Swedish industry proud.. Volvo EX90 electric car amazes the world

The Swedish company Volvo has launched its latest fully electric car, the EX90. With all the futuristic safety systems, it is probably the safest car on earth and can drive the house in the event of a power cut. The initially available EX90 version comes with a 111 kWh battery – another first for the automotive world, according to arenaev.com.

The entire supply and production process and all materials used for the battery can be fully traced. The battery is produced with renewable energy and supports DC charging of up to 250 kW, allowing you to add a range of 180 km in just 10 minutes. Charging from 10 to 80% takes 30 minutes, while a fully charged battery can travel up to 600 km.

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In the performance version, two permanent magnet electric motors drive all four wheels with 517 hp and 910 Nm of torque. Volvo hasn’t released performance figures yet, but you can bet the EX90 won’t be sloppy with that much power.

The WLTP range of 600 kilometers is for the 300 kW (408 hp) twin-motor version of the car, but Volvo has yet to provide any other details about this powertrain option.

The all-electric Volvo EX90 starts with 517 horsepower and 600 km of range

The Volvo EX90 supports two-way charging and the company is expanding the range of equipment available to customers with home chargers and power management systems that expect the car to be an integral part of the home. Using the EX90 as a backup for your home in the event of a power failure is no longer a gimmick, it’s another Volvo safety feature.

Volvo calls the EX90 the safest car the company has ever made and it’s hard to argue. The list of high-precision safety equipment includes a LiDAR that can see 250 meters ahead of the vehicle, and there are 16 additional sensors throughout the vehicle. The range of cameras complements the entire system operated by NVIDIA DRIVE and Volvo’s own software.

Driver assistance also reduces risks inside the vehicle because it constantly monitors the driver. Any signs of distraction first lead to gentle prompts, and if no response is recorded from the driver, the vehicle can safely come to a stop and then call for help.

The NVIDIA DRIVE AI in the EX90 uses both Orin and Xavier platforms, and the car’s infotainment system is powered by the Snapdragon 8155 using software co-designed by Volvo and Qualcomm. The graphics are provided by Epic Games and the Unreal Engine is responsible for the best user experience in any vehicle at this moment.

The large center screen is 14.5 inches wide and comes with built-in Google and Apple services. Google Maps and Google Assistant are native, Google Play is onboard as well as wireless Apple CarPlay. 5G LTE connectivity is standard to provide uninterrupted internet access, and the Bowers & Wilkins sound system comes with Dolby Atmos technology for a truly immersive experience thanks to its 25 speakers.

You don’t need keys for the EX90, all you need is your phone to drive and drive. The car recognizes individual drivers and stores their profiles so it can set everything up and prepare for a personalized experience within seconds from the moment the driver approaches the door.

Open the door and you will find everything as you want it, no more seats in the wrong position, no more strange music your husband listens to and the temperature exactly as you want it.

Volvo is really pushing the recycling agenda, and the new EX90 uses 15% recycled steel and 25% recycled aluminium. Recycled plastics and biomaterials make up an additional 48 kg or 15% of the total plastics used in the vehicle.

The interior is the pinnacle of Scandinavian design – light, bright, yet relaxing. With everything you need within easy reach and with absolutely no distractions. The materials used in the car are made from recycled bottles, and the wood comes from responsibly managed forests in Sweden and Finland.

If you choose fleece fabric for the seats, it will come from a specially selected supplier with the highest animal care standards. In plain words – sheep dance delightfully around the lush green fields while listening to classical music and are kindly asked to shed their wool rather than brutally mow like their regular farm cousins.

There is so much to the new EX90 that it takes time to dive into all the details. The new headlights mimic the eye and open to reveal the driving lights and switch off when only the DRL is needed. It looks like this new feature can be used to wink at people.

As Volvo releases more details, we’ll make sure to update all specs. For now you can enjoy

Play the list again if you missed it. The EX90 will be available from next year, but the company has not yet determined which markets it will get first.

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