Furniture moving companies in Cairo

Furniture moving companies in Cairo are among the best and most famous institutions in this field, as they have achieved wide success among clients, which has made them in the forefront among many other companies. We have all the specialties that the task of shipping and transportation needs. Furthermore, we have achieved the most difficult Alaa comparison, which is positive results at reasonable prices.

Furniture moving companies in Cairo

Many customers hesitate to deal with furniture moving companies that do not have experience, for fear of moving goods due to cracks and scratches during the transportation and shipping process. Make sure with us that your home furniture is completely safe and we will provide all the new:

The institution is proficient in providing the most prominent services related to shipping and transportation of furniture.

– Provided very important business and services in recent years, which allowed us to gain a lot of experience.

– The institution provides the latest technologies that save time and effort for very difficult services that some face.

– Al-Rehab guarantees the safety and security of collectibles without damage.

– The customer obtains a sealed guarantee certificate for all the works and services he obtains from the company.

We have a strong and highly trained team to handle all types of luggage with professionalism, accuracy and skill.

– All the services you get from the company cannot be compared with any other moving company.

– In addition, Al-Rehab is characterized by great credibility and honesty in all transactions.

– She is eager to train and qualify the entire organization’s employees through transport specialists.

– The percentage of damage caused by company members to the movable property is zero, thanks to the training the work team receives.

– In the event of damage to the luggage, we will pay substantial compensation in the value of the losses.

The work of furniture moving companies in Cairo

The group of furniture moving companies offers a variety of excellent household jobs related to moving furniture, as the company is very well known in this field and thanks to the various services it provides you:

We have a group of carpenters experienced in the dismantling and installation of all shapes and types of children’s rooms, youth and bedrooms.

We also maintain and repair all damaged furniture, in addition to painting rooms in modern colors.

– All this is done within the workshops provided by the institution inside and outside Kutsica.

We also have the best electricians to deal with air conditioners and electrical appliances of all types, whether modern or old.

We perform maintenance and repair of appliances with the latest tools and advanced equipment.

Advantages of furniture moving companies in Heliopolis

The company strives to maintain its great name, so it leaves no room for error, and this is due to its zeal to satisfy the public, so I offer the main competitive advantages, including:

– We have professional technicians in the dismantling and installation of air conditioners with very modern methods that protect devices from damage.

We also clean and sterilize air conditioners and send them back as new. We also supply original parts that you need and that work more efficiently.

We have skilled plumbers in the dismantling, installation and maintenance of washing machines of all types.

– In addition, we have a very impressive group of drivers who are experienced and professional to wire the roads without damage to the portable devices.

– We also train cadres and that is to identify ways to deal correctly in difficult circumstances.

– We have specialists and qualified in the removal of curtains and kitchens, taking the greatest care not to cause damage during dismantling and installation.

– One of the most prominent services provided by the company is also cleaning, as we clean all movables by our technicians.

– In addition to using safe and effective insecticides to eliminate insects found in furniture.

Furniture Moving Company Services in Cairo

We fully know that customers prefer to get excellent services at a reasonable price and looking for professional companies, don’t have to think much and worry. We guarantee that you will get all the services you want at the highest level:

– The Foundation provides a large fleet of cars of various sizes and highly qualified to transport furniture safely.

– It also offers the best hydraulic winches and imported lifts for getting furniture down and up from very high floors.

– The institution also has the best fast packing tools and imported packing products, and the purpose of all this is to preserve the furniture from damage.

– We provide you with the best boxes of different sizes.

We have the best rubber bags for packing electrical appliances, plates and sofas.

– We also have lined boxes for packing kitchen items, marbles, glass, antiques and broken items.

The steps of the luggage moving companies in all governorates of Egypt

Al-Rehab works with very modern methods and multiple ways to transport and ship devices and luggage, which greatly contributes to the collectibles and preserves them from damages and damages that are expected to occur. Among the steps provided by the company are summarized as follows:

Providing a large number of experienced technicians and specialists in unpacking and packaging operations.

– We have supervisors to follow up the services and work correctly, to avoid mistakes during the execution of the service.

– To photograph the rooms before starting the task of unpacking until the task of gathering the luggage starts again and completely.

The division of services and tasks among the work staff to complete the work in the required period.

Disassemble the large bedrooms first and number them for easy re-installation afterwards.

– The team coordinates and works together to avoid emptying customers into chaos or inconvenience.

– We pack clothes, blankets, rugs and materials in bags of different sizes to protect against dust and dirt.

– Dismantling of chandeliers, curtains and air conditioners by specialists without damaging or scratching the walls.

– We have a complete team specializing in the disassembly, installation and packaging of fragile items with care and correct methods.

– After we finish the task of unpacking, the task of packing the movables begins with tools and products suitable for household items to preserve them.

– Unloading luggage by separating cranes and winches to vehicles specialized in transporting and organizing furniture and appliances in correct ways.

The cheapest furniture moving companies in Egypt

Al-Rehab is the only institution characterized by great credibility and integrity in all the services and works it provides to the public, in addition to the fact that the institution always seeks to develop special services, and one of the most prominent things that it offers citizens the reasonable and unmatched prices:

– In addition, some basic factors that determine the cost are the type and size of the furniture being moved.

– And also the tools, equipment and devices used in transportation and shipping, so we offer great offers that suit customers of all categories.

– There are discounts for moving the furniture of companies, institutions, schools, hospitals and others.

– The institution offers an annual discount, which amounts to half.

– There is no need to look for companies that are not qualified to move furniture, as we offer you the best services at an appropriate cost.

Ways to communicate with furniture moving companies in Giza

If you are searching through social media for a professional and distinguished company to move appliances and furniture, you can now communicate with the best furniture moving companies and without collateral damage:

– Al Rehab has different numbers to communicate easily and effortlessly.

In addition, we have customer service that is trained to take orders throughout the day.

– You can communicate with employees to inquire about services through the official pages.

– Or email the institution and reply as soon as possible.

We are at your service seven days a week, and we also work on public holidays.

Furniture elevators in Cairo

We have provided you with the most prominent details and jobs about furniture moving companies in Cairo. Al-Rehab is unique in the basic tasks that have made it known to the public at all levels, the benefits you can get from doing business with us, how to take advantage of real discounts and offers, and at any time with the communicate company.

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