A deep crisis has been experienced by the welfare community in the health sector. Danish society is suffering

Ambassador 24 – y. Bashir Himri

Whereas democracy will benefit me when I am in pain, and I cannot find a doctor who will give me a proper prescription to relieve my pain. Now I really realized that Denmark, which charmed me with the nobility of its democracy, and the kindness of its people, with the passing of days and years, the truth became clear. And you appear and live the real pain, when you hurt in your body. And you don’t get the therapist, for a moment I didn’t expect that.

I stood on the reality of luxury and democracy, and found that they are only powders that disappear. We actually live in a sick society with its health system, which has become suffering par excellence, and is not able to absorb its patients nor the embodiment of the extent of society’s suffering. What will the demagogic discourse do for me instead of the actual term, when you are in great pain in your house and you can’t even go beyond your bedroom? What kind of humanity does the civilian doctor or the female doctor who took the Hippocratic Oath have. be or be sincere in carrying out his humanitarian mission to serve man and relieve him of his suffering? Democratic values ​​that are beginning to die out in luxury society.

Yes, the welfare society that became just a dream has begun to disappear. They say hold on to hope I say this hope has evaporated, because pain exhausts my body, or almost kills me when pain exhausts my body, and the smile is absent, but my frying pans escape without returning. And my suffering increases even more as my body increases in pain and I don’t even get stronger until I leave my bed. Who sleeps while I long to live the dream. The dream of democracy, and a luxurious society, which swept away by hatred and slow killing.

When I can’t find a place to ease my pain. Which is increasing day by day. Is this the hour of truth that has begun to bare its teeth to show the face of a miserable and merciless society. Humanity is absent when you are in severe pain and cannot find a healing doctor. This is the real crisis that Danish society is suffering from. Politicians. But on the ground and reality is something else. All became unable to absorb the patients of society, and the hand of healing balm was absent from hospitals. Even the sense of humor and humanity that you used to find in hospitals has disappeared. Which became unable to absorb the number of patients in the society. I convey the reality of a luxurious society that has become just a dream that has evaporated in the absence of the treating doctor, in the absence of humanity, and in the absence of a hospital bed.

I lived the truth of this experience, and I realized the fact that the health sector in Denmark is suffering from a deep crisis, in the absence of doctors, and in the absence of professionalism when humanity is absent. Of the severity of the pain.

The doctor who gives you a prescription to buy morphine, which is a temporary pain reliever, but its negative effects are serious, and to get rid of you, without embodying the true nature of the disease that afflicted you .

We live in a society that suffers when you lack a doctor bound by the Hippocratic Oath in government hospitals. And when this same doctor is under a lot of pressure due to overcrowding in the hospital, so that the male patients become the female patients. This is the pinnacle of democracy in the luxury society, when the man and the woman the pain and the absence of professional conscience Hippocrates swore a truth in a room in one of the rooms in which the guest and the host met, in a language that he might be able to understand who really suffers from hatred in the luxurious society.

I am really sorry that I portray a dark image of the welfare society and democracy. The health sector, which was on the words of politicians in the election days, embodies the truth of the extent of the damage done to the welfare society, which is no longer not just a dream, or if we want to say, a nightmare that haunts every individual in society, even if it is the so-called term democracy. It has become just a discourse of media and political consumption.

Politicians are suffering themselves and have not found a prescription for the multiple diseases of society. Hospitals have become overcrowded, diseases are numerous, and medicines that reduce the amount of pain and suffering are lacking in hospitals, and society is facing a slow death. in the face This is the reality of democracy, and the society of luxury. I will continue to look for a doctor who will write me a prescription for my companion who is suffering and her eyelids are going blind because of what happened to her body, and her suffering increased even more when she did not find the merciful hearts have what the Hippocratic took. oath to be at the service of man who first suffers from serious illness and the society that knows a struggle between politicians to liquidate the legacy of false democracy And the discourse of luxury that has evaporated and even disappeared and is no longer a reality is what affects the citizen in Danish society. This is the shocking truth for everyone who believes that we live in a luxury society.

I do not want to open a new page to add to the ills from which Danish society has suffered. This is the hatred that has eroded luxury society. The rejection of the other who carries a different culture has become a malignant disease that to many politicians in Denmark, unfortunately, and the Muslims are the targets, even the generation. Who grew up in Denmark, his suffering became great when he worked hard and finished his studies, so he did not find a place in the labor market.

This is another crisis in addition to the crises that society is suffering from, in addition to the crises that have deepened due to the Ukrainian-Russian war, which has revealed the truth about the sharp resurgence of Islamophobia in Danish society, and that became clearer in these recent parliamentary elections and will deepen more and more ambiguity in the political arena, and there is no right or left On the contrary, everyone shares the same values.

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