Qatari designers from Virginia Commonwealth told Al-Sharq: The World Cup is an opportunity to highlight Qatari art



Qatari designers from Virginia Commonwealth told Al-Sharq: The World Cup is an opportunity to highlight Qatari art

18 November 2022, 07:00

Msheireb Showroom

Wafaa Zayed

Qatari designers and graduates of the College of Design Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University at Qatar Foundation affirmed that art is a message that carries creative and productive ideas, and that it opens a door for young people to express their intellectual, artistic and design production in a commercial and marketing work that is a good income for them because it carries the message and idea of ​​the designer, noting that the Msheireb exhibition which bears the name Doha Publications is attended by students and graduate designers from the Arab world, and it an opportunity for them to exchange creative ideas.

In interviews with Al Sharq, they said that the exhibition is a message to the world that young people have creative and productive ideas that develop their talents and tendencies, especially the Arab region, which carries many creative and beautiful ideas, stressing that the exhibition and youth student production coincided with the launch of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022. It represents a quantum leap in their production for others, and it also represents a global platform to highlight Qatari art and introduce different people of the world introduce their creativity and distinction. The following are the meetings:

Artist Tariq Al-Jaidah, a businessman and activist in the artistic field, said: I encourage students to work in art and acquire artwork in all its forms. The exhibition presents many aspects of art such as clothes, posters, furniture and pieces, based on the preservation of art through its development and not to store it.

This exhibition is to allow young people to show their creativity at all times, and it serves as a platform for young people in all arts to present their designs and works. The exhibition, which bears the name (Doha Prints), that is, printing posters was a competition for the entire Arab world, and there is participation in modern art between Virginia Commonwealth University with universities of the Arab world.

He added that it coincides with the World Cup period, and local artistic creativity will be shown to visitors, and it will begin with the start of the tournament to highlight local creations, and the participants will be from Qatar and residents of Qatar .

He emphasized that creative art and design exhibitions motivate young people to be creative, innovative and communicate with their peers, and explained that art exhibitions are good opportunities for students and owners of design and creative projects to promote them and to the public introducing them, and also an opportunity to highlight their art and visions to others, which is the main objective of the exhibition, and it is a work that has a commercial and marketing return. Good for young people, and I support and encourage young people to highlight their artistic. fields.

Sports promotion

In her turn, Mrs. Aisha Al-Maadeed, a business administration and marketing specialist, said that she is the owner of the initiative (Green Future), which is a free art for publications that convey a message to society through encouraging phrases of sayings and drawings that the society supports, and coincides with the establishment of the World Cup, and it attracts young people to take advantage of the exhibition.

Regarding her initiative, she explained that the name of the initiative is a green future, and there will be more than one campaign, especially through social media programs, with the aim of promoting sports and linking it to a healthy and healthy environment through campaigns that stimulate the community and help it contribute to it.

Experience and self-development

Regarding her participation, Mrs. Kaltham Issa Al-Fakhro of the class of 2024 of the Graphic Design major at the University of Virginia explains: The nature of my participation is that the exhibition is about paintings by students from Virginia or from countries of the world, all of them about various forms trade, adding that she chose this artistic path because the art world gives more experience and self-development.

It is very important for every artist to know how to develop themselves, their desires and the way to express themselves. The exhibition that coincides with the World Cup football tournament forms a qualitative leap in the lives of students and gives them qualitative ideas about art and allow participation. for everyone to exchange experiences and the way the audience interacts with them.

In her turn, Mrs. Fatima Abbas, in the fourth year of the graphics major, said: I participated in the exhibition because it coincides with a very important sporting event in the country. She added: I chose this path because I see myself in this scientific path and it will contribute a lot to me.

Physiognomy of the Arabs

In her turn, Mrs. Lulwa Al Nuaimi, a graduate of the College of Engineering majoring in Architecture and Urban Planning, said: Art is one of the artist’s most powerful means of conveying messages that speak to our current reality, and it is not bound. by laws, regulations or barriers that hinder it. It is a special language that the artist follows, but in different dialects. Behind every painting lies a story behind each of the lines, like the eye, which is a deep gateway that leads to the discovery of a person’s true soul and the thoughts, feelings and character it carries, and that is what i strive to convey. in my paintings.

And I participated in my painting that carries the phrase (I wish they knew what the eyes hide). The participants add to me the exchange of experiences, cultures and openness to the outside world, emphasizing that the support of institutions for youth creativity is necessary because it stimulates productivity.

Country Art

On her part, Mrs. Hind Al-Subaie, designer and founder of Blush Events and Design Company, said that my artistic message in the championship season for the whole world is through colors and design, and it is an opportunity to showcase Qatari art and all introducing arts, especially as the world focuses its attention on the country and creative youth from many areas.

She added that she encourages young people to take advantage of the available opportunities that the state offers them, and to present their innovative and artistic production, and these are useful experiences that should not stop.

In her turn, Mrs. Habiba Abdel Nasser, an artist and graphic designer, said that the exhibition is an artistic and creative link between artists and their fields, to exchange experiences and get a good income for their work and artistic production. the responsibility of young people to benefit from the arts in a good commercial and marketing job.

She said I chose the graphic design course because it stimulates creativity and colors, and each communicates its message in its own way and discusses global issues.

Culture and innovation in design

In her turn, Ms. Asmaa Darwish, a graduate of the Master of Fine Arts in Design from the Virginia Commonwealth University College of the Arts in Qatar, and the co-founder and creative director of Studio 7, said: Design allows everyone to experience something completely new, and it challenges our deep-rooted beliefs about what it should be. A thing and what it can be, it is a circular and dynamic relationship that sees culture as an essential role in the creation of any design.

This exhibition “Doha Publications” is a manifestation of that. The creative works seen here show how traditional and experimental forces come together to create something original and extraordinary, breaking down stereotypes in the process. The prints on display at Doha Prints draw on the interior design of Studio 7. Otherwise while other exhibition spaces where artworks are either placed on plinths or hang on the walls, in Studio 7 they are suspended from the ceiling using nets and papers suspended from a stand fixed to the wall, allowing visitors to pass through step.

She pointed out that the aim is to facilitate access to art and design, and to present it in an enjoyable way at reasonable prices, rather than being expensive, intimidating and for a concerned class, and we consider this place as an organized and enjoyable playground.

About her study of design, she said: The exhibition includes 300 pieces of prints and paintings from Qatar and 12 Arab countries and coincides with the World Cup and carries a message of meeting civilizations and ideas with Arab designers. Each publication discusses an issue such as places, times, heritage and others.

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