Make Money Online: How Users Can Earn Money Just By Browsing?

  • Catherine Kate
  • Business reporter, BBC News

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We are subject to tracking during most of our online activities

The details of what each of us searches for or sees while browsing the Internet is very important to some companies, as it is a valuable source of billions of dollars in profits.

This data helps trackers like Google and Facebook earn many billions of dollars a year in advertising revenue as they use the information they collect to target us with ads.

For example, if you are browsing the websites of online fashion stores and you are thinking of buying a new pair of jeans, it is assumed that you will soon see advertisements for jeans that appear on your computer screen while you are browsing another website, which is something which happens to all of us when we think about buying something. Online.

That we are vulnerable to being tracked through our internet use to such an extent and in this way is somewhat of a concern. A recent study showed that data about the average European person’s internet usage is shared 376 times a day, and that number almost doubles for American surfers, to 747 times.

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