“The Greatest Goal” .. “Hyundai Motor” opens the FIFA World Football Museum

Hyundai Motor Company inaugurated the FIFA Museum presented by Hyundai at the FIFA Fan FestivalTM in Doha, Qatar as part of its ‘Goal of the Century’ campaign for the World Cup.

The exhibition was opened under the slogan “Goals make history”, as the exhibition recalls the best moments and goals in the history of the FIFA World Cup.

Hyundai built the Fifa Museum using earth architecture technology, which allows the exterior of the building to return to nature without generating waste upon decomposition. Hyundai teamed up with UK-based architectural consultancy group “Grimshaw” and Germany-based design agency “Uniplan” for the construction and delivery. The interior design is completed with recyclable materials, highlighting the Century Goal initiative’s commitment to sustainability. The exterior also embodies a mix of goalposts from a unified football pitch, expressing solidarity and unity towards the “Goal of the Century”.

At the opening ceremony, the FIFA World Cup 2022 Winner’s Trophy was only available for viewing in the Special View section, while the Jules Rimet™ Trophy, the original trophy from the 1930-1970 FIFA World Cup, is now on display in Regular View section for the duration of the exhibition. Visitors can also view the iconic ‘Rainbow Shirts’ display of the shirts of all 32 qualified national teams, as well as unique displays dedicated to every FIFA World Cup since 1930, including original pieces and their stories. Other highlights include performances of the 8-minute long “The Final”. Inside the exhibition, Hyundai will display signed ‘Team of the Century’ campaign jerseys, along with banners detailing each member’s interpretation of the biggest ‘Goal’ they have achieved. Hyundai Motor is using this as an opportunity to encourage visitors to join the Century support team, and share the vision and mission of the “Goal of the Century” initiative.

To mark the occasion, Eunsoo Kim, Executive Vice President of Hyundai Motor India, Strategic Region for the Middle East and Africa, and Jisung Park, member of Team of the Century and former captain of the Korean National Football Team, at the opening of the museum with Managing Director of the FIFA Museum Marco Vazone as well as ambassadors The three FIFA Museum officials: 2006 World Cup winner Gianluca Zambrotta in Italy, 2010 World Cup winner Diego Forland in Uruguay, and Swiss goalkeeper legend Pascal Zuberbueller.

“We are very happy and excited to welcome football fans from all over the world to our exhibition in Doha during the 2022 FIFA World Cup so that we can connect, engage and share the magic of football,” said Marco Vazone , general manager of the FIFA Museum. “Thanks to Hyundai, we are celebrating bringing together the heritage and culture of football for the third time in the last four years in the host country with the world during a major World Cup tournament. be a huge milestone for the FIFA Museum and we can’t wait to open our doors for the FIFA Fan Festival™.

“Sustainability is another goal that Hyundai and FIFA envision together. Through the power and unity of football, we believe that our world can come together under the banner of sustainability, to drive change for a better tomorrow.” said Eunsu Kim, Executive Vice President, Hyundai Motor India, Strategic Middle East and Africa Region.

Hyundai also officially unveiled the “Greater Goal” by Italian contemporary artist Lorenzo Quinn. Hyundai collaborated with him to create this massive work of art inspired by football fans’ shared dream of a world united for sustainability. Joining Lorenzo himself are Unsu Kim, Jurgen Grysbeck, CEO and co-founder of global soccer charity Common Goal’, as well as members of Team Century, including Danish national team member and surgeon Nadia Nadeem, and former Omani national soccer player Ali Al Habsi and Isung Park, along with Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robot Spot, to celebrate the unveiling of the sculpture.

The statue resembles a giant band materialized by two hands holding each other, symbolizing the goal of the century’s mission to create a “United World for Sustainability”. The statue is 7.7 meters high, 18.25 meters wide, and about three times the height of the football posts.

Quinn sustainably shapes the “Bigger Goal” using recycled steel mesh, with more than 70,000 weld points. At the center of the sculpture is a recycled steel sphere, clad in vivid layers of foliage. On the goal line, the position of the globe represents Hyundai’s commitment to the larger “goal” of uniting the world to build a sustainable future. To showcase this vision, the members of Goal of the Century, along with Anson Kim and Jürgen Grysbeck, completed the artwork together by adding a layer of leaves to the globe.

It was important to both Hyundai and Quinn that the host country of the 2022 FIFA World Cup play a role in creating the statue. The figurine was hand-woven by local Qatari fishermen using traditional artisanal techniques, completing the target with recycled linen netting. This process combines old and new sculptural techniques and serves as a perfect metaphor for promoting a world united for sustainability.

“We may not be where we need to be yet, but by pledging change we are one step closer to achieving the world’s greatest goal of making a difference together,” said Quinn. “The most important thing in achieving a unified world of sustainability is harmony with our environment and everything that surrounds us. The human race must work towards the single goal of sustainability, and this narrative aligns with the meaning of the statue .”

Furthermore, a campaign video to mark the end of Goal of the Century will be shown as an advertisement between live matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Narrated by the voice of Team of the Century captain Steven Gerrard, the video delivers a hopeful message that when we come together as one team for one goal, together we can achieve sustainable world. Along with Hyundai’s lineup of all-electric IONIQ vehicles, the video also features Team Century members, BTS and SPOT forming a brilliant wave for “Goal of the Century.”

Hyundai launched the Goal of the Century (GOTC) World Cup campaign under the theme “United World for Sustainability” in April with the “Team of the Century”, a group of ambassadors who will promote various environmental and social sustainability projects during 2022 . then the company implemented various activities such as holding the “Hyundai Goal of the Century Pledge” event and releasing the world cup campaign song ‘Yet to Come (Hyundai Ver.)’ sung by BTS. Hyundai will also supply 616 vehicles to the fleet during the FIFA World Cup in 2022. Of this fleet, there will be 446 passenger cars, and just over half (226 units) are hybrid electric (HEV) and battery electric (BEV) models.

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