Shahrukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan’s fortune surprises everyone.. What the richest Bollywood star owns has never crossed anyone’s mind

Gauri Khan and luxury are two sides of the same coin and she is probably one of the richest women in Bollywood.

Besides being the wife of the king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan has a host of achievements to her name, in the worlds of art, architecture and decoration. Therefore, it is only natural that her net worth is something big.

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According to reports, Gauri Khan’s fortune includes expensive items, from owning Gauri Khan Designs, a high-end interior design firm, to owning a variety of homes and businesses. These are some of Gauri Khan’s major assets.

Manat House is the name of Shah Rukh Khan’s house in Mumbai. It is a spacious residence with a classic and modern design. Shah Rukh Khan himself said that Manat’s house is his most expensive purchase. Gauri shares the lavish seaside home with her husband, which is worth over Rs 200 crore.

Juri got into this interior design which is now her profession. Mannat is tastefully decorated and designed with five bedrooms, office, private theater, fully equipped gym and library and many other spaces.

Villa in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Apart from that, the “Khan” family owns another villa located in Dubai. Gauri Khan and Shahrukh Khan received this generous gift from developers Nakheel. With an area of ​​7,000 square feet, the villa will cost around Rs 24 crore. It is worth noting that the interiors of this luxurious palace were done by “Guri” himself.

Gauri Khan owns a house in Alibag worth Rs 15 crore along with Shahrukh Khan this property in nature in the suburban area of ​​Mumbai.

Delhi House As both Gauri Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are from Delhi, a house in the capital holds more significance than any other property. Located in the posh lanes of Panchil Park, South Delhi, this luxury property is listed on the property rental platform. So, if you want a taste of luxury and want to know how Khan lives, you can. This is in addition to owning “SRK” and “Guri” luxury villa in Los Angeles and another luxury apartment in London.

Second: Companies This is one of the most famous interior design companies and is valued at more than 150 crore rupees. Gauri Khan designed some opulent spaces for a select group of celebrities and designers for whom she created elegant and eclectic ideas. In fact, the company also offers courses on interior design.

Gauri Khan co-owns the production company Red Chillies Entertainment with her husband Shah Rukh Khan. Red Chillies Entertainment is one of the leading production houses in India.

She produced films like Main Hoon Na, Om Shanti Om, My Name is Khan, Ra. One, Chennai Express, Happy New Year, Diwale, Raees and many more. Its annual turnover is around Rs 500 crore.

A few months ago, I presented an impressive collection of Zoya luxury atelier, Beyond – A Boundless Journey. It was also previously part of Bonito Designs. Gauri Khan has also been the brand ambassador for leading luxury real estate company, ACE Group and TISVA.

Third: Luxury cars Just like her husband, Jouri is also a car enthusiast. She is the proud owner of a Bentley Continental GT valued at Rs 2.25 crore.

Gauri Khan has collaborated with many high-end brands and names. It recently partnered with TataCliq Luxury for Decoration.

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