The Baron Palace hosts the first editions of “Cairo Design Week”

The Baron Palace hosts the first editions of “Cairo Design Week”

With the participation of a group of two hundred experts and architects

Sunday – 26th of Rabi` al-Thani 1444 AH – 20 November 2022 CE

Cairo Design Week

Cairo: Nadia Abdel Halim

With the participation of about two hundred experts, designers, architects and a number of Egyptian and international industrialists, the activities of the first edition of “Cairo Design Week” kicked off on Saturday in the ancient Baron’s Palace, in the Heliopolis district (east) of Cairo), highlighting Egypt’s leadership in the field of design.
The event, which celebrates the concept of sustainability and originality in the field of Egyptian design, includes many activities, exhibitions, seminars, dialogue sessions, competitions and talks, revolving around design in its various fields, including architecture, interior design, furniture, furnishings , jewellery, architecture, products and fashion, in addition to design related to theater arts, film and graffiti design. .
Over the course of 7 days, Cairo will transform into a vibrant arena and a thriving environment for art, in the world of creative industries, according to Hisham Mahdi, founder and head of the first session of Cairo Design Week, who told Asharq Al- Awsat: “This important event strengthens Egypt’s position on the global design map. , and highlights its pioneering role in crafts, crafts and design throughout history, “adding that” this week represents a launch for more successes and excellence in the creative sector , which has become a fundamental role in the economy of countries, and is also a real opportunity for serious and constructive dialogue between designers, and discovery Industry experts in the world for Egyptian designers, as well as its role to guide young designers on the right path place, and drive them to introduce and innovate in the design and manufacturing worlds.
Cairo Design Week represents an umbrella that brings together decision-makers, industry pioneers and designers, providing a link between the parties to the creative process, helping to expand the local and foreign markets for the Egyptian designer and manufacturer, especially as it will testify. the launch of the fifth edition of the Cairo Design Award, within its events. Mahdi says: “The award will come in a new form. Two new categories of awards have been added, bringing the total number of awards to 8 categories: architecture, landscapes, interior design, fashion design, jewelry design, theater, products and graphic design.
Mahdi points out that «the jury includes a number of famous creators, including: Kejam Djigalian, assistant professor at the College of Arts in Paris, the famous jewelry designer Alia Al-Maznar, Ghalia Al-Sarqabi, the famous architects: Brendan MacFarlane and Guillaume Kerdozo, and the interior designer who won several international awards, Gaither. Guillaume, artist Monica Albert, Amina Ghaly, jewelry designer, Hani Mahfouz, graphic designer, Yasmine Yehia, fashion designer, doctor of architecture, Ibtisam Farid, architect Sherif Morsi, Karim Al Hayan, interior designer, and award-winning artistic director and production designer, Mohamed Attia.
At the top of the list of exhibitions that will be presented by numerous historical and archaeological sites, cultural centers and private institutions in the Heliopolis neighborhood until November 25 is a group of exhibitions for different products, which highlight the value of design and its importance in the life, including exhibitions of furniture and interior decorations, design of clothing and accessories, and household items, jewelry, furniture and other products whose display through this new event stimulates creativity, upgrades designs and brings them from Egypt and the region to the global arena .
Through the “Film My Design” event, the audience lives in worlds where design and cinema merge; Throughout the week, this artistic program includes the screening of a collection of incredible films related to architecture and design, followed by a series of post-screening discussions, as the audience explores topics around architecture, city life, art, technology and sustainability. The program will reveal the ability of creativity in achieving goals and change.
Among the films shown is “Planet City”, which will be shown next Tuesday, and it is a movie set in a fictional city where 10 billion people live. And “MAU” on November 24, the first feature-length documentary about famed Canadian designer Bruce Mau, which explores his unexpected creative journey, his ever-optimistic quest to tackle the world’s biggest design problems, and global brands such as Coca Cola and Disney advises. . ».
Among the innovative ideas presented this week is the “Cairo Designathon”, a design marathon that aims to attract designers of all disciplines, for a 3-day discussion on everyday problems and creative solutions.
Mohamed Radwan, founder of Cairo Designathon, told Asharq Al-Awsat: “19 designers working in teams will participate in the marathon. To present solutions to a jury of experienced professionals in the field, including Hisham Mahdy, founder of the week, dr. Regine Ritz, professor of product design at the German University in Cairo, and engineer Karim Wali, who will manage the event.
According to Radwan, the marathon includes four axes: “Accessibility”, “Architecture”, “Interior design and furniture” and “Communication design”. The interior design will require marathon runners to design spaces that cater for people with disabilities, and the architecture aims to rethink how mass mobility affects the built environment.
In addition, the furniture dimension will celebrate products that have achieved remarkable aesthetics using sustainable materials, and the workshop will work to answer the question: “How can a city like Cairo change the brand?”
Radwan continues: “The marathon has been launched in electronic copies before; But for the first time, it will now be launched on the ground, through Design Week.

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