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(MENAFN- Hkstrategies) Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 11, 2022: The in5 business incubator, affiliated with TECOM Group and specialized in enabling start-ups and entrepreneurs to develop and grow, has opened the “Atypical” model store announced, with the aim of providing the opportunity for start-ups within the incubator to showcase its products and innovations, contributing to the improvement of the entrepreneurial environment in Dubai and the consolidation of the emirate’s position as a global destination for entrepreneurs, startups and investors from around the world.

The new store is located in the in5 design business incubator in the Dubai Design District, which includes emerging design companies working to create innovative designs in the field of fashion and design of non-typical products, many of which will be presented according to a specified schedule . The opening of the mock-up was announced on the sidelines of Dubai Design Week, which runs until November 13, 2022.

This mixed-use store aims to provide a dynamic and innovative space to showcase the talents, high skills and creativity of the entrepreneurs and the creative community in the in5 design business incubator. This store will be a destination that provides comprehensive and integrated services for the implementation of various community projects, in addition to transforming it into a major destination for organizing events, activities and temporary exhibitions. It will also be used as a mobile model shop that can be placed in various events to attract more visitors. Interested parties and specialists can visit the “Atypical” model store currently at “Downtown Design” exhibition, the leading exhibition in the Middle East for high-quality contemporary designs, organized in strategic partnership with Dubai Design District.
Majid Al Suwaidi, Senior Vice President of TECOM Group – Dubai Media City, said on behalf of the in5 business incubator: “At in5 we are keen to provide a stimulating and attractive business environment for start-ups, talent and entrepreneurs with the aim to encourage entrepreneurship and enable start-ups to transform leading ideas into projects. Commercially successful, the “Atypical” model shop is the best proof of this, as it provides a platform for startups and talents to showcase their creativity and build professional relationships within the Dubai Design District, which Dubai’s position as a global center for creativity and a forum for talents and emerging companies in the field of design and fashion consolidate.

It is worth noting that the in5 business incubator allows start-ups in the fields of design, technology and media to obtain a set of key benefits, including mentorship, networking opportunities, relationship building and access to a wide network of investors and strategic partners. Through the integrated environment it provides for entrepreneurs to incubate their emerging businesses, the in5 business incubator aims to prepare a new generation of inspiring talent with the aim of establishing Dubai as an important destination for entrepreneurship and creativity. To date, in5 has helped incubate more than 500 startups since its inception.

As for the in5 design business incubator, it is located in the Dubai Design District and offers the latest and most advanced creativity labs to help entrepreneurs, freelancers and creators develop initial concepts for their products and start manufacturing them. These include the Fashion Lab, a boutique that enables fashion designers to produce their designs from initial design to final delivery, and the Prototyping Lab, which includes electronic software, equipment and design machines, including 3D printers, among others, to translating ideas into reality.

Finally, the in5 business incubator offers startups the opportunity to grow and develop within the region’s first design destination in the Dubai Design District, where a selection of the most prominent local, regional and international brands and designers are present.

Eleven startups showcase their products at the Atypical store along the sidelines of Downtown Design. These brands include:

• KDS VDesign
Known for their ability to create dynamic and functional designs, the designers at KDSV Design draw inspiration from realistic and vibrant environments that reflect and celebrate the finer details of our everyday world.

• Achromatic Design Studio
As a leading architecture and interior design firm, Achromatic Design Studio offers services that meet the needs of its clients in commercial and residential projects across the UAE. His services also include urban planning and lighting design consultancy.

Design firm Steelex brings together the expertise and skills of its aerospace and civil engineering teams, focusing on designing foldable products in innovative ways that create additional storage space.

• New architecture
New Architecture is known for its ability to blend Eastern and Western styles in architecture and design. It is eager to allow joint collaboration between various sectors such as architecture, art and economy, in order to increase the importance of each project and expand its coverage.

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Suzan Saleh Al-Maizari is one of the most prominent interior designers in the Middle East, and runs CineMim. The design team in this company, from the initial concept development stage to the final implementation, is eager to provide the necessary services with high professionalism gained through many years of work in the field of hospitality, business management and interior design for homes.

• Berry Care
Berry Care designs many innovative spaces for breastfeeding mothers who need to be constantly on the move. These spaces, designed and implemented by a group of mothers, are a safe and comfortable place to look after their babies in complete privacy and with the highest standards of hygiene.

• Monkey Box
The monthly magazine Fast Company recognized Monkey Box as the most innovative education company in the Middle East and North Africa region for 2022. Its products, services and resources are based on neuroscience and Montessori education, with a team of early education specialists from the Middle East and North Africa developed it.

• Martha Fadel
The haute couture collection by Martha Fadel includes party dresses, formal wear and matching options for mothers and daughters.

• amada
Amada Boutique is an online store that offers shoppers a simple, modern and comfortable range of fashion, accessories and footwear to suit every occasion.

• Mina and Aliya
It is a fashion company that allows mothers and daughters and artisans to design luxury clothing that reflects the magic of cultural diversity.

It is a luxury brand that designs elegant and luxurious dresses and provides custom haute couture services.

The 10 business parks of the TECOM group focus on 6 essential knowledge-based sectors: technology, media, education, science, industry and design, with more than 7,800 customers and 100,000 dedicated employees and entrepreneurs. The group’s rental portfolio includes offices, co-working spaces, warehouses and land. The in5 business incubator is one of the value added solutions and services provided by the group and aims to support and empower entrepreneurs and emerging projects.

About TECOM Group

TECOM Group has been developing specialized business parks throughout the Emirate of Dubai since 1999. The group has strong capabilities that enable it to continue its prominent role in consolidating Dubai’s position as a global hub for business and talent.

The 10 business parks of the TECOM group focus on 6 essential knowledge-based sectors: technology, media, education, science, industry and design, with more than 7,800 customers and 100,000 dedicated employees and entrepreneurs. The group’s rental portfolio includes offices, co-working spaces, warehouses and land.

TECOM Group offers smart solutions and value-added services that give clients and entrepreneurs a competitive and attractive work environment that enables them to grow and prosper, in addition to stimulating communication and interaction between the members of its complexes. Through its digital platform for government and institutional services, the group aims to improve the ease of doing business and offer a distinctive experience to customers.

TECOM Business Parks provide specialized facilities catering to a variety of sectors, including media production facilities, laboratories and campuses for various universities and academic institutions. Through the in5 business incubator, the group works to support and empower entrepreneurs and emerging projects thanks to the innovation centers and creative spaces it offers in the fields of technology, media and design. The group also offers D/Quarters, an innovative concept co-working space that keeps up with the latest trends in an interactive and stimulating environment, in addition to the GoFreelance platform that supports nearly 2,400 independent creators.


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