Qatar is the first Arab World Cup after waiting 100 years

Qatar is the first Arab World Cup after waiting 100 years – The Egyptian Time newspaper

Qatar is the first Arab World Cup
After 100 years of waiting

Written by the author Mustafa Kamal Al-Amir

I visited Qatar International Airport in 1998 and it was miserable with almost one hotel, the “Sheraton Doha” with its pyramid shape
What has been achieved after this date is a true miracle
With the construction of dozens of hotels and high-rise towers, and the provision of 150,000 hotel rooms to accommodate the World Cup fans and the players of the 32 teams participating in the World Cup after winning the organization
And the joy of Sheikha Mozah, the mother of Tamim, the current emir, with his father, Prince Hamad bin Khalifa, and the realization of his vision to transfer the oil emirate and a great sports, economic and media achieve boom through Al Jazeera news channel and then buy Al Jazeera Sports for ART Sport Saudi channels.

The dream then became a reality
The Qatar World Cup 2022 has started
In a legendary opening ceremony in the presence of the Swiss State President, Gian Infantino, FIFA, with the kings and heads of the countries participating in the World Cup #22, with the participation of 32 teams from five continents of the world
The World Cup has been specially adapted so that it will be held in winter for the first time due to the high humidity and summer heat in the Gulf
And all the championship stadiums are air-conditioned for the first time in the world’s stadiums

It hosts eight World Cup stadiums
Seven of them were built specifically for the event, which takes place once every four years, in addition to the Khalifa International Stadium
Renovated with additional training places

The very small Emirate of Qatar turned into a huge labor camp for ten years to realize his dream of organizing
The world has given up space and time
And he became like the one who left his great palace and stuffed himself in the storeroom or under the stairs
Qatar also suspended schools for a period of 6 weeks during the duration of the tournament, from 15 November to 25 December

After the establishment of the Arab World Cup 2021 in Qatar with the participation of 16 Arab teams and Algeria winning the title and Qatar taking third place in a good exercise, it confirmed Qatar’s readiness for the World Cup.
The tournament kicks off 11/20 with the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador
While the final match will be held on 12/18 on Qatar National Day #50
While the 2026 US Championship will be held on the 250th anniversary of America’s independence from Britain and Europe on July 4, 1776

The honor roll of #22 world champions is split between Europe
12 titles (4 Italy – 4 Germany – 2 France – Spain 2010 and England 1966, one title with a questionable goal
And Latin America 10 titles (five for the samba magicians of Brazil and two titles for the Argentine tango team 1978/86 and the same for Uruguay 1930/50).
Nothing for the teams from Africa and Asia, two thirds of the world’s population
In the nearly 100 years since the tournament began in 1930 in Uruguay
Will it be the biggest surprise in Qatar and the miracle that happens with an African or Asian team reaching the final and winning the title?
Or will France retain their title and win their third cup despite the exclusion of Pogba and Kante from France in the World Cup?
Or CR7 Ronaldo will be on a date with history and win the first title in his history, Portugal is the European champion
Or fortune smiles on the star Lionel Messi before his retirement and crowns the World Cup after winning the South American Cup
Or will its rival Brazil, which is full of players, and its star-studded team not be excluded from participation?
Or will the German machines return to work and win the fifth title with the absence of its continental rival, Italy, the most prominent absentee from the World Cup?
Italy, European champions 2020, after being eliminated by Macedonia

After his absence from Russia 2018, the Dutch national football team participates in the World Cup under the guidance of veteran coach Louis van Gaal with a team of young players led by Memphis Depay
They have a huge ambition to spring a surprise and win the title after reaching the final three times in 1974/78 and then in 2010, losing to Spain with Iniesta’s goal.

Tiny Qatar is geographically and historically under the command of its ally Turkey in security, military and economic terms during the FIFA World Cup
A very strange paradox that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is only 11,000 km²
While the 2026 World Cup will be held in the Americas, a vast area, a million times larger than the Qatar peninsula
Which had to resort to giant ships and floating hotels on its coast to accommodate nearly one million tourists from the national teams
With the occupancy of nearby hotels in the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain on the land, sea and air borders

(six trillion pounds) 220 billion dollars
Construction costs and organization of the tournament in Qatar
Which also put up a thousand tents for the fans to sleep in, while containers are converted into bedrooms with shared bathrooms!

With additional trips organized by FIFA between Doha and Israel, even though the occupied country did not qualify for the World Cup
The 32 teams participating in the World Cup, including four Arab teams, the first of which is the host Qatar, and coached by Spaniard Felix Sanchez
With its naturalized players from other countries, including Egyptian, Arab, African and Latino descent
Followed by Saudi Arabia and its French coach, Herve Renard, who won the African Cup twice with Zambia and Ivory Coast.
Then Tunisia and Morocco for the Arabs of Africa, who chose to rely on national coaches, Jalal Qadri for the Eagles of Carthage, and he was an assistant to Munther Al-Kabir.

Then Walid Rekraki (Wydad coach) for the Atlas Lions, after the recent dispensation of the Frenchman, Wahid Khalilovich
And makes way for the return of Hakim Ziyech, the Chelsea striker, and Mazraoui, the Ajax player, in Amsterdam
It is the same approach for the five African teams
The first of these is the Senegalese Teranga Lions and the renewal of the contract of its coach, Aliou Cissé (until 2024), who won the 2021 African Cup at the expense of Egypt and also qualified for the World Cup instead of the Pharaoh team.
But he suffered a painful blow after the absence of striker Sadio Mane (Bayern Munich player and before Liverpool) was confirmed.
Due to injury before the start of the World Cup
The Ghana national team (Black Stars) also relied on a young national coach, Otto Addo, despite his German citizenship by birth there.
The Cameroon Lions are coached by former defender Nobert Song
Who won the confidence of Samuel Eto’o, president of the Cameroon Football Association, after his disappointment and failure to win the African Cup at home
But he pulled off the surprise and qualified at the expense of Algeria with the aim of stunning the Algerians on their home soil.

BN Sports has aired a promotional video on its channels which works to attract the audience to surprise BN Sports
The video contained the phrase
“11.11 A New Beginning”
Is it simply a sport?
Or does it have political connotations?

A friendly match will be held on Friday 18/11 in Kuwait City between Egypt vs 🇪🇬 Belgium 🇧🇪 with all its stars in preparation for the Qatar World Cup 2022
Morocco plays in its sister group, along with Canada and Croatia
Egypt missed a golden opportunity to participate in the fourth World Cup (after 1934/90-2018) and to benefit from the media and public support for Egyptians living in the Arabian Gulf.
With geographic proximity and time converging, the opposite of distant America in 2026
Mohamed Salah has been denied his second World Cup participation
Perhaps he will be lucky to play in the 2026 World Cup in America
The Portuguese Carlos Quiros lost against Senegal and was eliminated from the World Cup along with Egypt
But he will compete in the 2022 World Cup as the coach of the Iranian national team in a strong group that includes America, Wales and England

Duke France, the defending champion, the 2018 world champion, participates in the World Cup, together with Karim Benzema, winner of the Franco-Algerian Golden Ball 🇩🇿 for the second time Zinedine Zidane (1988) Karim Benzema Karim Benzema (34 years old) was crowned with the Ballon de l’or award for the first time in his session #66
The fourth Frenchman to win it after Michel Platini, Papin and Zidane

Visit Rwanda 🇷🇼 A huge advertising campaign in European stadiums and clubs doubled two million tourists annually in Rwanda after the civil war in a closed country with an area of ​​26 thousand km and a population of only 13 million, whose income is less than 900 dollars per year.
Maybe in Egypt we should make a similar campaign to get a fair share of world tourism

Ironically, the wonders of geography and history
That the continent of Western Australia culture
She is currently playing in the Asian Continental Championships “Half of the world’s population.”
It even hosted the tournament and won the Asian Cup in 2015
While “Israel” (occupied Palestine)
You have been playing in all European Championships for fifty years!!!??
In a very strange and strange situation
Note that the occupied state, Israel and its clubs participate in the European Championships after the Arabs expelled them (after the 1967 war) from the Asian Confederation
In which Israel won the 1964 Asian Cup
There are currently “European” parliamentary demands to ban the participation of Israeli clubs from within the occupied territories of Palestine.
Turkey also plays in the European Championships in all competitions, despite the presence of 90% of its territory in the continent of Asia
Except for Istanbul and its suburbs
If we use the same principle and this rule, Egypt instead of Africa can now participate in the Asian championships
This is due to the presence of the Egyptian Sinai on the continent of Asia (the territory of Sinai is 61 thousand km, six times larger than the Sheikhdom of Qatar)
Note that the Egyptian captain Hassan Shehata, coach of the Egyptian national team 2006-2011
He won the Asian Player of the Year award in 1970 with Kuwait’s Kazma Club

Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Greece have presented a very strong file aiming to win and jointly organize the 2030 World Cup in a historic precedent. The organization of the World Cup football tournament in three continents, Africa, Europe and Asia
To promote peace, soccer is the world’s number one popular sport

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