The purchasing power of Omani construction companies has increased

Business owners for the pandemic “Oman” is an incentive to increase sales

Salem Al-Hajri: Innovation and creativity in projects and keeping up with developments is a key factor for success –

Mazen Al-Busaidi: The pandemic is the starting point of the factory, and it is distinguished by the supply of large quantities of products

Al-Muhannad Al-Amri: The purchasing power has been good during the last period, and the company’s sales have not been affected –

Younis Al-Harthy: Since our company is local, we have reduced prices considering consumers –

The Omani companies operating in the construction sector have continued to grow despite the effects of the economic recession. The companies operating in the construction sector are the mainstay of economic growth, through which large, medium and small projects rise, reflecting the strength of the economy. and growing in all countries.

According to a press poll in which “Oman Economic” met with some founders and representatives of Omani construction and construction companies at one of the exhibitions, they indicated that the sector is experiencing significant growth, and the sector has not been much affected by the pandemic not. despite the fact that other sectors have stopped working, and that the pandemic has come as a starting point for increasing purchasing power.

Purchasing power

Engineer Salem Al-Hajari, founder of Arco Design for architectural design and engineering consultancy, explained that the company was affected by the Corona pandemic and that the global economic recession was very little, and that the purchasing power continued to grow. In projects and keeping track. with developments in the market is what drives success and continuity.

Al-Hajari’s marketing of his company came from participating in consumer exhibitions and social media.

He added: “Innovation and innovation in projects are not limited by social media, so the more the founder of the company follows everything new in the market and works to present new and innovative ideas in his project, the more consumers will turn. out.”

He explained that the company works in engineering consulting and in the design of construction plans, gardens, chalets and resorts, interior design and decoration, and the company also conducts a feasibility study (industrial, commercial, agricultural) for project owners where it can smoothly and clearly the relevant government agencies are communicated. The company was founded two years ago and offers its services at nominal prices with fellow office owners.

Availability of products

Mazen Al Busaidi of Al Najm Factory for Adhesive Products said: The pandemic was the starting point for the factory, as it was distinguished in the availability of products in large quantities, as all the raw materials for the products were from within the Sultanate of Oman. and the alternative product was for many consumers, as the factory worked continuously and sales were made electronically via Through the website, the means of communication and the delivery of products to the consumer’s door.

Al-Busaidi pointed out that the purchasing power was not affected in the last period, but rather increased because the products are local and have a lower financial cost, and there are no additional amounts for shipping, export and import operations, and the factory was very popular with consumers.

During the past year, the factory has attracted more than 100,000 consumers, and it hopes to reach double the number of consumers by the end of this year. The factory produces adhesives for the installation of ceramics and stones, and a ready-to-build -cement mixture containing chemical improvers to treat cracks. The mixture is characterized by time saving, and its balance as it goes through. In two stages, sand is washed and then treated with the addition of improvers. The price of the bag is 1,200 riyals and 200 baisas, covering an area of ​​2 to 2.5 square meters.

High sales volume

Al-Muhannad Al-Amri of Emaar Industries indicated that the purchasing power was good during the last period as there was no effect on the company’s sales during the recession period, rather the amount of sales increased, and he hopes that the purchasing power will continue to rise in the Sultanate of Oman.

Emaar Industries is located in the Samail Industrial City and operates in the manufacture and installation of metal products used in building and construction such as windows, doors, stairs and umbrellas, and metal works such as blacksmith shops and the manufacture of insulation panels used in the construction of factories, caravans and cold rooms, and Al-Amiri indicated that the amount of production is estimated at around 10,000 square meters per day.

Regarding the purchasing power in Al-Madina Company for Cement Products in the recent period, Younis Al-Harthy said that the purchasing power decreased by a very small percentage, and during the pandemic period, the challenge in marketing and sales and the company’s employees tried to find solutions for marketing and selling, using digital marketing through the website and social media accounts where The consumer chooses the product he wants and pays electronically, and the company then delivers the product at home off, and it was very popular with citizens and residents.

Al-Harthy continued his speech by saying: Since the company is a local Omani, we try to lower prices considering consumers and in relation to the average income, since raw materials are available in the Sultanate of Oman and not imported is from abroad, so there is no need to add additional amounts.

The company operates with 100% Omani cadres and manufactures interlocking, terrazzo tiles, cement blocks and installation from various Omani quarries.

The insulating cement brick is distinguished by the fact that it acts as a sound and heat insulator in accordance with the ideal standards, and is distinguished by a set of physical and chemical properties, its hardness and its light weight, since it weighs about 12 kilograms, which is almost half the weight of ordinary bricks, as well as its fire resistance, in addition to being reportedly made of a natural material that is environmentally friendly Laboratory tests issued by the relevant government agencies in this regard.

Al-Harthy explained that the amount of production varies around 10,000 square meters per day, and the company’s products cover the local market, and it aims to expand globally in the future.

Use the latest technology

Finally, the Omani companies operating in the construction sector have seen a qualitative leap by using the latest technologies in exploiting the natural resources of the Omani environment, and producing high quality materials at nominal prices that meet the needs of the market and consumers, and in accordance with the current developments in the construction sector, construction and design.

The Sultanate of Oman is one of the fastest growing countries in terms of infrastructure development. The Tenth Five-Year Plan and Oman Vision 2040 define a roadmap for diversifying the economy by increasing government spending on key non-oil sectors and increasing private investment in various courageously sectors including infrastructure and construction industries. .

The importance of this sector comes from its contribution to the GDP and it also contributes to the provision of employment opportunities in all its economic activities.

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