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Detroit – “Yemeni American” – Omar Thabet:

This month’s rising sports star (November) is student Cameron Coleman, from University Prep Art & Design High School, as selected by (Yemeni-American) newspaper and (Oz Media).

Cameron is a freshman at U-Prep, currently has a 3.0 grade point average, is also a cyclist, and is currently the Omnium National Champion for 13 and 14 year olds, Madison National Champion, and the 500 meter record holder.

It’s safe to say Cameron takes care of business on and off the court!

Most of Cameron’s races are held at the Lexus Velodrome in Detroit.

Lexus lane

If you’ve ever driven Interstate 75 South into downtown Detroit, and wondered: «What is that big white dome with the Lexus logo on it?» Just know that you are not alone.

I always thought it was a driving range for golfers. According to Samantha Thomas, Cameron Coleman’s mother, at first they thought it was an indoor soccer field.

Samantha said (jokingly): «When I brought Cameron to the playground, we thought he was going to play soccer», «We didn’t know it was a bike lane until we got there».

The Lexus cycling track is a professional track that hosts several major cycling competitions.

There is pleasant seating in the middle of the track for spectators, the atmosphere is light on weekends, and can get intense once the racers start competing.

John Hughes, Elite Junior National/Cycling coach, said runners typically compete about 15-20 times a month.

I have (Oz Media) and (Yemeni-American) newspaper, Friday November 11; Because Cameron was competing to be the record holder in the 500m.. Up to 40 competitors could compete, and despite this event Cameron raced on his own.

The previous 500 meter record for the men’s 13- to 14-year-old group was 35.318 seconds.

As Cameron lined up for the race, you could see one goal in his eyes: to make history.

The crowd cheered Cameron as he walked around the court. As soon as he crossed the finish line, everyone was waiting for the results.

“34,690!” shouted the announcer, as the crowd shouted and cheered for Cameron…he just made history, and he is now the world record holder in the 500m!

Cameron Coleman prepares for his next race. He is the current 13- to 14-year-old National Cycling Champion.

student athlete

Lexus Track is where Cameron met Coach Hughes. When we asked Coach Hughes what makes Cameron such a great cyclist, he said: «Cameron is very strong and has really built up his ability to get a good jump, very good acceleration..he started learning a lot about cycling 3 years ago..I would say after a year and a half in that I knew did Cameron have some natural talents.. Since then he trained hard, and became stronger».

So we asked his mother, Samantha Thomas, what made Cameron start cycling? She said: «He always liked to ride bikes in the neighborhood, so once his friends brought him there, to the bike racing arena, and that’s when he fell in love with the sport, he hasn’t left it since.».

What struck us most about Cameron was his confidence and leadership skills, even as a freshman.

We asked him what made him such a great leader on and off the court? Cameron said: «I feel like a good leader off the track because I stay positive.. Not only do I think about myself but I also help people in my community who want to learn how to ride a bike.. I am a good leader on the track; Because when I ride with my teammates, I teach them what I know about how to go fast, and what gears to use based on their strengths and what they lack».

Coach Hughes later added that he thought Cameron was a great leader because he «He has a great personality.. Cameron likes to joke around but when it’s time to go to work he does whatever is asked of him.. He never complains about a thing».

Cameron Coleman celebrates breaking the national cycling record for athletes under the age of 17.

Cameron’s future

Cameron plans to attend college after high school, and hopes to get a full scholarship for cycling.. He doesn’t have his eyes set on a specific school.. He just wants to get into a college that gives him the best chance will care show his skills.

When we asked Cameron: What is your ultimate goal as a cyclist? He said: «I pray to God that one day I will be able to attend the Olympics, and to make Detroit proud».

The Yemeni American Newspaper and Oz Media congratulate Cameron Coleman; To be the Student Athlete of the Month for November.

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