Michael Bloomberg to Al-Sharq: What Saudi women achieved in two years took a century in America

Overnight developments Saudi Arabia regarding rights womanIt took 100 years to be achieved in America, Bloomberg founder Michael Bloomberg told Al-Sharq.

The American billionaire, and the United Nations Special Envoy for Climate Aspirations and Solutions, in an interview with the media, Alaa Judy, on the sidelines of the Bloomberg New Economy Conference held in Singapore, noted that “the Kingdom has seen remarkable changes during the last two years, especially with regard to women, which have taken almost a century of effort to achieve.” Time in the United States.. it’s a fact.. it happened overnight in Saudi Arabia.

The US-Saudi relationship

Regarding the recent turbulent relationship between his country and the Kingdom, Bloomberg opined that “the existence of tension between any two countries is normal. Saudi Arabia is still an ally of America, and we need it to bring stability in the Middle East. region is an old ally of the United States, just as we are a strong ally of a large number of its countries.” .

The relationship between the two countries has recently witnessed tension, especially after the US administration accused Saudi Arabia of playing a role in the reduction of the “OPEC +” alliance, which also includes Russia, in oil production by two million barrels, to keep crude oil prices high These accusations were refuted by the Kingdom and the “OPEC” countries, stressing that the decision is purely technical and aimed at stabilizing the market.

Bloomberg praised the steps achieved in terms of “stability, cooperation and trade exchange between Israel and the Arab countries … which was lacking, as there were great differences, even among the Arab countries, but they are much less during this period if they It is likely that the region is moving in the right direction. It is a healthy situation for the Arab countries, for Israel and for everyone.”

Early last year, an agreement was signed in the Saudi city of Al-Ula that ended the dispute between the Kingdom, the Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt on the one hand and Qatar on the other. This was preceded in mid-September 2020 by the Abraham Agreement between the UAE and Bahrain on the one hand, and Israel. While the Vienna negotiations related to the Iran nuclear deal continue to ebb and flow.

However, the veteran politician and media figure believes the problem is “the existence of countries that are still outcasts outside the scope of agreement and cooperation in the region, or deliberately trying to harm others. We have to find a way to overcome this to help countries. change their governments, and for them to start working together for their interests and the interests of others.”

growth in the region

The founder of Bloomberg Agency pointed out that his company’s business in the Middle East countries “continues to grow, and this is evidenced by the growing Bloomberg news platforms, and the growing number of people we interview from this part of the world feeds These two things represent a measure of the growth of the size of our business in the region.

About three years ago, Bloomberg signed a partnership agreement with the Saudi Research and Media Company, related to the content of the “Al Sharq” channel, which was launched on 11/11/2020.

Climate challenge

“Everyone must act to confront climate change, or we will all perish,” according to Michael Bloomberg. He stressed that “all countries must participate in climate efforts, because if one or two countries do not participate, everyone will suffer.” Conversely, if a country takes a good climate step, the whole world benefits.”

He praised the steps taken by America, “where greenhouse gas rates have stabilized, while they are still rising in India and China, and therefore the difference in this framework is increasing over time. However, we are still at a high level of emissions. We cannot say that we are doing well, but rather our performance is less bad than the others.” Point out that the United States and European countries have closed about 70% and 50% of coal-fired facilities, respectively.

The Egyptian city of Sharm El-Sheikh is currently witnessing the United Nations climate summit “COP 27” to discuss the most important steps needed to face climate challenges and reduce carbon emissions. The second edition of the “Green Middle East” initiative was held during which Saudi Arabia provided $2.5 billion to activate the initiative. Among the most controversial issues at the summit is the damage caused by the large industrial countries and the compensation that must be paid by them to the poor countries in order to meet the climate goals.

Dangerous technology

The former candidate for the presidency of the United States commented on the meeting of US Presidents Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping, saying that “it is good that they met, as it is better for people to talk rather than to fight. It is worth noting. that the meeting lasted 3 hours, and it cannot lead to a meeting of this expensive negative results.”

The relationship between the two largest economies in the world experienced increasing tension in early August with the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the island of Taiwan.

Bloomberg continued: “When dialogue stops, differences occur, especially in this world where things can develop in a more dangerous way at any time because of technology.. Technology is a useful thing and has many benefits, but it also makes the world more dangerous, and this requires better leadership from all countries.” solve, or at least mitigate, their problems.

He stressed, “Neither side can tolerate the explosion of conditions in the world. Both America and China have a large volume of investments in the other’s market, and they exchange a large amount of business.. and we will continue to to do so in an environment based on coexistence.”

Although he does not consider himself authorized to give investment advice, Michael Bloomberg directed a series of opinions on money management through “Al Sharq” and said: “Predicting the future is very difficult … Speculating people with their money is a wrong act Although a slow and careful investment will prevent you from becoming a billionaire, but at the same time it protects you from bankruptcy.

He concluded that he is not thinking about retiring. “I have dreams that I am still working on, such as learning Spanish and playing golf.

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