How do they sell their bodies for money in a country depleted by economic sanctions?

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The Iranian government continues to deny any existence of prostitution in the country

“I feel ashamed of what I’m doing, but do I have any other choice?”

This is what Nada, a divorcee in Tehran, said. Nada works as a hairdresser during the day, but at night she sells her body, and feels compelled to do so in order to have enough to live on.

“The economy is going downhill and the prices of commodities are going up every day,” she says. “I live in a country where women are not respected. I am a mother of one child and I don’t have a husband. I have to take care of my son. Prostitution provides a decent income, and I think about it now to buy a small house in the city center.” I’m literally selling my soul and that’s the sad truth.”

In 2012, Iran announced the launch of a national program to combat prostitution. However, according to unofficial reports prepared by NGOs and independent researchers, the number of prostitutes is increasing.

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