Nasser bin Khalifa Al-Attiyah: A big surprise at the opening ceremony of the World Cup



Nasser bin Khalifa Al-Attiyah: A big surprise at the opening ceremony of the World Cup

18 November 2022, 09:21

Muhammad Ali Al-Muhannadi

Nasser bin Khalifa Al-Attiyah is a successful and seasoned leader. He was one of the decision makers in the International Automobile and Motorcycle Federations. He held the position of former Vice-President of the International Automobile and Motorcycle Federation for many years. In his he was a player for Al-Sadd club and the Qatari youth team, and a former member of the Qatar Football Association. And the director of the national team of Qatar, which took second place in the Arab Cup hosted by Qatar, and an expert in sports and has an insight into sports, and was selected by Al-Saqr magazine in 2004 as the best sports personality And that was the meeting.

With leadership support, we have achieved global hosting

With the support of our wise leadership, we have achieved what we desired and strived for, after it was a dream of every Qatari and Arab that one of the Arab countries host the FIFA World Cup finals, where the great countries fight for the glory. of hosting the world because the spotlight shines on the host country before the start of the World Cup. It was the idea of ​​His Highness the Father Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, and he asked those responsible for sports about how to achieve this dream. And the few in terms of its population and the big in its actions and the determination of its loyal and loyal men compete with major world countries and countries that have a great influence on those who compete with them and are supported by the FIFA Executive Committee. On the file, the state of Qatar won the right to host and organize the 2022 World Cup finals, amid the surprise of major powers hoping to host. She was sure of hosting because she was supported, but the strength of the Qatar file, the diplomacy of officials in Qatar, and the wisdom of the wise leadership Qatar has achieved what was a dream, a reality, and His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country, completed the procession and gave all his attention with the members of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, to work to meet the requirements of the International Federation, and the spinning wheel worked day and night in order to complete the infrastructure of the entire country, and to start the work of building large international stadiums inspired by the Qatari environment, despite the organized and systematic fierce campaigns and the reduction of the completion of stadiums on time and other matters that caused confusion, but the loyal and loyal sons of Qatar did not heed these rumors and carried out their plans with enthusiasm, strength, firmness and sincerity implemented to the homeland despite the blockade and the Corona pandemic, but the support of the wise leadership and the wisdom of the leader, His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, may God protect him, and the Qatari people stand ​​with him and support him for To highlight the revival of Qatar, and with the grace of God, it put the name of Qatar on the world map, and Qatar became the home country of the World Cup, known in all parts of the world, and praise God, everything ended in record time and it has Qatar is ready to welcome the masses and embrace the World Cup number 22, and now, a few days before the opening of the World Cup, we see what happens in Doha in terms of joys, celebrations and the reception of international fans and teams, and Doha has become the capital of world sports.

Many gains were made in organizing the World Cup

To be honest, and with the support of the wise leadership, His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country, Qatar has enjoyed many and many benefits, including the completion of the infrastructure, the construction of a wide network of roads, bridges, tunnels and bridges, as well as changing the sewage network in all regions of Qatar. There are many gardens with their facilities all over Qatar, and Qatar has now become very green, beautiful and clear, and we do not forget that an air-conditioned walkway was made for walking enthusiasts, especially in the summer, and the great boom that took place in the urban renaissance and the construction of hotels, residential complexes, many markets and shopping centers, and a wider opening An Entertainment City in the Lusail area, and the Lusail Trail. New hospitals were also built, the latest of which was the opening of the (Aisha Bint Hamad Al-Attiyah) Hospital, which will serve the future for generations to come. Hamad International Airport was also established and expanded, and a tropical garden was created inside the airport, which won many awards, and a port was opened Sheikh Hamad, which is located in the south of Qatar, and the construction of (7 ) beautiful stadiums with affiliated facilities that serve citizens, especially walkers, athletes and children, in addition to modifications and additions and the requirements of the International Federation in stadiums. Dr Khalifa International.

Stray attacks will not intimidate us!

As for the stray attacks and the fierce and systematic campaigns, they will not intimidate or intimidate us, and we know who is behind them and who are the mercenaries, mercenaries, corrupt organizations and their downfall, and who supports them. Blatter) who involves politics in sports and showed the secret agreement of the FIFA executive management during the vote is nothing but an attack on integrity and transparency and reflects racism, hatred, hatred and discrimination between countries, and the hidden appeared and they are among the haters and envious. people that the State of Qatar will not organize the World Cup and to discourage the determination of the people of Qatar, and these fierce campaigns. This has increased our determination, solidity and strength, and it is proof of our success, strength and commitment in completing the demands of the World Cup, and now Qatar is fully prepared to receive the fans and the participating teams, and Qatar works for everything according to its account and always fulfills its promises and always works for the benefit of the Arabs, as His Highness the Emir, may God protect him, said in his speech at the inauguration of Khalifa Stadium (it is the Arab World Cup).

Qatar behind the introduction of the Arabic language

Qatar has always been the first to support the Arabs, because this World Cup is (for the Arabs), as His Highness the Emir of the country said, and for this reason the Arabic language is determined to be one of the official languages ​​to be approved by FIFA, the International Federation of Football Associations, especially after its success in organizing the Arab Cup Championship with a non-professional organization. Unprecedented, and FIFA President Gianni Infantino spoke in Arabic at the opening of the tournament at the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, and this is one of the advantages of Qatar’s organization of the World Cup.

Qatar accepted the challenges despite the knock below the belt!

Qatar, with the help of its loyal sons, has proved loyal to the home country of the World Cup, working day and night to complete the required work despite the malicious campaigns and the beating below the belt, and we must thank , giving appreciation and gratitude to those who sacrificed their health and time to raise the flag of Qatar high and flying, and we, praise be to God, have surpassed ourselves And we have become a country that is envied by many parties, just as I do not forget the great role played by His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, who has wisdom and wise diplomacy, who clarified and refuted the world and refuted malicious rumors, so he was the best example for Qatari officials who defend Qatar as a home country World Cup.

Arab participation I hope successful

The participation of four Arab teams, namely Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Morocco, in the first World Cup organized by an Arab country, will have a positive impact and will receive great support from the Arab masses in Doha is present. Some teams will have chances to pass the first round. And I have a request for the Arab fans and teams to carry the Palestinian flag in matches, just like European countries carry the Ukrainian flag in every international tournament or event.

Qatar I hope in the second round

I wish my country’s national team, Qatar, to qualify for the second round, especially because its players have a great ambition to make a world-historical footprint for them, because the World Cup will be held in their country and among their fans held, and they also hold the title of the 2019 AFC Champions. Their participation in several international tournaments and they have played with several different schools and they are at the peak of their physical, mental and technical readiness, and I hope that they do not waste the golden opportunity that they had and should exploit it with the support of the fans for them, as they are stars who know how to act in such matches, and they have to play for enjoyment, and it does not form psychological pressure, rather with the determination and persistence of the men, their strong will, and the support of the masses for them, they will achieve what they strive for Al-Bayt Stadium in Al-Khor is waiting for you, and God willing, it will be good for our team, and God will support you and guide your steps , and make your people happy.

Fantastic opening ceremony

About the opening ceremony, Nasser bin Khalifa Al-Attiyah said: “I don’t know what those responsible for the opening ceremony are hiding behind the scenes, but I expect that Qatar will dazzle the world and it will be an imaginary opening ceremony and a heavy caliber surprise because officials have been planning for some time for this ceremony that the world is waiting for, and it will be Al-Bayt Stadium. The city of Al-Khor, the icon of the World Cup stadiums, is the stage to hold this dazzling opening ceremony, and it will cast the attention of the world and the media lights around Qatar, and there are more than 500 billion viewers watching this global event through various media will follow.

Brazil and Argentina are the strongest favourites

On his expectations of who will have the honor of winning the title in Qatar, he explained, saying: “There are several strong teams participating in the 2022 final, and I nominate Brazil, Argentina, Germany and France, the defending champions, but the title will not come from Brazil or Argentina.

Excellent media coverage

Regarding the media coverage of the tournament, Nasser bin Khalifa Al-Attiyah said: “The World Championship in Qatar will receive special coverage by all international media and social media sites, and international satellite channels for which large studios have been opened in Al Bidda Park. and Doha Corniche, broadcasting directly from them. The local media prepared for this global event and did excellent media coverage, and all international channels and media will talk about the State of Qatar and this exceptional global event throughout the tournament period, and it is one of the benefits of informing the world about the achievements of the State of Qatar, and how it overcame the difficulties until it succeeded in preparing to organize an exceptional tournament, I am confident that this tournament will be exceptional in everything be, and the World Cup stadiums will dazzle the whole world, as well as the technical level will be high, and the proximity of the stadiums will contribute to the attendance of the fans more than one game a day, and it is only available in the Qatar World Cup.

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