Volvo Cars introduces its new all-electric EX90

On November 13, 2022 | Time 12:01 p.m

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Volvo Cars has announced the launch of its new EX90 SUV in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, and it will launch in the UAE market in 2024, in a move that marks the start of a new phase for the company in the world of electric cars with a wide range of features and services that elevate the driving experience to new levels

Volvo EX90


Volvo offers customers the ability to purchase the EX90 online or in retail showrooms, as well as outright ownership or lease options.

The car comes equipped with the Volvo smartphone app, which is a comprehensive mobile platform that offers a wide range of services and features related to the electric family car and SUV.

The app enables access to public charging stations, pays for charging, manages smart charging from home, schedules new wireless software updates, and unlocks the car without a key.

The interior of the car contains two clear displays that provide easy access to all features and provide clear information about the condition of the car. The car offers a world-class entertainment and information system and modern means of communication that seamlessly connect the car with the home. It also comes with a wide range of Google apps and built-in services, including remote car control.

Commenting on the subject, Volvo Cars CEO Jim Rowan said: “The new car represents Volvo’s vision for SUVs in an era of electric cars. It also embodies the characteristics of Volvo’s car of the future with outstanding levels in terms of safety, technology, sustainability, design and customer experiences.”

Easy to send

The Volvo EX90 is the perfect choice to enhance the sustainability of the family lifestyle as it marks the beginning of a new era for Volvo Cars. A variety of technologies and services make the vehicle charging process easier than ever before.

Volvo has ensured that the entire car charging experience is integrated within the Volvo Cars app, allowing customers to choose from hundreds of thousands of public charging points located around the world, pay for the charging process and monitor progress through an integrated and easy-to-use user interface. The customer can also check the availability of charging points through Google Maps on the central screen of the infotainment system.

The EX90 supports the delivery and charging function, which allows the driver to connect the car to the common charging socket that supports this technology and charge it automatically, in addition to completing the payment process.

Volvo is expanding the range of charging stations by adding fast charging networks to its system of connected public charging points, where Volvo electric car drivers can charge their cars with the greatest convenience, comfort and at attractive prices.

Clean energy for the home too

The Volvo Cars app is a platform for offers for household energy management, enabling customers to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, save costs and reduce their environmental impact.

Available in select markets, this feature includes a two-way wall-mounted box and energy management system, which helps the customer monitor and control home energy consumption. Volvo experts oversee the entire system installation process and ensure that it is ready when the vehicle arrives.

The EX90 can be quickly charged through the smart charging function available on the Volvo Cars app, which increases sustainability levels and lowers costs, as this energy can be used later in the energy mix during peak times, prices and low levels of sustainability.

The new car tops the list of the Swedish brand’s cars as the first to include all the necessary tools for two-way charging, a technology that allows the customer to use the car’s battery as an additional source of energy , the house and other electrical power to use. devices or to charge another Volvo electric car. The company intends to provide two-way freight from select markets in the future.

Volvo aims to enable customers to return energy to the electricity grid by selling it, to form a virtual power plant, which contributes to increasing the stability of the system and increasing its level of efficiency to the reducing carbon footprint and providing revenue for the company and customers alike.

Turn complexity into simplicity

The EX90 offers an advanced 15-inch central screen for the infotainment system, as well as an integrated 5G connectivity system that works when this network is available. Volvo works with leading service providers to deliver the best levels of service worldwide in the absence of 5G networks, enabling customers to find their desired destination, play their favorite music, install the apps they want and other features.

The new car’s interior design is based on the concept of turning complexity into simplicity and avoiding information overload. The displays in the center space in front of the driver provide clear information in an intelligent way that can be adjusted on demand. The car also includes Apple CarPlay wireless system and Android Auto.

The EX90 displays driving style very clearly on the screens, avoiding interference in driving patterns and creating a safe and enjoyable experience.

The EX90 is the first Volvo car to feature Dolby Atmos sound, backed by Powers & Wilkins’ premium surround sound system with 25 speakers distributed throughout the cabin.

The car also provides mobile door opening technology, which allows the customer to dispense with the car key and open it with their mobile device. Designed according to the Ultra Wide Band standard, the new technology supports a wide range of mobile phone brands and models, and allows the driver to share the key with family and friends when needed.

Remote control technologies allow the driver to move between the car and the home with complete freedom and comfort, as voice commands by Google provide the ability to lock the car, configure the engine or cool it down without leaving the house , in addition to knowing the percentage of battery charge.

Volvo spared no effort to make its new car an approved vehicle for a comfortable and innovative lifestyle, with the highest levels of reliability and safety, improving sustainability and enjoying a unique driving experience.

small details:

  • Technology and future features are fully explained and vehicle capabilities may vary. It is possible that not all benefits are available in all markets; It will not be standardized in all markets or all models.
  • Public charging stations are available in all major markets in the United States, European Union and China.
  • With the Digital Services subscription, the car offers location update features, the Google Assistant, and access to the App Store, data and services remotely via the Volvo Cars app. The duration of availability of these services in the vehicle may vary by market.
  • Google, Android, Google Play, Android Auto and other brands are trademarks of Google Inc.
  • The customer needs a device with Android 8 or higher, an active data plan and an Android Auto app to use the Android Auto service on the in-car display.

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