Interior Designer Dara Emad Khader: A woman’s imagination has a kind of beautiful madness

Since her childhood, she has been passionate about arranging the house and changing the decor in it from time to time… She remembers in her childhood that childish imagination that called her to plan her first design for the room she created with her sister part , and gave it to the carpenter to become a reality in front of her… Her parents’ trust and nothing changed about the design He made her more related to the place where she plays, studies or sleeps. They always called her the architect, as she is the reference that family and friends come back to for advice in choosing furniture, colors and even exterior design, despite her young age… She is the Palestinian American designer, Dara Emad Khader, whose page full of passion for arranging the house caught our eye on Instagram, and that was our meeting with her.

Interior designer Dara Emad Khader

Dara began her journey with art and beauty, writing, reading literature and poetry, and loving nature, which was the greatest school of art, until she majored in architecture. She continues and says: “I always enjoy helping people in a beautiful and comfortable environment, without forgetting to scientifically support their psychological conditions, and after every successful project I give myself something I love, or i am going out to have a special dinner with my family.

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The relationship between man and his home

Taste to arrange accessories

Dara started her design journey in America by drawing a plan for an ice cream shop in Florida, and since then she has been working in the fields of engineering, architecture and interior design, inspired by the magic of this world, which looks like a bird with open wings; What makes him a friend of his environment and performs his moral and material functions within the limits of the available abilities and the applicable legislation. To give the architectural design necessary and appropriate to carry out the moral and material functions, with balance, simplicity, creativity and rationality.

Dar designed a house for a family coming from another country to live in an American state, she continues, saying, “I used images from the memory and heritage of the family’s country and incorporated in the interior design, in a way that is also in harmony with the surrounding community, the family and the house with the community, and what we cannot achieve in architectural design, we are going to achieve this with interior design, decorations and accessories that used “.

common among American families

A traditional nook with modern touches

Everything around Dara inspires her in design, starting from the sky and sea, morning and evening, roses, food, music, travel, history and everything, she adds and says: “There are sometimes restrictions imposed by the municipality in terms of of shape, area, height, or even colors, especially in areas like Washington DC, and sometimes the client He insists a lot on his request despite these limitations, and here comes my role, as a designer, to find the most suitable solutions find; Where creativity lies under this type of pressure… and common among American families.

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A man’s confidence

The concept of natural lighting and simplicity of design in the office

Dara finds that the woman’s imagination, specifically in design, is broader and more beautiful than the man’s imagination, and it contains a kind of madness and creativity (despite all the hesitation that occurs at the beginning of any project and design). deal with all the elements of the house, starting with her bedroom, the living room and the kitchen…thus automatically creating a relationship between her and the elements of the house. As for the man, his thoughts are almost limited to providing these elements, and this does not mean a contradiction or conflict in taste between men and women, but rather the degree of interest in it is more; Where the decision to design the home is joint between the spouses, Dara adds: “In most cases, the American husband leaves these matters to his wife. The American seeks peace of mind, and he also trusts the distinctive feminine touches of the decor .”

I am a woman who believes that everything I dream about comes true, and my will takes me to my goals and my passion for life

customer personality traits

side of a room with a wooden cabinet with metal legs; Puzzle picture frames play a role in the room’s meanings

The designs created by Dara are a mix between minimalist designs and new classic or modern design, and this is the prevailing trend in that region. Where her mission is to place the characteristics of the client’s personality and his family in the place to be designed, she continues and says: “The difference and diversity of cultures in this country makes the designer more open to all tastes, and this is one of the things that always prompts me to look more broadly at the character and characteristics of the decoration, and the details of the place to be. Its design, or the house American, Arabic, Canadian, Indian.. .and others are.
Dara imagines, according to her vision, the designs of the future, which will take advantage of nature’s resources, more than sun and lighting, adding: “There will be more boldness in design and choice of colors, and there will be be a greater return. open spaces, after they now try spaces.”
The pressure people have gone through in the last three years has made them look for psychological and health comfort more than ever before, and this is achieved in the choice of furniture, colors, calm materials and lighting, she continues, saying: “In Washington , you can flirt with the feelings of the American citizen by smoothly presenting Oriental art … in a way that does not contradict the traditional American style; This is an addition to the final design of the decorations.

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Disadvantages of textile stores

Romantic lines that combine traditional sofas and control the lighting of the place

Dara would like to advise women when choosing fabrics for sofas or curtains, to avoid the mistakes they make, and to follow the following:

  1. Hire an expert to take measurements, and learn about the pros and cons of fabric stores, and don’t rush the decision to buy and choose; Where you can consult an interior designer for help with the choice and to avoid mistakes.
  2. Choose materials suitable for the character of the room, design, colors, maintenance and any room in the house.
  3. Avoid using flammable materials in kitchens, or even those that absorb oil and are not easy to clean.
  4. Choose materials that can withstand regular use, and it is preferable to use them more than others in the living rooms where the family gathers most of the time.
  5. Choose beautiful and varied materials that give warmth, vitality and energy to the place.
  6. Know that bedrooms need thick material to block sunlight and light.

There is more of a return to open spaces, after people experimented with narrow spaces

Everything I dream about comes

The beauty of design is that it doesn’t come from a specific place; Dara believes that everything around us is inspiring if we see it from a different point of view and from an artistic angle at the same time.
Dara is now working on the design of a restaurant in Washington, DC, and her ideas were inspired by her visit to Hawaii on the island of Honolulu.
Dara likes a variety of reading, from scientific to motivational, from which she learns successful ways to communicate with people. She says: “I love fictional novels that separate me from work and profession. My favorite books are The Secret and Think and Grow Rich.”
Dara has always dreamed of designing a tourist resort or hotel where she can be creative with her ideas, inspired by the colors of the sea, sky and nature. She says: “I am a woman who believes that everything what I dream about will come to pass, and my will will take me to my goals and my passion for life.”

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