Al-Qasim: All Al-Watan clubs will guarantee presence in the Al-Akhdar Jamahiriya League

Al-Qasim: All Al-Watan clubs will guarantee presence in the Al-Akhdar Jamahiriya League

Al-Balawi confirmed the participation of 500 Saudi volunteers in the organization of the World Cup in Qatar

Thursday – 16 Rabi’ al-Thani 1444 AH – 10 November 2022 AD Issue No. [

Ibrahim Al-Qassem during the periodic conference of the Ministry of Sports yesterday (Middle East) Hammad Al-Balawi listens to a journalist’s question (Al-Sharq Al-Awsat)

Riyadh: Haitham Al-Zahem

Ibrahim Al-Qassem, Secretary General of the Saudi Football Association, confirmed that all the clubs of the homeland will secure presence within the Al-Akhdar Jamahiriya League in the World Cup in Qatar, through a mechanism whereby seats are allocated to each has been awarded. club according to the grade to which it belongs.
Al-Qasim spoke about the arrangements for the 2022 World Cup, with the participation of a number of relevant government agencies, during the periodic conference of the sports sector, which was awarded by the Ministry of Sports for the occasion. He said: We are working to be the best participation in the World Cup, and this camp was discussed and organized years ago in preparation for this moment. He pointed out that the Qadam campaign is aimed at mobilizing the fans and motivating them to attend the World Cup in Qatar, explaining: We have five thousand fans representing the national team of all Saudi clubs, so that they are equal in the number of supporters present. .
Al-Qasim indicated that one hundred seats for the fans were determined for each club in the professional league and thirty seats in the first division and the rest of the clubs in different grades, explained about the Al-Ahly fans and specified thirty seats for them based on the club’s presence in the first grade: All the audience is for the team, not for clubs, and the number is only for equality between clubs in each grade.
Al-Qasim revealed the event of the Saudi House, which will be present on the Doha Corniche during the World Cup, with an area of ​​18,000 meters and includes 21 activities, noting: The World Cup is no longer the same as it was seventy years ago, it is not just a football but a cultural event and more.
For his part, Hammad Al-Balawi, Director General of Strategic Planning at the Ministry of Sports, said that the Ministry supports the Saudi Federation to enable the masses to attend the World Cup in Qatar.
Al-Balawi added: We have worked with public and private agencies to ensure the facilitation of fans’ affairs. The Ministry of Sports is working hand in hand to ensure that their experience is facilitated.
Regarding the Saudi volunteers participating in the Qatar World Cup, Al-Balawi said: We are proud of the increase in the number of Saudi volunteers after their number was limited, as their number has been increased to more than 500 volunteers from different regions of the Kingdom, adding: The Saudi presence will be in all facilities.
Al-Balawi continued: They will work hand in hand with their brothers in Qatar, and this is a source of pride for us in Saudi Arabia, adding: Participation in the volunteer field will be in various fields, and they will different experiences in this wonderful forum, concluding his speech: There is a large female component in Saudi volunteers, and we are eager to represent volunteers across the Kingdom.
In turn, Faisal Al-Balawi, Executive Director of the Decision Support Department at the Saudi Tourism Authority, unveiled the “Hadhrin” platform, which provides a number of channels and provides a comprehensive guide to the attendance’s journey in the World Cup -football tournament, which explains : The “Qadam” platform is for tickets and the “Hadhirin” platform is for visitors and explains the mechanism of access through the ports. .
Al-Balawi explained that Saudi Arabia will see the establishment of fan areas during the World Cup period to live the big world event, explaining: We have more than one city that will have fan areas, as the fan areas during the Riyadh was announced. season.
Saleh Al-Zuwaid, a spokesman for the Public Transport Authority, revealed during the periodic conference for the sports sector: We will have 55 buses to transport fans from the Saudi side to the Qatari side during the World Cup period, and this service is free, but requires advance booking through the operating company’s website.
Al-Zuwaid indicated that there is a commercial transport service, including buses that will be provided by SAPTCO from Al-Ahsa and Dammam to the Saudi-Qatari port, and there will also be a transport service with the Careem company to the Saudi -port be.
Regarding the parking lots of the Salwa port, Al-Zuwaid said: In cooperation with the relevant authorities there, at the Salwa port, we have parking spaces for more than 3,500 cars, and this requires a prior reservation of the parking lot in order for the fan to be transferred from the Salwa port to the Qatari side, explaining: The fan will be allowed to park his car for 48 hours.
Hammoud Al-Harbi, spokesman for the Zakat and Tax Authority, for his part, said that the capacity of the checkpoints at the Salwa port leading to the Qatari border has been increased, as well as the number of passport booths to ensure a decent appearance during the World Cup period.
Al-Harbi pointed out: “We will have a live broadcast during the World Cup period of the movement at the Salwa port so that the fan can see the appropriate time to come to the port and avoid the rush hour and congestion. ”
In response to Asharq Al-Awsat’s question about the document used to cross through the port during the World Cup period, Al-Harbi said: “According to the procedures with the relevant authorities, the Saudi passport is the document that necessary to leave for Qatar during the World Cup.”
Ahmed Al-Musaind, Director General of Corporate Communications and Marketing at Airports Holding, for his part revealed that 2,300 scheduled and frequent flights between Saudi Arabia and Qatar during the period from November 13 to December 24 to transport thousands of fans during transport the World Cup soccer tournament. period.
Al-Musnad said in his speech: There is a remarkable integration between the authorities, and we have five airports to receive World Cup flights in the cities of Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Qassim and Madinah, and explained: We have special halls for fans at King Abdulaziz Airport.
Regarding the frequency and scheduled flights and the difference between them, Al-Musnad said: The scheduled flights will be from all five airports and will arrive at the new Hamad Airport in Doha, while the frequency flights from the airports of the cities of Riyadh , Jeddah and Dammam, and their arrival at the old Doha airport.

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