Distance learning bachelor’s degree in the UAE and accredited universities locally and internationally

Studying a bachelor’s degree at a distance in the Emirates is one of the modern technical methods of education in various fields and university majors, which is why many universities in the Emirates have begun to compete with each other by offering this system, which is suitable for many students inside and outside the Emirates.

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A quick overview of a distance bachelor study in the UAE

A modern education system that has started to spread in most countries around the world, and it depends on delivering the scientific material to the student anywhere without requiring specific times to study throughout the day or even necessarily in the to be university.

Through studies and statistics, it has been found that remote bachelor’s study in the UAE is one of the study methods popular with many students, and from here many private universities and public universities began to compete in the establishment of this system and continuous development in the technical aspects related to it.

Subsequently, many universities in the UAE began to provide and develop this system in accordance with the needs of students, in addition to the multitude of specific disciplines in which the student obtains a bachelor’s degree, hence the name of a distance bachelor’s study.

The main advantages of studying a bachelor’s degree remotely in the UAE

  • It keeps abreast of modern technological developments in the transmission of scientific material to various students around the world in line with the possibilities and free time during the day.
  • One of the most advanced and safest solutions in the face of natural disasters or exposure to a new viral pandemic such as the emerging Corona virus is to reduce pressure and friction within the classrooms, reducing the chances of infection transmission.
  • One of the main advantages is that this system is suitable for different students and encourages them to study without getting bored because it allows them to choose their own study schedule based on the times available to them during the day are available, especially in the case of people who work outside of studying.
  • Easy access to information for the student, in addition to saving a lot of money and effort wasted in the student’s travel from his city to another city to go to the university headquarters.
  • Elimination of individual differences in education and the right to education for all, especially people from the poor class.

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The main disadvantages of studying a bachelor’s degree remotely in the UAE

Despite the great advantages we talked about in the previous title about the importance of studying a bachelor’s degree remotely in the UAE, this system also has some disadvantages, including the following:

  • Problems receiving information sometimes when there are some technical problems that negatively affect the quality of sound and image, and therefore problems to follow up with the lecturer.
  • Some students may find it difficult to communicate with the lecturer or watch the lectures in high quality due to the lack of capabilities associated with the use of modern electronic devices that allow them to do so.
  • A lot of time is lost in the event of any out-of-scope electronic problem, for example problems with the Internet or a power cut.
  • The lack of periodic follow-up of students during lessons and lectures, which coincides with the great busyness throughout the day of the parents, and this in turn can lead to some students falling short in this matter.
  • The loss of the spirit of competition between students when they are in the same educational hall, as well as the existence of major problems in direct and honest communication between the student and the academic professor, despite the continuous development in this technical aspect.

The most important remote universities in the UAE

Due to the UAE government’s interest in following all modern technological developments in the transfer of science and knowledge, it has recently announced that there are more than 100 recognized Emirati universities for distance bachelor studies, and the most important of these universities are as follows:

Accredited Online Universities in UAE

There are many recognized remote local universities for undergraduate studies, and these are the best of them:

  • Emirates University.
  • Sheikh Zayed University.
  • Dubai University.
  • Al Sharekah University.

Distance learning universities recognized in the UAE

  • Oxford university.
  • University of Otago.
  • University of Auckland.
  • University of Pennsylvania.
  • Kantpuri University.
  • University of Technology Sydney.
  • University of Texas.
  • University of Leicester.
  • University of Southern California.
  • Washington University.
  • University of South Australia.

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The most popular majors for distance learning in the UAE

It is very special that you can obtain various university majors in a bachelor’s degree from recognized UAE universities for distance learning, and the most important of these majors are the following:

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration, as it is one of the very important areas that help people manage their own businesses and the projects they dream of, based on realistic scientific bases.
  2. Bachelor in Human Resource Management within Government and Private Institutions and Institutions, as it is one of the highly demanded areas within local and international companies.
  3. Bachelor’s degree in the field of interior design, as it is one of the fields that is highly demanded in the labor market and requires great skill and extensive experience in the transfer of science and integrated knowledge to students.
  4. Bachelor’s degree in quality management within institutions and facilities in various fields of commercial, financial, industrial and quality management of health care within hospitals and medical units.
  5. Occupational safety and infection control within large central companies, factories and hospitals.
  6. We can say that the distance education system in the Emirates is very suitable for theoretical sciences that do not require practical training.


UAE University starts distance learning next Sunday

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