Adventures for families in Qatar: Tourist programs for World Cup visitors

Tourists and the public are on a date to discover new horizons in Qatar (AFP)

All eyes are on Qatar at this time, with the start of the 2022 World Cup, and millions of tourists and viewers are on a date to discover new horizons.

A trip to Qatar can be more than discovering a Gulf country, but rather an adventure for the whole family, including children.

entertainment programs

Although the World Cup is mainly aimed at young people and fans of magical football, this does not mean that children will be prisoners to sit in hotels or watch matches with their parents, but there are great activities for families waiting for the whole family .

There are plenty of family activities waiting for the whole family (Getty)

The tourism programs that the country will witness will be really entertaining for young children of all ages, in addition to traditional entertainment places, such as amusement parks and public parks, and the Qatari authorities have allocated tourism programs for children.

For an unforgettable experience. Here are the best things to do in Qatar between World Cup matches.


Safari trips, in general, have always been characterized by their youthful nature, climbing to the top of the sand dunes, or spending a night to the tunes of traditional music, but there are other programs for children, where they can visit the desert. with their parents, and enjoy entertaining activities, as children can participate in sports in the desert, such as learning to ride electric bicycles, and other activities, in addition to the surprises that will be offered to the children.

Children can visit the desert with their parents (AFP)

Sealine Beach near the city of Mesaieed, which combined the beauty of the desert and water, is considered one of the most beautiful places to visit in Qatar, and to undertake safari trips, as it is a rich oasis in the middle of is the desert, so that children and families can enjoy the calmness of the blue waters and the splendor of sand dunes, and for sea and desert sports enthusiasts. It is the perfect place as the scenery is not only for taking great photos but also an ideal location for many exciting activities. Like challenging friends to sand down the sand dunes, and many other activities.

amusement parks

The leisure parks for children are different. In every shopping center there should be a play area equipped with the most beautiful and best games in the area, in addition of course to the free parks along the Corniche, where they can practice different sports. , and get involved in sports and artistic activities held daily, which can take a character More entertainment with the start of the World Cup matches. However, there are places that children visiting Qatar for the first time cannot miss.

The jungle is one of the most important parks in the Gulf region because it has many wonderful recreational activities, and the interior design is also impressive enough to attract visitors. Animated animals, trees and other jungle elements have been added to make it an experience for everyone.

A variety of leisure parks for children (AFP)

In addition, one of the most entertaining and attractive places is also the Museum of Illusions, where parents and children can spend a day, from the vortex tunnel, to the rotating room, searching for lost objects and other wonderful activities.

Qatari heritage

It is wonderful when visiting Qatar, that especially children immerse themselves in the Qatari heritage, and discover different horizons about the cultures of their countries. So, it is great to take the time to visit the Museum of Islamic Art. It is a new beacon for the introduction of different forms of art, and to get to know the Islamic civilization. It is located on an island near the port of Doha.

The Museum of Islamic Art collects artifacts and examples of Muslim life from nearly three continents over a period of 1,400 years.

In addition, within the framework of heritage sites and activities, children can try camel riding, which is one of the biggest sports in the Middle East, north of Doha.

Kids can try camel riding (Getty)

This activity attracts enthusiastic crowds of citizens, tourists and VIPs. Competitions are also held in this field, where participants seek expensive prizes, including the golden sword. Children will especially love being in the stands for these races, or experiencing camel riding.

Cultural tours

A visit to the Qatar National Library is one of the most popular trips that attracts adults and children, as there are sections dedicated to children and teenagers, not only to read and read, but also to attend workshops on how to tell and write stories, as well as workshops on painting, sculpture and others.

Qatar National Library has more than a million books in its collections (Getty)

The library, which opened in 2018, is one of the largest high-tech libraries in the world. In addition to full-text electronic resources, the Qatar National Library has more than one million books in its collections, along with more than 500,000 e-books, magazines, newspapers and special collections.

Visitors and tourists can also participate in free distance education courses to become more involved in the diverse cultures that the curators want to present.

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