The Egyptian Russian University receives a delegation of Kuwaiti plastic artists…with names

I wrote / Reem Raafat

Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdel Nabi, president of the Egyptian Russian University, announced that the university campus received a number of members of the Plastic Artists Syndicate in the sister state of Kuwait, led by Professor Ali Al-Awad, head of the plastic arts. sector in the Syndicate of Artists and Media; In order to participate in the celebration of the inauguration of the “Fine Arts and Applied Arts” colleges for the current academic year (2022-2023) he indicated that the Kuwaiti delegation was received with the support of dr. Muhammad Kamal Mustafa, Chairman. of the University’s Board of Trustees.
The president of the Egyptian Russian University added that the program of the Kuwaiti delegation’s visit to the university campus included a visit to: “The Museum of the Faculty of Applied Arts, the studio of the Faculty of Fine Arts, the laboratories, workshops and studios of the two faculties, a free tour to see the university’s facilities, and the taking of some commemorative photos At the end of the visit, he The members of the delegation participated in the planting of the “art tree” at the university as a symbol of love. friendship, development and continuous growth.. and adds that one of the objectives of this visit is to strengthen the links between the faculty members of the art faculties at the university and the plastic artists in the State of Kuwait; To exchange experiences and increase joint cooperation.
In the same context, Dr. Safia El-Kabbani, advisor to the president of the Egyptian-Russian University of Visual Arts, confirms that the university’s administration aims to prepare distinguished graduates and researchers from the faculties of “Fine Arts and Applied Arts”. who are able to develop their creative and technological skills and provide specialized technical services and consultations that meet the needs of the market Work: “local, regional and international” by the departments of the two faculties to keep up to date of labor market developments and multiple, diverse and advanced educational programs Note that art in all its colors and types reflects the culture, civilizations and history of people, as well as images of nature, beauty and the environment of any country, which is the soft power in increasing ties between countries, and this is what the university’s policy aims for, according to the state’s vision in its plan (2030).
Dr. Mohamed Orabi, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Egyptian Russian University, for his part explained during the delegation’s visit that the faculty grants a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the following distinguished disciplines:
1- Digital Media Art Department, in the following areas:
• Animation.
• Digital game and entertainment design.
• Motion design.
2- Environmental Design “Environmental Design Department” in the following areas:
• Architecture & Landscape Design.
• Interior Architecture & Furnishings.
3- The Visual Arts Department, in the following areas:
• Paint & Mixed Media.
• Sculpture & Installation in the Void.
• Artistic edition “Printmaking”.
• Photography.
4- Toy & Model Games Design.
5- Visual Communication Arts Department, in the following areas:
Advertisement Design.
Graphic design.
• Illustrations.
On the same subject, Dr. Ezz El-Din Abdel-Aziz, dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts at the Egyptian Russian University, indicated that the study in the faculty is five years with the credit hour system, of which the first year is “preparatory” and the four years for specializations in scientific departments The faculty includes (7) scientific departments, namely: – “Interior design and furniture, printing and packaging, fashion and clothing, photography, film and television, industrial design, and textile engineering.” In addition, other sections will be added in the next phase: “Advertising, iron and metal construction, metal products and jewellery, ceramics, painting, finishing and textile printing, Sculpture and architectural formation.
Dr. Sherif Fakhry Muhammad Abdel Nabi, President of the University, honored during the activities of the visit of the Kuwaiti delegation: “Dr. Nabil Al-Failakawi, Captain of the Artists and Media Syndicate in Kuwait, Professor Ali Al-Awad, Head of the Plastic Arts Sector in the Artists and Media Syndicate in Kuwait, Dr. Abeer Al-Kandari, Member of the Fine Arts Sector in Kuwait, Professor Dalal Malak Member of the Fine Arts Sector in Kuwait, Professor Fahd Al-Najjar is a member of the Fine Arts Sector in Kuwait.
Among the plastic artists in the sister state of Kuwait were: “Noura Al-Marri, Awatif Kakouli, and Ibtisam Matar.” Members of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Plastic Artists Syndicate attended: “Dr. Mervat Al-Swaify, Treasurer, Dr. Hanan Samir, Eng. Medhat Ahmed, Eng. Mustafa Ghoneim, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Karim, Dr. Wael Farouk, dr. Tariq Abdel Aziz, and a large number of deans of the university’s faculties and faculty members.

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