The presidential session is like its predecessors.. the white paper in exchange for Moawad

The delegates return to Parliament today to meet in a new session to elect a President of the Republic, and the white paper will once again be the star of the session, in light of the vote of the development, liberation, loyalty to the resistance, strong Lebanon and other allied blocs in the white paper, in exchange for the vote of the Socialist blocs, the forces, the battalions, Tajdid, MP Waddah Al-Sadiq and others for MP Michel Moawad.

And Al-Nahar wrote: In light of what the Lebanese are expected to witness today in a sterile fifth session of the House of Representatives to elect the president of the Republic, and ten days after the start of the presidential vacuum- era, fears will grow about a race of two vacuums that will apply their negative, even dangerous, repercussions to the entire internal reality and of everything The two aspects are socio-economic collapse and political collapse. This is because the dangerous features of this race have emerged with blunt force, with the indicators of economic decline and the ignition of dollar and fuel prices in the first collapsing lane, and through into a totally vicious cycle and into a vortex of stagnation over the obstructive presidential elections in the second collapse lane. Since all the data confirms that the presidential election session scheduled for today will perhaps be a worse version of its predecessors in terms of the restored scene in the distribution of blocs and votes without any change except in some marginal details and a difference in numbers and numbers , while the blocking equation will remain the same, other negative echoes It has begun to escalate over a parliamentary dispute that seems to be heating up over the issue of the refusal of a significant number of deputies to hold any legislative session after today, given that the absolute priority for the election of the President of the Republic, especially in light of the presidential vacuum, does not allow the Council to hold one or more legislative sessions considered a President Council Nabih Berri to not to mention it. This new door of parliamentary division will add to the stalemate governing the presidential elections, making it difficult to foresee any imminent resolution of the political crisis.

Nidaa Al-Watan wrote: If the scene on the front of the opposition party forces and their parliamentary blocs will re-establish the unity of the position behind the nomination of MP Michel Moawad, emphasizing the determination and seriousness of the presidential election process, the scene on the opposite front will also reestablish the continuation of the internal disputes of the forces of March 8, which still prevent consensus to nominate any candidate from its ranks for the first presidency, taking advantage of the fragmentation of the ranks of the change representatives to cut time in order to delay the presidential elections pending the ripening of the conditions conducive to the conclusion of a “presidential-government” arrangement that reproduces a ruling class cloned from its predecessors in the management of state affairs , The direct and indirect result of the fifth presidential round today will be the “extension” of d he presidential vacancy in the ballot boxes be in solidarity and integration between the “white papers” and “burning votes.” On the eve of the first election session after the vacancy, the dispatch of the head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, a member, emerged yesterday. “Democratic Assembly” MP Wael Abu Faour to Marab to reaffirm continuing to support MP Moawad’s candidacy. On the other hand, he pointed out that the other party does not show a “similar positive dynamic until now” to crystallize any consensual formula that will allow the election of a new president of the republic. He added: “It is clear that the March 8 team, with the exception of President Nabih Berri, is trying to avoid its internal conflicts by going back to the white paper, but this matter I think is not feasible, but place rather burdens on the lives of Lebanese citizens.

And Al-Bina wrote: The House of Representatives is holding a new presidential election session today, and the result is known in advance, there is no president. Under various names, some of them are burned with their names of a number of delegates The sources of the “Shiite duo” pointed out to “Al-Binaa” that as long as Hezbollah and the Amal movement do not announce their presidential candidate, they will vote with the white paper.
Al-Binaa added that the Speaker of the Council mediated with Hezbollah to communicate and communicate with MP Basil to Google, a number of names that everyone can agree on. Reformism, with concerns about the personal relationship with him, but the matter is related to the next phase and the fate of a state and people, and because we are facing a stage of financial and economic salvation that requires a political figure required to complete with which the era of President Michel Aoun ended, and not allow political settlements that do not fit this stage.
Well-informed political sources indicated to the “Liwaa” that the marketing of a basket related to the presidency of the republic and the government has returned again, but it is still within the narrow nature of consultation, and it can its scope from me take due to the availability of successful conditions for it The first presidency, which is a priority, as the stakeholders explained.
The sources pointed out that the idea was previously proposed but withdrawn, so that the discussion subsequently came back in the context of the consultations related to the elections of the President of the Republic, and announced that the consultation will continue after the presidential elections could not be completed, but nothing guarantees that the issue of the basket will have the approval of the political parties.
In the context, political sources expressed their belief that the launch of the presidential election file effectively awaits a round of his consultations between the speaker of parliament, Nabih Berri and heads and representatives of the parliamentary blocs, to get their opinions and ideas regarding the personality of their to elicit ah is eligible to participate in the presidential elections, after the failure of the call To hold an extensive dialogue, and she said: The Speaker is eager to hear the opinion of all components of the Parliament without exception, to express opinions to google, and the names of the personalities nominated by these components, and then move to the second phase, to choose two candidates, to compete between them, and whoever gets the support of the majority of Parliament, becomes the new President of the Republic.
The sources expected that the close consultation sessions between Berri and the deputies would lead to reveal the reality of the positions away from the noise, to avoid embarrassment, and then the one or two qualified personalities could be put forward to compete for the first presidency, revealing that the names possessing the required specifications that Berri had drawn up on more than one occasion. political parties.
On the other hand, the sources are of the opinion that the trip of the head of the Strong Lebanon bloc, representative Gibran Bassil, to Qatar on the eve of the presidential election session, is clearly a disregard for the session, a lack of interest in reflect the session. , and a flagrant contradiction between what Bassil seems to claim is eagerness to elect a president and prevent a presidential vacuum. And between the disruption of this right, either by giving a white paper, or by missing the session to elect the president of the republic, and she said: If there was a real desire to create a vacuum in the first presidency, as the bloc leader claims, he would have shown a remarkable interest in dealing seriously with the elections, as a candidacy, or in support of any candidate. An ally, but both options do not exist, and the predominant option is to suspend the election sessions until further notice.

Al-Diyar wrote that the contacts made in recent hours by more than one party and person with Gibran Bassil will not yield any results, and he still sticks to his rejection of Suleiman Franjieh despite the warnings he has heard as a result of his adherence to this position, even the efforts made to collect Berri and Basil did not write her success.
This presidential picture of the March 8 team does not look better on March 14, and everyone sings about their nights with the crowd of candidates and the dropping of names and the emergence of all new names for the fire.

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