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Demons that came from the bottom of Hell danced before my eyes. My wife, the guard Yara, summoned them. After a pause of shouting and crying, I ended it with a solo of crying, a great fit of anger that prompted me to leave my night shift in the hospital in which my night apologies were repeated, and my situation despite Out the novelty of my covenant with them and my zeal, became critical.

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I don’t really know the secret of this dangerous change in my wife’s personality, maybe it’s alienation. One month ago our little family landed in the land of the Haram – Mecca – and is there any alienation next to the Holy Mosque? This is how I always blame my wife, or was it birth, that dream that eluded us for three years, before God blessed us, a little before travel, with a cow that lightened the darkness of our lives, that whatever the reasons were and no matter how serious they were, Yara has no right to create so many problems and justify them with these nonsense and hallucinations.

Surah Al-Jinn

The scarcity of taxis at this time gave ample opportunity for these thoughts to fuel my anger, and then came to an abrupt halt when a taxi stopped in front of me, so I asked the driver:
– Loyalty Mosque, please?
= I’m welcome, okay.
– God bless you soon.
= sermon.

The Holy Quran echoed in the car with these verses:
And when we heard the guidance, we believed in it, therefore he who believes in his Lord does not fear humiliation or envy (13)
The manager lowered his voice and said to me:
= Do you know, oh good, what is the relationship between the verses of this Surah Al-Jin and the Mosque of Faithfulness?
– no i swear
= The Mosque of Allegiance or as we call it in Mecca the Jinn Mosque, it is the place where the Holy Prophet pledged allegiance to a group of Jinns to Islam, and in it the verses were revealed.

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Here the world around me suddenly darkened, as if I were in a cinema hall, and the screen in front of me lit up to show the scenes I had always tried to deny, as if I were watching a horror movie for the first time, so I seen my previous arguments with Yara.
Ah, Ahmed, there is something strange about this house.
= What, Yara?
– I was in the bathroom taking a shower, and Mustafa left him, and after a while he started to cry, I quickly tried to get rid of him and get him to shut him up, after a few seconds I found him quiet , I was worried more, I came out quickly and found the tina in his house and workers were playing, the problem is that I am sure that I go to the tina in the kitchen. After I washed it.

Another scene appeared:
– It is useless to continue in this house, we saw another time.
= Why only?
– Today I slept with Mustafa after you went out, and he left the bedroom door open and the lights of the hall and the kitchen were shining, and when I woke up I found the door locked, I said maybe he could come after me, who opens it?

Then another scene:
– What, you must hear me and walk away from here now.
= There is no power or strength except with God, what happened again?
– In the morning I took Mustafa out of his bed after he woke up, and there was a bottle and a fig next to him and in my hands the mobile phone, I said to take Mustafa outside, and go back to the bottle and the figina to know what to do.

Those scenes passed quickly before the taxi reached me in front of the house next to the mosque of the jinn, and I folded the stairs from under me until I entered the apartment, and I found Yara hugging Mustafa tightly and in the middle of the Fast, and I ask her what happened, and she says, pointing to one of the corners of the hall:
– Look over there in the corner.
= huh? what happened?
– Do you see this bride?
= huh? First time I see her.
– Yes, I’m also sure it was the first time I saw her. I was in the kitchen preparing the food, and I went out and found Mustafa playing with it and I didn’t know where to go. I grabbed her by the hand and found her eye cut out and blood stained as you can see, we have to walk away from the house this time.

the hotel

She calmed down and took that doll, and despite the strangeness of the situation, I tried to find a logical solution to what happened, but I did not succeed, but I promised her that tomorrow in a new residence will sleep, regardless of the cost, so I entered her and Mustafa in the bedroom and illuminated them with the light, to reassure her heart, and I went out and the thoughts and scenes still stormed With my mind I decided to light all the rooms of the apartment to reassure. Yara, and as I tried to light the guest bedroom at the end of the hall, my joints became stiff, my feet were nailed, and the hair all over my body stood up like soldiers ready for war.

In the complete darkness of the room there were two big eyes shining a blue light that I have never seen or loved in my life. I just need and I will let the hospital workers gather all our things in the morning, we leave to once to the nearest hotel, and she responded immediately and did not ask me for a reason.

A few minutes later we were in front of the receptionist in a hotel and asked him for a room. He told me:
Smoker or non-smoker, regret?
I was taken aback by his question when he saw my wife with a baby on her arm, and despite that I answered him and my patience ran out:
= Not a smoker of course.
How many nights will you stay with us?
= Two nights initially.
– Okay, okay, I booked you a room for one person, non-smoking, for two nights, it was a pleasure, good sir.
= One person, how is your uncle? Don’t you see my wife and my son?
– Ok, who are you talking about? are you alone Do you mean they are after you?

Here the bitter truth that I had tried to forget for months became clear to me. My journey and escape from Egypt was nothing but an escape from the loss of my beloved wife Yara, who died and the child during her birth, and their shadows still haunt me to this day.

Stories before death

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