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15 November 2022, 07:00

An Argentinian journalist watches the atmosphere in Flag Square

Mohamed Kasabi

With the countdown approaching zero, the date for giving the Qatar World Cup signal on the evening of November 20 from Al Bayt Stadium, Al Sharq continues to monitor for its valued readers the most extraordinary World Cup news, behind- the scenes and stories of the World Cup being held on Arab soil for the first time, especially with the continued arrival of team delegations. , and the increase in public enthusiasm, which will culminate in the arrival of football fans from all parts of the world to closely witness the world’s wedding in Doha. Let’s live the fun of the World Cup together.

Big solidarity with Harith

Moroccan international striker Amin Harith has received a strong solidarity from world football fans following the serious injury he suffered with his club Olympique Marseille against Monaco just a week before traveling to Qatar to compete in the World Cup where was the official account of the FIFA World Cup. Qatar 2022 published a photo of Amin Harith. With the Atlas Lions, and commented on it by saying: The whole world of football is with you, Amin. a speedy recovery.

And French club Olympique Marseille announced that the Moroccan star has torn the cruciate ligament, thus his official absence from the 2022 World Cup.

Teranga Lions promote their culture in the World Cup in Qatar

The Senegalese team attracted attention on Monday morning, with their arrival at the Hamad International Airport in Doha to participate in the 2022 World Cup. The World Cup competition in Qatar will be an opportunity for the convergence of different world cultures, and the capital of sports will be a foundation to define the identity of peoples and bring them together, regardless of the difference, and this is the highest goal of football and sport in general, away from all forms of discrimination and verbal and physical violence.

The Williams family is split between Spain and Ghana

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will see the participation of the two brothers with two different teams, and it is related to Williams players who are active in the ranks of the Spanish club Atlético Bilbao, where the older brother, Inaki Williams, who is active in the position of the heart of the attack, will represent the colors of the national team of Ghana, which he joined only months ago, while he will defend. , after his remarkable appearance this season with the Basque club, and it is certain that the Williams family will be divided in the World Cup in Qatar between the encouragement of her eldest son Inaki, who defends the land of his ancestors, the mother of the youngest Williams, who will play for the country of his birth, Spain.

The announcement of the Uruguayan list is beyond imagination

At a time when the federations of national teams participating in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar have chosen to announce the final lists involved in participating in the World Cup in a regular way by only announcing the names of the to publish players, the Uruguayan Football Association has a different opinion, as the Federation designed a small video beyond imagination in which it was revealed The names of the 26 players participating in the World Cup, where coach Diego Alonso the Uruguay card hold and point his finger at the name of the city each player belongs to, then a person from that region lifts up a shirt with the name of the player who will represent the team, in a video that has gone viral on social networking sites. It has been highly praised by the world mass because of the great idea that the World Cup is not just a football tournament and only for the nations.

Unprecedented media coverage

The Qatar World Cup 2022 will be exceptional and the best in history, not only in terms of the aesthetics of the eight stadiums or the infrastructure that Qatar has prepared to host its guests, but even in terms of the huge media coverage that the Arab World Cup will witness, as we encountered during a exploratory tour we took in the streets of Doha, the presence of a significant number of foreign TV channels, Argentine, Brazilian, French, English, Mexican, Venezuelan, Tunisian, Moroccan , Algerian and others , whose journalists arrived in the World Cup more than a week before the start of the event, specifically to monitor the World Cup atmosphere in Qatar and convey it to all people around the world, and it is certain that the number of professional media in Qatar will reach completely unprecedented numbers, especially in light of the great capabilities that the Supreme Committee for Legacy and Projects has exerted has for professional media to facilitate their tasks, led by the media center of the organized country in Msheireb, and the official media center at the Conference Palace.

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An Argentinian journalist watches the atmosphere in Flag Square

The trip competes with the World Cup shirts

Popular markets in Qatar and points of sale for the shirts and banners of the teams participating in the 2022 World Cup have witnessed unusual movement in recent days, with the start of the tournament approaching and the number of supporters in Qatar increasing . The official ball of the 2022 World Cup, the travel, competes strongly with the shirts of the participating teams, and the demand for its purchase is very high, according to the testimony of one of the sellers, who told us: “The fans buy a lot of the World Cup ball and the demand for it is increasing, everyone wants to get it as a souvenir for the 2022 World Cup.” He added that the shirts of the Latin teams such as Argentina, Brazil and Mexico are the most popular in recent days compared to the rest of the teams.

Rummenigge is lame in the final

Among the historical stories of the World Cup, which happened in the 1982 edition of Spain, in which two strikers came to the fore. It is about the Italian Pazzolo Rossi and the German Rummenigge, who held the title of the goal of the shared session. with 5 goals each before the final, German legend Rummenigge suffered a major injury before the game. The final, but he insisted on participating and introduced his famous phrase: If you have the opportunity to participate in the World Cup final, you must take advantage of it, even if you are one man.

Rummenigge’s insistence on playing in the final prompted the German coach to throw him into the starting role at the time, but his level in the game was not great and he kept walking, as the Italian scored his sixth goal, leading became the tournament’s top scorer. and awarded the third World Cup title to Italy at the time.

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