total is 11/11 the governors of the kingdom to be their wedding feast.*


Mattresses in the service bureau

Will the President of the Civil Service Bureau, Sameh Al-Nasser, reserve furnished apartments, next to the Service Bureau in Al-Aqsa Suburb, as exceptional cases in order to secure five-star apartments and bedrooms after blowing, deputies, to sleep in the Civil Service Bureau, until he took the right of young people who missed the role? They wronged him, the empty heart was wronged


Curriculum from Education to Curriculum Centre

The former head of the Supreme Curriculum Council and current Minister Azmi Mohafazah was one of his first decisions to recommend to the government to approve the transfer of curriculum development tasks from the Ministry of Education to the National Center for Curriculum Development,… and by amending the law so that new powers and tasks were added to the Supreme Council of the National Center for Curriculum Development which was represented in the approval of the framework The general curriculum for Jordanian curricula, and the specific frameworks for each subject, in addition to books, curricula and manuals, and refer them to the Education Council for approval in accordance with the Education Act No. (3) of 1994 AD.***

President of Al-Wahadath Club Bashar Al-Khawaldeh opens fire

President of the Al-Wahadath Club, Bashar Al-Hawamdeh, opens fire on the government saying… How would it be to create one million jobs? The country’s main industries are suffering from heavy electricity bills, taxes and a policy of investor pain. Dubai and other countries that haven’t come yet, but give me a beautiful moment today. We Jordanian people want to break their fast and don’t think about dinner at all.. What’s the story?


Recommendations are gone with the wind

With the discussion of the new general budget for the next year approaching, the question asked Tell us about the recommendations last year, which is to increase the salaries of employees and retirees, and who earn less than 300 dinars in salary, which collects about 6. billion dinars and increasing appointments in the Ministry of Education, … Fear of being caught Last year’s recommendations for Gone with the Wind

It’s like Margaret Mitchell’s novel Gone with the Wind, where the parliament’s financial recommendations disappeared and we didn’t know if the government had rejected them. To meet with the new budget…!***

Ministers and women’s issues

It is clear that there is an unparalleled interest in women’s affairs in the government of the ministers, Wafaa Bani Mustafa, the minister of social development, despite the issues of poverty and national aid. Bani Mustafa leads a meeting to discuss the proposed plans for the sectors in the empowerment of women. Homeland, and more serious steps must be taken in this area. To that end, the Secretary General of the Union of Arab Banks, Wissam Hassan Fattouh, has chosen the Minister of Investment, Kholoud Al-Saqqaf as head of the Arab Women’s Empowerment Authority…and your safety…


Former warranty and food managers in the UAE

The directors of Social Security and Investment, Khaled Al-Wazani, the former Food and Drug Administration, Hayel Obeidat, work in the United Arab Emirates as experts in important places, and the contracts came with a desire to benefit from their experiences, with the presence of other names from Jordan.


12 thousand parties

Despite the noise and meetings of the heads of the new parties everywhere from the governors of the north to the south, the number of Jordanians who joined the parties since the entry into force of the party law last May reached almost 12 thousand, and before the law came into effect, their number reached more than 38 thousand party people.


The hero who mobilizes the greenhouse of Fujika

With a barrel of kerosene reaching around 17 dinars, and the price of kerosene approaching gasoline with several increases, it reached 860 fils per liter; Since the rate of increase compared to last winter’s prices amounted to about 40%, the price of a liter at the time was 615 fils, for this “hardest” winter in years for people. And now the hero, the son of the hero, is the one who can fill the greenhouse of Fujika with kerosene

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