Dubai Design District celebrates the resounding success of Dubai Design Week and Downtown Design 2022

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Dubai Design District of TECOM Group hailed the great success achieved by Dubai Design Week 2022 after it concluded its activities yesterday, which lasted for six days and included many exhibitions, various creative activities and interesting dialogue sessions. The eighth edition of Dubai Design Week, the largest and most important creative festival in the region, managed to attract tens of thousands of experts, specialists and interested parties to Dubai, achieving an unprecedented increase in the number of visitors by 56% on a annual basis.

The ninth edition of Downtown Design, the region’s leading design fair, saw strong growth in visitor numbers by 50% year-on-year, attracting a group of design experts, decision-makers and aspiring buyers . reflecting the rapid progress it is witnessing.The design and creativity industries in Dubai, consolidating the emirate’s position as a global destination for design and creativity.

Dubai Design District, the strategic partner of the 8th edition of Dubai Design Week, on Tuesday 8 November launched the 2022 edition of this landmark event with the participation of 360 professional designers, including more than 200 local and international brands. Notable was the participation of more than 120 designers from within the United Arab Emirates, reflecting the development of the creative scene in the Emirate of Dubai and the UAE. Driven by the theme of this year’s Dubai Design Week, ‘Influence through Design’, exhibitions, installations, model shops, panel discussions and workshops on Design for a Sustainable Future focused on exhibitions. Dubai Design District also organized the third edition of the “Annual Regional Architecture Forum” in collaboration with Dubai Design Week, where it presented a series of engineering works aimed at creating designs that contribute to building a sustainable future , by hosting some of the brightest minds. in the field of architecture, at a regional and international level.

It is worth noting that the creative industries play an essential role in the economy of countries, as a recent study conducted by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the opportunities that the creative sector offers to economic growth to achieve and showed the scope. to which international trade in creative goods and services contributes to increasing the income of countries. According to a report issued by the Dubai Investment Development Corporation of the Department of Economy and Tourism, Dubai managed to attract 233 new investment projects within the creative economy in 2021, outperforming major cities such as New York, Singapore and Berlin , to continue its growth. and strengthen its position as a regional destination capable of attracting foreign investment and creative talents. Dubai is first in the Middle East and North Africa region in terms of foreign direct investment in the cultural and creative industries, and second in the world. In April 2021, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, launched the Dubai Creative Economy Strategy, which aims to double the contribution of the creative sector to Dubai’s GDP from 2.6% by the end of 2020 to 5% by 2025.

Commenting on the event, Khadija Al Bastaki, Vice President of the Dubai Design District of TECOM Group, said: “Thanks to the vision of our wise leadership, Dubai has succeeded in providing a competitive business environment that supports innovation that major international companies attracted and respective professional talents and competencies from around the world, including specialized ones. In the field of design and creativity, and for more than two decades, Dubai, through the business parks of TECOM Group, including Dubai Design District, has made its efforts to develop and consolidate an integrated business environment with international standards and specifications, which more than 100 000 specialists, entrepreneurs and innovators.

She added, “We are proud of the Dubai Design District for the pivotal role we play in promoting the creative economy in Dubai and the UAE, given the importance of the creative sector in increasing GDP. To date, we have succeeded in stimulating and improving the creative scene by empowering hundreds of specialized creators, providing them with a common and thriving environment for creativity, including large international and regional companies, innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs with insightful visions of the future, we also like to host innovative events and platforms such as Dubai Design Week and Arab Fashion Week, in addition to a wide range of other events that stimulate creativity, contributing to the consolidation of Dubai’s position as a leading regional and global destination for creativity and the strengthening the emirate’s position as the first creative city in the region within the “UNESCO” network of creative cities.

Topping the list of Dubai Design Week’s activities was “Downtown Design”, the region’s leading design fair, which was organized again this year at the Dubai Design District waterfront. A wealthy elite of more than 200 regional and international brands and creative designers participated in this exhibition, which included a distinguished series of interactive installations and previews of innovative collections, as well as a remarkable demand for luxury pieces for designs and interiors. This exhibition also offered an inspiring and interesting set of seminars and dialogue sessions organized within the framework of the “Forum” of the “Downtown Design Exhibition”, with the participation of a number of high-level international speakers, including the interior designer Kelly Hoppen, recipient of the Order of the British Empire, and many awards, Florence-based designer Ducio Maria Gambi, along with prominent regional experts, including Kuwaiti architect Jassim Al Sadah.

In addition to the above, d3 showcased exceptional collections by haute couture designer Stella McCartney, architecture firm OBMI and interior design studio Grounded Design. It also included an innovative installation in the form of a boxing ring, ‘Grids’ by Deepak Gangra, where interesting discussions on pressing issues such as climate change and recycling were arranged with Bokja, as well as a pavilion designed with leftover oysters signed by Space. Spice. and Design Market, organized by sustainable fashion brand FLTRD, which ran for the first time for a week and provided a great shopping experience for the best locally made products.

As for the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation, the first university specializing in design and innovation in the region, and the business incubator in5 for design, they also offered visitors distinctive experiences this week, as the Institute presented a comprehensive program organized, the largest of its kind to date, which included a student exhibition and interesting discussion sessions. In5 Design Business Incubator announced the opening of the “Atypical” store, a permanent store displaying a variety of products that designed by startups based inside the incubator.

It is noteworthy that Dubai Design District is a global creative destination focused on the design, fashion and art sectors, launched by TECOM Group in 2013 as part of its vision to build the first pioneering creative environment that brings individuals and enabling companies to grow, collaborate. and innovate. The Creative District is home to a wide variety of local, regional and international brands, designers, start-ups and creatives who are shaping the future of the design sector. Dubai Design Week aims to elevate the region’s creative and inspiring designs to the world stage, while providing opportunities for regional and international brands to reach a wide local base of stakeholders and specialists in all areas of design. As the strategic partner of this prominent event for many years, d3 contributes to the development and success of Dubai Design Week and significantly expands its scope, to include a larger pool of local and regional talent and take it to new global heights .


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