Art Evolution: The Festival of Sound, Technology and Culinary Tests… for Lebanese Cultural Solidarity

The Art Evolution project, which is part of the “Ta’ziz partnership” launched by the Goethe-Institut Lebanon, aims to open up space for in-depth artistic production, and provide space for the development of a socially engaged activist in Lebanon while the country and its cultural scene are in transition. criticism…

According to the project statement, it aims “to support cooperation in the cultural scene to exchange knowledge and experiences, stimulate inspiration and provide young artists and practitioners in the cultural and performing arts fields with the important educational infrastructure to pursue their artistic practices. “

The program kicked off in spring 2022 and runs until autumn 2022 and includes a short stay, five months of meditation, a series of meetings and a trip to Germany in the context of a performing arts festival. A final showcase of the artists’ work is called the ArtEvolution Platform.

The Art Evolution platform, the last step of the program, which will take place on Friday and Saturday 11 and 12 November at Zoukak Theatre, Beirut, will give the eight selected artists the opportunity to present their work – which is in progress which they have developed, at the front. of an audience. Performances range from dance, theater, audio and visual storytelling to culinary performance, among others.
The artists are: Ali Al Samra – Rana Al Baba – Sarah Al Moneim – Melissa Ghazali – Heba Negm – Carol O’Hare – Kenny Rahal – Marian Salamani..

Art Evolution Platform Program at Alley Theatre
ArtEvolution Platform Program
Friday 11/11/2022
06:00 – 06:40 | Sarah Moneim

manner: Interactive performance between choreographer, playwright and scenographer. The project deals with the idea of ​​the transformation that contemporary man experiences today, through the story of a girl who resists the narrowness of space, with its different vocabulary and changes (house, street, city, country). The girl constantly moves between places, searching for the sense of life and beauty in herself and her freedom, to enter a race against time and its transformations filled with wars, epidemics, revolutions, customs and traditions.

07:00 – 07:30 | Carol O’Hare

tectonic pages: A project that captures human behavior, cognition, social psychology and acoustics, combining the industrial, digital and technological revolution (TECH) with traditional harmony (Tonic). The project aims to paint a musical canvas documenting and framing our experiences and memories through electronic audio scenes, live sound design and poetic recitation. The “Tectonic Pages” project includes a series of multi-form exhibitions, designed to capture, evoke and embody the sound of our experiences. (Language: Arabic)

08:00 – 08:30 | Kenny Rahal
nomad: It is a battlefield that stems from a deep lust for love mixed with a violent struggle with fear, patriarchy and oppressive beliefs. It is a dance and performance of a forbidden love story, trapped, lost and in a state of eternal lust. The possibility of unlimited love between two familiar bodies stagnates at a point between truth and denial, fueled by imposed false belief systems, such as self-hatred and patriarchy. This performance is simply about what could have been, and what could have been, how to conquer love and everything in between. (Language: Arabic and English)

09:00 – 09:30 | Melissa Ghazala
Do you decide: A contemporary tragedy about an emotional breakdown in the midst of the apocalypse, narrated by an unnamed voice. This ongoing project is an extensive research into the placement of sound within virtual and artificial spaces, aiming to strip the veneer of the physical/immaterial presence of sound on stage. The show interacts with sound in its many forms: sound as language, inner voice, the voice of the other, etc… How can sound change place? What future does the theater dream of for itself? What does the tragic lover sound like? (Language: English)

09:30 – 10:00 | Food and drinks
06:00 – 06:30 | Marian Salamani
?Bta3rfo E-Meta: Three personalities live in Lebanon and dream of escaping from its various problems, between the economic and social problems we are experiencing, and the technological development the world is witnessing: a young woman suffering from psychological disorders in a marginalized society, a young man struggling with his sexual identity, and a queer woman living in Lebanon searching for her identity while suffering from multiple sclerosis. The characters decide to escape from the real world and turn to the metaverse to escape their reality. The show is a post-modern play that relies on video and mapping technology in an attempt to create an alternative fantasy world according to our visions. (Language: Arabic)

07:00 – 07:30 | Ali Al Samra
Shadow of the story: Kalila wa Dimna is an important example of innovative literary creativity. The text originated in the Sanskrit Panchatantra and Mahabharata, and was inspired, added to, and translated into Arabic by Ibn al-Muqaffa in the 2nd/8th century. These stories will have the opportunity to be performed and displayed on tours in a number of public, private and shared spaces, allowing children, youth and the elderly to explore spaces of imagination and imagination. The performances aim to reconsider the traditions without erasing them, thus connecting them to the present time, through the use of puppetry, shadow fiction and other means. The project aims to connect with roots and origins, using contemporary visual, musical and performative means, and adapting them to our current reality. (Language: Arabic)

08:30 – 08:00 | Rana the Pope
The Audio Ritual of Protest project offers compelling narrative forms, bringing together the acoustic, visual and emotional aspects of place, event and movements. The piece tells, in audiovisual form, a story that really happened. It also allows the space to allow the audience to imagine and create new sounds, based on the visual language used, which has accumulated in such places. The project represents a point of convergence of audio and visual dimensions explored through video clips, in an attempt to explore the protest sites in the city as a mental map, following the graphic system of the city’s streets to the vocal rituals of the protests. (Language: Arabic)

09:00 – 09:40 | star gift
At the beginning of 2022, my uncle came from the town of Khiam in the south of Lebanon with a plant that made me laugh, and I went looking for his story and my family’s relationship with it, shumer. About the southern lentil humer dish, I invite the audience to share with me the story of this dish and with it the story of my family. Based on this food, I developed the idea to work on a series of gastronomic presentations of forgotten dishes and stories. (Language: Arabic)

10:00 – 12:00 | Closing ceremony

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