Anti-corruption philosophy in a real state

Abbas Al-Ali

One of the funny cries in this day and age when no one can hide from the truth that seems to be exposed and clearly presented to everyone and needs no frills or embellishments or a clever way out is that some of those who think it is possible to long and at the end of the play to laugh without interruption because the audience “want it” or “He is satisfied with this” or “They don’t care about anything else.” He believes that no one will tell him. to stand where you are.

The evidence is that corruption, which was a small lump two decades ago, has become a forest, creeping everywhere we live, besieging us even inside our bedrooms and robbing us of many of the elements of our existence, the first of which we have been robbed of modesty.To get rid of the shame, today corruption has become a practice, a method, a way of life and an art that is transmitted among people, like the transmission of news about love and war It does not look bad, and no one cares to be called corrupt or corrupt, and some consider it heroism and one of the essentials, alphabets and axioms of political and administrative work.

The question is who made corruption a phenomenon associated with poor enforcement of the law and the slack hand of power in a society that is trying hard to move within what is allowed and forbidden to change in a public system which has many heads and penetrates. every detail so that the talk about combating it is like asking Jesus, pbuh, to bring them a table from heaven, this The situation was not spontaneous or accidental, nor a natural consequence of the Iraqi reality not. It certainly has nothing to do with the conspiracy theory, and it is not realistic and logical to link it to the emerging phenomenon of democracy in our country. Related to the law, the legal system and its philosophical orientations when it is enacted.

The nature of the legal system which controls and determines corruption, its punishment, its description and relating to the means and methods which were legislated at a time when the government had a hand of iron and fire A small report of a person can overthrow the most senior official just because he has committed a mistake that can be described as corruption. Also, the convict was not released from prison unless he paid. What he stole or intentionally did as harm, as for the investigating authorities, and because of the nature of the police system, terror struck the accused’s heart before he interrogated him. The opposite of the opposite, he took the path of corruption made possible, natural and protected by first the undisciplined partisan presence, which is considered a secret. and sometimes supportive of corruption because it represents a source of wealth and power for it, and secondly because of the silence of the moral and ideal factor that justifies many aspects of corruption for which legal fatwas are issued, such as the unknown theory Al-Malik , here the psychological deterrent is no longer effective, limiting and preventing one from engaging in the activities of the phenomenon of corruption.

The first basis that therefore encouraged and developed the seriousness and aggravation of the phenomenon is not only the weakness of the law and the laxity of the judiciary’s power and its submission to the principle of the political power that only governs the Iraqi reality not, but due to the crisis of application of the law in terms of its mechanisms which continued in a different situation, and a situation which was described as disciplined by the strength of the political system and the irons of the issued decision Of him, this gap between the law and the philosophy of its application cannot be bridged by forming committees or calls to fight corruption and arrest or smuggle petty corrupt people and then judge them in absentia. We need rigor in the law and strength in its logic and mechanisms while protecting our constitutional rights and it is not impossible and not possible but rather necessary. It is a duty to protect what remains of society’s values ​​and ethics. The interests of the congregations and the protection of their rights begin with the prevention of the violation of public property and the fight against those who encroach on money and the public interest, and not with protecting the rights of the corrupt and this as ‘ to propose a priority based on a false illusion related to the protection of human rights, and we do not forget that the criminal code that is in force today. a product of more than fifty-four years ago, in the shadow of a government whose philosophy was revolutionary and did not believe in democracy and had no appreciation for individual interests, but this strict law is in itself not strictly. Rather, it is the mechanisms of its application that have succeeded, not in themselves.

If there is to be a fundamental change in the strategy of the goal we reach for a real treatment of corruption, this strategy begins with the recognition that the public interest is a basic precursor to the protection of the private interest. The other point is that the concepts of democracy and human rights do not aim to weaken the state and protect society by renouncing their right to control and protect. The system benefits individuals who have disobeyed the law and regulations and deliberately try to harm the overall social system The third point that deserves attention is to separate partisan and religious performance from the concepts of law and the constitution , and to deal with it based on the danger and damage of the actions of individuals and institutions. This triple understanding of the problem requires Also, as an executive equivalent, we seek to build penal laws characterized by precision, impartiality and rigor, with executive mechanisms in accordance with the seriousness and damage It is the task of the legislative authority as it is serious and eager to combat. corruption and its devastating consequences. The executive must believe that its success is linked to the extent to which it succeeds in combating corruption and its elements. This requires it to present draft laws for everything that no longer conforms to the current reality and do not understand it with its implications.

The more we ignore the causes and go in the wrong direction, the treatment becomes more difficult and expensive than before. Generatively, it wants to address the results without harming the structural structure of corruption, its ingredients and causes, and to address the structural imbalance that leads to the aggravation of the phenomenon and its combat Extremism and terrorism when it was fighting ISIS, even though it needed, but it did not fight the bases that established it and encouraged it intellectually and practically, by spreading tolerance, moderation. and the right to self-expression and appreciation, and not to the exclusion of others and pave the way for freedom of work and the broadening of the base of economic development to eliminate unemployment, which is one of the foundations upon which extremist organizations rely to target the unemployed recruit youth.

The methodology to combat corruption is not limited to the judiciary and the law, but rather goes beyond developing a sense of national, religious and moral responsibility, strengthening surveillance, investigation and early accountability, and immunizing the administrative and financial apparatus against the political influences of the corrupt He believes in the right of the congregations to combat corruption to a general political mandate that excludes no one from the duty of accountability and investigation, no matter how powerful the political or social intention is not, and all this matter depends on a necessary step which is to disarm armed organizations and militias and abandon the legal cover for them, because whoever protects the corrupt is the corrupt weapon that is outside On the law are and are subject to parties even outside the structure of the state and Iraqi society.

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