International cooperation to implement a media plan to raise awareness of the dangers of illegal immigration

The Ministry of Manpower has announced an “international coordination” to start implementing a media plan and to benefit from the experts of the social partners, and from the mechanisms and departments of the ministry to raise awareness of the dangers of illegal immigration increased, provided that this “campaign” extends from the inside out, with the aim of formulating and implementing the framework of that campaign on It must include “vision, mission, objectives, audiences and partnerships”, the preparation of a strategy based on the analysis of the target audience, ways to reach it, defining the rights of job seekers and current workers abroad, providing awareness of rights and duties, ways to obtain employment opportunities abroad, and submitting complaints and reports in the event of The occurrence of any abuse or fraud.

A press release said today, Wednesday, that the Ministry of Manpower held a coordination meeting with the “Strengthening Immigration Management Through Institutional Support” project, which is implemented by the Ministry in cooperation with the National Coordinating Committee for Combating and Preventing Illegal Immigration and Human Trafficking, and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID), which It includes the implementation of a number of activities related to the work areas of the ministry and the fight against illegal immigration of young people, the development of cooperation mechanisms, and the development of an action plan to implement the objectives of the project.


The representatives of the project from the Spanish side explained the importance of the media campaign that will achieve these goals, and are working on the formulation and implementation of a campaign framework with the aim of raising awareness about how to look for work abroad and to ensure in an appropriate and ethical manner to ensure the legality of residence and work in other countries, as well as awareness of national legislation and ways to protect job seekers Work and current workers within Egypt, within the framework of an informational, positive , persuasive and influential message that reflects the positive changes resulting from alternative solutions.

At the beginning of the meeting, Amal Abdel Mawgoud, head of the Central Department of Foreign Relations, welcomed the participants and confirmed the ministry’s readiness to cooperate with the authorities involved in Egyptian labor matters at home and abroad, and exchange experiences to achieve best practices. in the area of ​​immigration management.

The official spokesman and media adviser of the ministry, Abdel-Wahhab Khader, pointed to the Ministry of Manpower’s diligence in the recent period to spread awareness and provide real information, and to have credibility in the implementation of the directives of the Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata, and to emphasize the citizen’s awareness and scientific qualification for the internal and external labor market. The Ministry’s Information Department is also responsible for the exchange of experiences, cooperation and coordination with the “project” on ‘ a larger scale during the coming period, and the preparation of reports and data about this project, its nature and its importance for young people.


The media consultant added that the ministry has many media mechanisms in all Egyptian media offices to alert and warn citizens about all suspicious actions and the dangers they face of being led by fake pages or advertisements published by them, and that follow up and monitor all these. rumors in real time and denies them on his official pages on various social media. Within the framework of a plan to educate and warn and take legal measures against this, and that the Ministry has a number of mechanisms to work inside and outside the project, including labor offices in Arab and foreign countries, and continuous communication with all visual, audio and print media, and there is a specialized magazine attached to the Ministry called The “Labor Magazine” has been established since 1963. A new media plan has been developed in which it highlights the most important labor issues on the local, Arab and international arena out. A daily website has been designed for it in Arabic and English. It will be launched soon, and will go a long way in spreading awareness of the project’s goals.

Rasha Abdel Baset, Director General of the General Department of International and Regional Affairs, pointed out the importance of the project “Strengthening Migration Management through Institutional Support”, pointing to the background of this cooperation by holding a series of coordination meetings to ‘ to develop a future action plan, target groups and participating parties between the working teams of the Ministry and the Coordinating Committee for Combating Non-migration Legitimacy to achieve the goals of the project, including strengthening the capacities of national authorities and the exchange of experiences to achieve best practices in the field of migration management, achieving stability, and addressing the root causes of illegal migration and displaced people in Africa, through the following determinants: Improving knowledge related to migration and data management in the field of management , with special attention to data. employability, strengthening political, legislative, institutional and regulatory frameworks in the field of migration management, and raising awareness of the risks of illegal and irregular migration and alternative opportunities.

The meeting was attended by the ministry: Amal Abdel-Mawgoud, head of the central department of foreign relations at the ministry, Abdel-Wahhab Khader, media advisor and official spokesperson of the ministry, Rasha Abdel-Basit, director general of the general department of International and Regional Affairs at the Ministry, Mohamed Abdel-Fattah, Media Coordinator at the Ministry of Manpower, and Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, member of the office. The media officer of the ministry, Shaima Youssef, a member of the media office of the ministry, and Mustafa Salah Mustafa, project coordinator at the External Representation Department.

On the “project” side: Dr. Khaled El-Nagadi, member of the Technical Secretariat and Director of the Unit for Capacity Building and Training Grants at the National Coordinating Committee for Combating and Preventing Illegal Immigration and Human Trafficking, Theodora Diamnopoulos, Blanca Raymond, and Monica Gonzales, Project Manager at the Spanish Cooperation Office in Cairo.

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