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The American University in Dubai is one of the branches of the American Intercontinental University in Georgia, and it is one of the most important private educational institutions in Dubai to study various university majors such as: business administration, engineering, communication and media.

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American University in Dubai Admission Requirements

Here is a look at the undergraduate admission requirements at the American University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

  • A copy of the high school certificate, provided that the certificate is certified by the Ministry of Education in the student’s country, or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the student’s country, or by the embassy of the country to which the student belongs in the United Arab Emirates.
  • An EmSAT score of 600 in Mathematics or a score of 350 in SAT Mathematics.
  • To score at least 70% in the general secondary school examination for the advanced track or the elite track, or score 75% for the general track.
  • For students who want to major in engineering, the EmSAT Math score is 900 or the SAT Math is 450.
  • Get an EmSAT score of 800 in Physics.
  • Submit a copy of the exemption document from military service in the United Arab Emirates for UAE citizens.
  • A copy of the Emirates ID from both sides.
  • A copy of the UAE residence visa.
  • A copy of the passport, and the passport must be valid.
  • Payment of AED 420 application fee, which is non-refundable.
  • You can find out about all university admission requirements at the American University by visiting the admissions page on the website of the American University in the Emirate of Dubai from here.

majors at the American University in Dubai

The following is an overview of the most prominent majors of the American University in Dubai:

College of Computer and Information Technology

Computing is one of the most important fields at the moment in which many students are interested due to the great need for such specializations in conjunction with the scientific and technological development:

  • During which the student learns all the principles and basics related to the latest technology, computer programming and the preparation of various electronic applications that suit people’s needs.
  • Creating an interactive environment that keeps up with the latest developments in technical and technological sciences to meet all the challenges and obstacles that people face in their daily lives.
  • The college is divided into various fields such as different sciences in designing electronics and computer programming applications.
  • Department of Computer Science and Information Technology.
  • Professional Master in Cognitive Science Management.

College of Business Administration

Business administration major is one of the many important fields that many students take after completing the Tawjihi phase, which plays a major role in preparing leaders, companies and businessmen on a scientific basis that enables them to face all the challenges of coping with the labor market:

  • There are many specializations included in the College of Business, such as health care and emergency management within health facilities and institutions.
  • Environmental risk management, health and life insurance for workers.
  • Learn the foundations and rules of digital marketing and e-commerce, as it is currently one of the most important areas of work to build companies and institutions.
  • Correct scientific management of accounting and business work for start-ups and large commercial factories.
  • Master in Human Resource Management within companies and institutions, and to guide individuals to do the work required of them in the right ways.
  • American University in Dubai Masters in Logistics Management.

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College of Design

Among the many important colleges that embrace the university campus and have received great acceptance from the various creative high school students who are attracted by the skill of design, creativity and new ideas:

  • The college includes many important university majors that meet all the aspirations and desires of students, the most important of which is the modern interior design of the major facilities and institutions.
  • Fashion design in line with the latest developments in fashion, local and international, and increasing creativity in the discovery of unique designs.
  • Graphic designs and short advertising videos, which are very important advertisements for companies and institutions, which in turn deliver information quickly to individuals through modern social media.
  • Animation and the use of design programs and Photoshop in modern scientific ways and accurate digital graphics to carry out the required objectives in the communication of information, advertising or reference to objectives.

College of Law, American University Dubai

Among the distinctive fields that many students after completing the tawjihi stage choose to work in the field of law, Sharia and law are:

  • One of the most literary fields within the American University in Dubai, as more than 700 students have graduated from it.
  • You can earn a master’s degree in criminal sciences and everything related to crimes and their determinations.
  • Get a master’s degree in intellectual property.

College of International Studies

One of the many important colleges at the American University in Dubai, which is encouraged by the UAE government, so that students understand the most important security and international studies and the relations of countries with each other. Some of the most important majors in this college are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Learn the art of local and global crisis management.
  • Bachelor’s degree in risk and emergency management that threatens the security of the country.
  • Learn the art of managing natural disasters.

American University in Dubai MA

The American University of Dubai teaches many majors in a master’s degree, such as a master’s degree in arbitration, a master’s degree in diplomacy, etc. You can view all university programs by visiting our previous article on American University Master’s Degree Guide.

The main advantages of studying at the American University in Dubai

  1. The university applies all educational quality standards, and thus the student can obtain international subscriptions to complete one or more semesters in one of the international universities participating with the university.
  2. Relatively low secondary tuition costs despite the efficiency and quality of university education provided, in addition to very large facilities to pay in annual installments.
  3. Keep up to date with the most important developments in academic courses at local and international level by the most competent academic professors.
  4. The linking of academic theoretical study with practical training through the employment and training offices at the university that provide the most important opportunities for students during and after the study period, increasing their experience in the labor market.
  5. The strength of the university degree in the various disciplines offered by the American University in Dubai is certainly recognized locally within the United Arab Emirates as well as internationally, offering many distinguished job opportunities for graduates in the most important international institutions and facilities.

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Average Tuition Cost at American University in Dubai

The final cost of studying different undergraduate majors at the American University in Dubai varies depending on the type of specialization and the number of credit hours allocated to each study program:

The average cost for most undergraduate majors ranges between $13,000 and $16,000 per year.

Scholarships at the American University in Dubai

The American University in Dubai offers many free scholarships such as the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Undergraduate Scholarship in addition to the William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship, the Gebran Tueni Media Scholarship and other scholarships.

You can view the list of scholarships offered by the university, the conditions for joining the scholarships, and the benefits provided by each scholarship by visiting the scholarship page on the website of the American University of Dubai through this page to visit.


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