Doha Corniche..the biggest stage for live performances and events during the World Cup



Doha Corniche..the biggest stage for live performances and events during the World Cup

November 13, 2022, 1:14 p.m

Flag Square near the Museum of Islamic Art Park


The Doha Corniche area will become the largest live performance theater in the world with the kick-off of the opening match of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, scheduled for next Sunday between Qatar and Ecuador at Al Bayt Stadium, through the entertainment activities accompanying the tournament , which will conclude with the last game on December 18 next.

Vehicles have been diverted from the Corniche to provide a safe and secure environment for pedestrians in the area, the pier and other streets on the Corniche road, and diversions have also been made from the intersections of Ras Abu Aboud, Sheraton, Mina, Al Seif, Al Diwan, Al Marmar, Al Maha and Barzan.

It will also prevent the access of “scooters”, bicycles and motorbikes to the Corniche area, public parks and pedestrian areas during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 period, but ships and boats will be allowed to carry out their work provided they far from the marine insurance area, and there will be security instructions for boat owners. And the parking spaces that are not available in the Corniche area will be represented in the parking lots of Souq Waqif, Al-Shuyoukh Mosque and Al-Bida’ parking opposite Al Rayyan Street, which is opposite Al-Istiklal Street, and all parking spaces within the transfer area.

The central Doha area and the Corniche Street are among the most important tourist, live and cultural attractions in the country, so the organizers of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 paid special attention to them when planning the development process to boost the tourism and to reflect its cultural importance. .

The relevant authorities have implemented a project to develop and beautify Central Doha and the Corniche Street to show the Qatari identity to the country’s guests in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, as well as to connect the internal areas for pedestrians. , in addition to connecting them externally with the surrounding areas, creating new areas for users, as well as restoring archaeological areas.

The waterfront is decorated with light poles in the shape of palm leaves, reflecting the Qatari cultural heritage, as well as the construction of pedestrian tunnels and plazas to facilitate the movement of pioneers between the Corniche and the side connected to the tunnels, while adding an aesthetic imprint to those tunnels and squares by providing them with artworks and sculptures for a number of Qatari and resident artists. In addition to establishing a number of cafes directly overlooking the sea to help make the Corniche-goer experience more distinct.

The Corniche is decorated with 1,440 columns in the shape of palm leaves, to match the palm trees that line the Corniche, in addition to 655 lighting columns with a distinctive character in the Doha Center area.

The project for the development and beautification of Central Doha and the Corniche included the provision of underground parking for more than 7,700 cars at separate locations in the city, in addition to the construction of three pedestrian and bicycle tunnels connecting the Corniche and the city connected of Doha, namely the Al-Dafna, the Corniche and Al-Bida tunnels, in addition to building a museum tunnel Islamic art for pedestrians.

The work of the Doha Corniche development and beautification project also included the provision of various cafes and some service facilities such as rest areas equipped with drinking water coolers, chapels and places for ablution, in addition to display screens, pedestrian and bicycle paths to provide a healthy and safe outlet for visitors to the area and to encourage them to exercise, in addition to increasing green areas and planting trees. As well as paving the streets with natural stones in a way that reflects the archaeological character and historical depth of the area reflect.

The central beautification works and the Corniche included the maintenance and planting of many trees and green spaces in order to increase the quality of life and improve the general landscape of the area, in addition to contributing to lower temperatures and a healthy environment within neighborhoods and places of important gatherings.

More than 137,000 square meters of green areas, 940 trees and 920 palm trees were planted, while the environmental heritage of the palm trees located on the Corniche Street was preserved and maintained due to their environmental and social importance, in addition to the planting of 1,360 trees and more than 17 thousand square meters of green areas in Markaz. Doha.

Tracks, pedestrian crossings and cycle paths have been provided to connect all vital centers in the region, and a 7-kilometer running track connecting Airport Road and Ras Bu Aboud as an extension to Lusail Road, in addition to the establishment of pedestrian and cycle paths with a length of one kilometer in the Doha center area designed for use by people with disabilities.

The Doha Corniche area witnessed the implementation of the tourist boat mooring construction project in three locations, the first near the Al-Bidaa Pedestrian Tunnel, the second near the Al-Dafna Pedestrian Tunnel, and the third near Sheraton Park, in preparation for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, in collaboration with Qatar Tourism and the Ministries of Environment and Climate Change, Transport, Municipality and the Private Engineering Office.

Tourist boats are considered one of the cultural and heritage facades of the country, and allow visitors to explore Doha and its waterfront, so the marinas are implemented in a simplified way based on the unification and consistency of the materials used in them with the courtyards of the Corniche tunnels, where sustainable materials have been used that withstand climatic conditions, whether in water or on land, taking into account the highest standards of quality and safety, the second and third sites include a sewage network and a low-voltage electricity network, and the third site includes a drinking water network.

The marinas provide appropriate and safe passageways for use by all age groups, which contribute to facilitate their boarding of boats, taking into account the disabled, to whom the committee attaches great importance in all its projects by providing facilities that help them in integrating society. A uniform design was adopted in the marinas. The three, taking into account the possibility of expanding the berths and increasing the number of parking spaces in each berth in the future.

The main events in the Corniche area include big screens to show matches in addition to music festivals, cultural activities and many interesting street performances from around the world. A distance of 6 kilometers stretches from the Sheraton Doha Hotel to the Museum of Islamic Art Park .

Football fans from all over the world will be in for a treat with an entertainment and cultural program full of outstanding activities and events targeting all family members, and fans will have wonderful experiences upon arrival in Qatar to participate in the biggest sporting event in the world take. , which the Arab world and the region will witness for the first time.

A variety of recreational and cultural activities and events will also be organized for citizens, residents and visitors, in collaboration with many partners, in line with the ongoing efforts and endeavors to host the most impressive edition in the history of the tournament.” entertainment program includes more than 90 special events from To be held on the sidelines of the tournament.

The program for the Corniche area includes performances by artists, cultural activities, food and drink kiosks and shops, with more than 120,000 people expected to visit the area during the peak period of its entertainment programme.

The fans, who will attend the tournament matches, will enjoy a series of entertainment shows that will be held around the eight stadiums that will witness the global event, as the program will include more than 6,000 shows and performances in 21 different venues . , and the list of shows includes many forms of art, especially artistic crafts, heritage, fashion, design, performing arts, music and film screening.

Al Bida Park on the Doha Corniche will host the FIFA Fan Festival, where the World Cup matches will be broadcast on big screens, with special shows and performances, cultural activities, as well as many activities and events provided by tournament sponsors, in addition to providing food – and drink kiosks.

The FIFA Fan Festival is scheduled to open on November 20 and will accommodate up to 40,000 visitors. In addition, fan zones will be held in Al Khor City, the Industrial Area and other locations to be announced later.

The most prominent tourist attractions during the tournament include the 974 Beach Club, which is located near the 974 Stadium and will offer music performances, a variety of activities and product sales outlets, targeting up to 10,000 visitors. final of the tournament will present outstanding street art performances for an audience of 50,000 people per day.

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