Emirates News Agency – Under the patronage of Latifa bint Mohammed, the eighth edition of “Dubai Design Week” kicks off

“Dubai Design Week is establishing itself as a platform that supports the growth of the design sector in the region and accelerates the development of Dubai as a global center for creativity and design.”
“Dubai welcomes the world’s leading talents, companies and designers to showcase designs for a sustainable future.”

The event reflects the development of the creative scene in the UAE, with the participation of over 120 designers.
Dubai Design Week 2022 features three new exhibitions, events and activities from 360 creatives.
The third edition of the “Annual Regional Architecture Forum” coincides with the “Dubai Design Week”.

Dubai, November 9 / WAM / Under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) and member of the Dubai Council, and in strategic partnership with the Dubai Design District of TECOM Group, and with the support of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), the activities of the “Dubai Design Week” 2022 kicks off today in its eighth edition, bringing back an exceptional and rich set of events and activities will be held in the Dubai Design District, the creative hub in Dubai, in order to consolidate the emirate’s position as a crucial center for the arts of design and creativity.
This year’s program of events focuses on the concept of design for a sustainable future and the theme of “Influence through design.” This course reflects the evolution of the creative scene in the UAE, with the participation of over 120 designers from within the country.
On this occasion, Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said: “With its eighth edition, Dubai Design Week establishes itself as a platform that supports the growth of the design sector in the region, supporting the development of Dubai as a global center for creativity and design, as well as examining this edition of innovations and designs that have a positive impact on the future in the creative sector.
Creative diversity.
Khadija Al Bastaki, Vice President of Dubai Design District of TECOM Group, said: “As a strategic partner of Dubai Design Week, we are delighted to host the region’s most diverse creative festival in d3. The event aligns with our efforts to pioneer and innovate platforms with the aim of supporting the creative sectors in Dubai, consolidating the emirate’s position as a global destination for design, creativity and art, and its position within the “UNESCO” network of creative cities improve.
She added, “Through Dubai Design Week, we strive to discover the exceptional talents of Dubai and the region. We invite interested parties and specialists to visit the Dubai Design District and participate in installation works, exhibitions, events, workshops and dialogue sessions, which are held in an enjoyable and stimulating atmosphere.”
Kate Barry, Director of Dubai Design Week, said: “The rich and rich program of Dubai Design Week realizes Dubai’s vision to build a more sustainable future. The event opens this year with a series of installations and exhibitions by a group designers and architects from the region and the world, and is based on the idea of ​​innovation New materials and recycling to get better products for the desired positive impact on the environment.”
busy program.
Today, Downtown Design, the headline event on the roster of Dubai Design Week and the region’s premier design fair, kicks off from its dedicated waterfront location in the Dubai Design District, bringing back more than 200 designers, regional and international brands and unique artistic. installations Openings of special offers. This year’s highlights include an interactive multimedia installation designed by Canadian art studio Iregular and sponsored by Kohler, live talks and exciting seminars from Downtown Design’s Al Muntada program, supported by Aritco, and a series of exhibitions featuring the Dubai Design Week event theme “Influence Through”. Design” and includes first-time innovators Stella McCartney, OBMI and Grounded Design.
Visitors to the exhibition in the heart of Dubai Design District can learn about more than 20 large-scale installations designed by the most prominent international talents and a number of emerging regional talents promoting technology and sustainability innovations. Among these works are innovative designs such as “Let’s talk about the weather” designed by “Bokja”, which is an installation in the form of a boxing ring, to host dialogue sessions and stimulate discussion on pressing topics such as climate change and recycling . get better products “GRIDS” (NETWORKS). This year’s theme expresses the different facets of the industry’s role in designing a better future.
As part of these monumental installations, d3 organizes the third edition of the annual Regional Architecture Forum in collaboration with Dubai Design Week. This edition presents a set of engineering works aimed at creating designs that contribute to building a sustainable future, by hosting the elite of the brightest minds in the field of architecture at regional and international level.
The large and interactive installations will highlight innovation in architecture through the use of sustainable materials and designs, including an entire pavilion built with oyster waste designed by Space Spice, as well as the positive effects that sustainable designs can have on the environment, in generally discussed. These innovative works of engineering will be displayed for the first time in various locations in the Dubai Design District, knowing that they are made from a variety of sustainable materials, such as date seeds, old fishing nets and materials that have been recycled or repurposed. purposes.
The busy program of Dubai Design Week this year will feature three new exhibitions, including ‘Matter-ials’, which presents a series of indoor installations that highlight important environmental issues and symbolize the opportunities created by materials with the power to make a difference. , and a multimedia exhibit titled “Designed Women” that allows visitors to walk around and enjoy a set of strong and aesthetically indicative designs through interior installations and signature design pieces, and the “Design in the Metaverse” exhibit, sponsored by Dubai-based MetaDecrypt, which offers visitors an experience Rich to explore the impact of this technique on the broadening of design horizons. It is in addition to the annual Emirati Designers Exhibition, curated this year by curator Cyril Zmmit, and is held in a space specially designed for this exhibition by the renowned Emirati architectural duo in Studio D.04.
100 interview sessions.
In addition, the event’s designers will be on a date with an exciting program that includes more than 100 dialogue sessions, workshops and a variety of important discussions and speeches. The Forum at Down Town Design will focus on the design industry and host a number of high-profile international speakers, including multi-award winning interior designer Kelly Hoppen, Florence-based designer Ducio Maria Gambi, as well as renowned regional experts. , including Kuwaiti architect Jassim Al Sadah, while panelists such as Ali Bahmani and Mario Gagliardi will explore the intersections between craft and technology under the theme “Source, Resource, Outsource”.
The Makers Space event also offers a rich program of effective workshops for design enthusiasts of all levels and age groups, including a workshop entitled “Mycelium Experiment”, which allows participation in manual activities using mushrooms to learn about their importance for the planet, while the Maska company celebrates (Maska) by giving a workshop in which participants recycle materials and use them in wrapping gifts distributed to orphans.
For the first time, the Dubai Design District “FLTRD” market will be organized throughout the week to offer a shopping experience full of local offerings that include a range of household items and clothing, and will continue until the weekend to showcase the best local crafts products and family activities to offer. Participating in the event will include KKONCEPT, the leading multipurpose apparel brand specializing in fun embroidery and high-quality collages, and Co Chocolat, specializing in aged cocoa beans and superfood ingredients.
In addition to the above, TECOM Group’s incubator in5, which aims to empower start-ups and entrepreneurs, will launch during Dubai Design Week the “Atypical” store, a permanent store that showcases a variety of exemplary works designed by emerging companies based at the Incubator Center for Design Innovation. This store will serve as an innovative space for startups in the business incubator in5 to showcase their talents and organize events and art exhibitions. Strategically located in the middle of the Dubai Design District, in5 Design includes startups creating innovative designs in the world of fashion and products.
The Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation, located in the heart of Dubai Design District, will showcase its talents and vision during Dubai Design Week through a wide range of programs that are considered to be the largest to date. As the first university specializing in design and innovation in the region, this year the institute will host a student exhibition in building no. 4 and organize a series of inspiring dialogue sessions, led by the university’s faculty and the participation of a selection of the most prominent Emirati names in the field of design, including: Khaled Al Shafar of Khaled Al Shafar Design Studio, Salem Al Qasimi of Fikra Design Studio, and Murshid Muhammad of Drivo. The university will also host a series of workshops and training sessions available to members of the community. Topics that will be highlighted and discussed include sustainability, modern technology with human benefits, space-related design, virtual reality, shapeshifting robots, design for the circular economy and 3D data visualization tools, artificial intelligence and much more.
It is worth noting that Dubai Design Week is an open event that welcomes its visitors for free, and you can download the Dubai Design Week app to see the list of participants, explore its full programs and register to join the “Downtown Design” at to live exhibition.
Dubai Design District.
Dubai Design District (d3), a member of the TECOM Group, is a global creative environment dedicated to the design, fashion and art sectors. In line with Dubai’s position as a leading business destination in the region and beyond, the district has been created to be the first pioneering creative environment that enables individuals and companies to grow, collaborate and innovate, while ‘ provide a strong platform for creativity. Strategically located in the heart of Dubai, Dubai Design District is a vibrant commercial district that motivates thousands of visitors to look at things from a different perspective.
The neighborhood provides modern, integrated infrastructure to meet the needs of this sector and business-friendly frameworks, attracts creative talent and provides the tools for collaboration and growth; This contributes to the consolidation of Dubai’s position as an innovative design city within the UNESCO network of global design cities.

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