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I will not address you in the language of jurisprudence and religion because I am neither able nor competent to discuss the issue of women from a religious perspective. And this is my right, regardless of the degree of my ignorance of the statements of men who have legitimized the name of women in a “masculine” way and surrounded them with high walls that the right to express freedom, the right to to decide, and the right to a decent life.

A woman has the right to love a man, to ask him for marriage, to love him and to choose him without anyone else. I do not think that this matter contradicts any religion or any heavenly principle whose origin was the Lord of the heavens and the earth, or legislation passed by the people of this earth through institutions which they somehow adopt for themselves do not have. A woman has the right to dispose of her affairs without the guardianship of a man. All of them, most of them, have become exceptional, such as women scientists, doctors, engineers, women judges and other women of wisdom, knowledge and intelligence who should not be subject to laws established by men in the name of politics , religions and ideologies. All women should not be considered as part of the place, the possessions and the thing that enter the property of the so-called man.

The Minister of Justice said that he would defend women’s rights and translate them into legal measures to amend the Family Code. I don’t care about the person as much as I care about the political official. The Party for Justice and Development spent years at the head of a government whose concern was to see women as beings deserving of solidarity and to encourage coexistence and patience over injustice, intrigue and complacency. Polygamy was and still is acceptable and desirable to a dominant minority, even if the woman’s sense of injustice due to the husband’s movement between bedrooms goes beyond the bedrooms to sleep with two or three women in the name of virility and rage against menstruating women.

The Minister of Justice said that a divorced woman should not lose custody because she is married and her ex-husband is married and may have four wives. Does it violate God’s law? not at all It contradicts a tyrannical reading that uses religion for purposes it does not accept and will not accept from a mountain on divine justice. They want and want to sanctify and sanctify the decision of people from centuries ago and legitimize it by rallying around what is holy.

Despite my differences with the minister on policy issues, I know that it is one of the most imperative civic and human rights duties to defend every bill that sanctifies the role of women in my country. Anyone who is hostile to women’s rights is an enemy of all religious and secular laws, an enemy of human rights and an enemy of civilization. Women who get pregnant, breastfeed, work, spend and are generations of outstanding and successful women, and they have no right to rebuild their lives. All this at a time when the “masculine” of the categories of men who hide responsibility will stand before a judge to ask for detention.

This is happening in my country and it does not honor any person or any institution in the face of God’s vast country. Yes, and a thousand yeses to every new legislation that responds to the principles of justice and equality that does justice to women and men and clarifies rights and duties based on the capacity to bear responsibility and not on a biological basis that distinguishes between women and men in a society that, I think, passed the pre-civilization.

The present time and the conditions surrounding it do not guarantee the dignity of women and give no guarantee for their exercise of their rights. We have a family code that the King of the land insisted on establishing from the early years of his assumption of the highest responsibility in the land. Relatively some things have changed, but many women remain vulnerable for various reasons. The Family Code overlooked many sad cases and the power of judges’ discretion, in addition to a stagnant societal culture, which perpetuated behavior that destroyed women’s expected gains. And the country’s monarch indicated that justice should include all the rights of the family, including the protection of women against the oppression of blind spots in the law. And at the top of these corners is the framework that organizes the kindergarten to manage the lives of children from school, travel, transport and change of housing.

Yes, every political initiative consistent with today’s Morocco, which places justice and equality above constitutional principles, must be supported. A wife should enjoy all the rights enjoyed by her ex-husband, regardless of his psychological, spiritual, material or civil condition, and whatever his reputation and lifestyle. He may then marry four, he may have girlfriends, he may have a sleepless night, and his income may be in the billions, and all this is not framed by the Code and overlooked by many judicial practices.

It is necessary to put an end to this injustice, which has negative effects on children and their future. Yes, the blog needs to be edited first, second, third and finally in the name of justice. Justice is a principle that does not contradict religions, beliefs and international conventions, and it is the one that must prevail in the relationship between women and men and in preserving the rights of children. Therefore, civil and political society must stand behind every initiative aimed at achieving justice and equality for the family. Let’s wait for the government and the amendments it will propose to restore the right to its owners and tear down the foundations of injustice to which half or more of society is exposed.

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