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Today the Tamer Group celebrates the 100th anniversary of its first launch. On this occasion, a meeting was held with the CEO of Mumzworld, Mona Ataya, in which she reflected on several important milestones in the history of the company, which is moving. forward and spread in the markets with confidence and an accelerating pace.

She began her speech with a brief overview of Mumzworld, the pioneer in the e-commerce sector since 2011, pointing to its successes in the Gulf region in the first three years of its launch, to flourish thereafter and become the largest electronic platform for to become a mother , baby and child care products in the Middle East, and the trusted destination for thousands of international brands, prestigious market, in a market size of almost 10 billion US dollars.

She indicated that Mumzworld’s products are available on its website, which is prepared in English and Arabic, and contains extensive information about its products, covering 11 sectors, including travel essentials, toys, food, bathrooms, diapers, nurseries, bedrooms, clothing , schools, books and maternity, at an affordable price. She said that the Mumzworld store has achieved the highest rates of customer satisfaction in the region, as a platform that brings together the needs of the child and family under one roof, from pregnancy to adolescence, through a hands-on philosophy that is passionate about innovation and excellence in customer service and successful partnerships with dealers and distributors and safeguarding consumer interests.

Regarding Mumzworld’s relationship with various brands and suppliers, she explained that Mumzworld provides its customers with what enables them to make the most of their purchasing power, adding that the international brands that are less present in the Middle East market , Mumzworld uses as a gateway to this important market, high, low or no risks, in addition to offering them valuable opportunities.

She added that Mumzworld has a deep presence within the community of aspiring mothers, and has strong relationships with content providers, institutions and entities related to the mother world, such as schools, hospitals, etc., to communicate with them through compliant stations to all their needs.

It is useful that Mumzworld was born in the United Arab Emirates in 2011, through a partnership with Lina Khalil, one of the pioneers in the region, and then gradually expanded in the Gulf region, amid a strong Saudi presence, and advanced shipping systems and services covering more than 20 countries, knowing the company’s interest With the so-called SKU, with more than 300,000 units and 3 million customers leading respective business activities and enjoying a wide regional presence, Mumzworld is a recognized global brand that seeks to expand its customer base.

Mumzworld has been described as the leading online shopping destination, the number 1 site for mother, baby and child services, and the largest platform for mother and child products in the region, serving more than 3 million mothers, making it a gateway to make the family in the Middle East. She added that the company’s vision is to become the indispensable electronic platform for mothers in the Arab world, as it gives them added value, offers them an enjoyable shopping experience, and plays an influential social role that the helps improve quality of life.

She described the company’s advanced infrastructure, represented in express delivery services, order tracking and excellent customer service through multiple channels, noting that Mumzworld professionally blends product, community and content, helping to create a premier community through the “Mums” Academy and “Kidspanel” portal.” which provides rich content in both Arabic and English, and facilitates communication with more than 200 experts on various matters of importance to mothers.

She explained that the regional work team at Mumzworld is distinguished by its expertise and spread across the Gulf region, noting that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates represent the company’s largest markets in the region, given its strong presence in other Gulf countries, and its interest in providing jobs that serve the aspirations of women who have held senior positions in the company.

Regarding the company’s most prominent achievements and projects, she described the tremendous growth that Mumzworld has achieved and the efforts it has made to consolidate its role as a leading regional company in its field, adding that through more than 6 rounds of extensive financing, successful investors joined the company, making Mumzworld Dates Group “Mumzworld”. » The first e-commerce company funded by women in the Middle East, becoming the first regional and local to be acquired by a Saudi strategic giant.

It has the awards that the company has won, which has exceeded more than 200 awards for its efforts to serve customers and leadership in the ecosystem, including the “Best Business Award 2017 and 2020”, “Best Online Retailer for the Children’s Sector in 2015, 2016 and 2018”, and “Most Online Retailer” Impressive for 2014 and 2016″, and “Excellence in Customer Service for 2018”. Note that as CEO of the company she won several awards, such as the “The Strongest and Most Distinguished Personality in the United Arab Emirates” award from HSBC, the Forbes Middle East award “The Most Powerful Business Women in the Middle East for 2021”, and among the “100 Most Powerful Arab Women”, and among the “Forbes List of Best Arab Women”. 10 Arab Women for 2017, 2018 and 2020″ and to vote for her as Executive Director of Small and Medium Enterprises for 3 consecutive years, and to be ranked among the “30 most influential women in the Arab world for the year 2019. Note that she held the position of the United Nations delegate to the Arab world in her capacity as” the women delegate in Unctad, during the years 2021 and 2022.

She touched on the stations that helped distinguish the company’s activities, such as its commercial leadership, the shaping of the commercial landscape and its 11 years of specialization in a sector that is experiencing great growth and competition, which more than 3 million mothers contains, more than 6000 global and regional brands, 300,000 products, and the acquisition of the first trading companies Women-led, regional and exclusive electronic distribution of more than 25,000 global products.

She pointed out that Mumzworld started its activities in 2011 with capital contributed by the founders, and was subsequently supported by advanced regional and global institutions, and some family offices such as Tamer Group, Wamda, Global Ventures, Individu and Swipcorp, and added that Tamer Group acquired the company in 2021, and now participates Mumzworld is in the next phase of growth, with plans to expand across borders, boost technology investment and develop product.

She noted the strong relationships between the company and thousands of international brands and exclusive partnerships, describing the company’s products as diverse and comprehensive. Among the brands cited are Bugaboo, Philips Avent, Tommee Tippee, Medela, Lego, Chicco, Fisher Price, Johnson & Johnson, Disney and others. She pointed out that Mumzworld looks forward to making its customers happy through services that enhance their shopping experience, with an emphasis on strengthening efforts to develop the company’s services and face challenges forcefully.

She concluded that the purpose of establishing Mumzworld is to give back to the region through leading activities, indicating its commitment to meet unmet customer needs, giving mothers an opportunity to take more distinct paths through the year to follow, and giving them opportunities to assume leadership positions, highlights the company’s efforts to serve mothers and children through products High quality services and a team ready to serve with passion and dedication.

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