TWG Tea The Dubai Mall launches the Middle East’s first takeaway concept

Written by Ashraf El Hadi

TWG Tea, the world’s most sought-after luxury tea brand, announced the re-opening of its luxury tea salon in The Dubai Mall in November, and in addition to tea, it offers the most delicious ready meals!

The TWG Salon in The Dubai Mall is the first of its kind in the UAE to offer an exceptional high tea experience. The interior decoration features twinkling lights, reflective interiors and luxurious designs that combine the brand’s contemporary elegance with modernity. The brand’s first loyalty program was also launched, entitling members to receive a special invitation to a highly personalized experience.

Incidentally, Taha Boukadib, President and CEO of V3 Gourmet and co-founder of TWG, said: “We opened our branch in The Dubai Mall 10 years ago, and today it reopens in an innovative style full of gourmet luxury. Tea is more than just a drink – it’s a way to connect with those around us. By designing the famous Dubai Mall salon, we are confident that customers will be delighted with this new experience at the TWG salon.”

Luxury Tea Salon invites you inside “The Dubai Mall”

TWG Tea is a glittering and vibrant salon and boutique located in The Dubai Mall at the Falls, featuring bold colours, shimmering reds, emerald greens, ambers and luxurious designs that combine the brand’s contemporary elegance with modernity.

Inspired by a journey of discovery that transports tea lovers to the original homeland of tea, TWG’s iconic wall of signature yellow artisan tea boxes reveals a treasure trove, harvesting the finest teas and exclusive blends to suit every taste and meet every need.

The tea salon seats 34 guests and is decorated with unique antique furniture, gilded mirrors, polished brass, yellow Italian marble floors, solid wood tea tables and gold trim accents. From desserts and starters flavored with tea, it also offers an all-day menu.

The first Talabat concept TWG twg in Dubai

This luxurious TWG salon and boutique, the first of its kind in Dubai, invites its guests to choose from over 100 different types of tea – the largest such list in the Middle East – served hot and iced. At only 29 dirhams, it remains the ideal tea option for both residents and tourists in the heart of Downtown Dubai!

TWG has created an exceptional takeaway cup that reflects special gold-plated teapots placed in unique boxes to complete a one-of-a-kind tea tasting experience.

Prepared to the brand’s exacting standards, each order is individually brewed fresh using careful infusion methods and filtered water, and served warm or poured over heaped ice cubes. Both hot and iced tea (450ml) are available for takeaway and each takeaway comes with white sugar sticks for hot tea and an elegant glass straw for iced tea.

membership program TWG twg By invitation only

Redefining customer experience and engagement online and in-store, TWG has launched its exclusive invitation-only global membership program, myTWG, in the UAE – the first country to offer this membership platform outside of Asia.

Called “MYTWG” to emphasize the personalized services offered, the program features two tiers of membership – green and gold, to offer a full range of tea-related rewards and benefits to premium members. Membership program is designed

My TWG strives to be personal and rewarding, forging stronger relationships with tea lovers around the world, just as every TWG tea experience is unforgettable. MYTWG members have exclusive access to the member system and are entitled to special privileges and global rewards that can be redeemed online or in store.

over tea TWG twg

As one of the world’s best premium tea brands, TWG is committed to sourcing tea directly from the farms. It is committed to providing tea from its plantations, and has the largest tea collection in the world as it collects crops from the best producing regions.

Recognized worldwide as a true innovator, TWG Tea is renowned for its range of carefully handcrafted proprietary blends – including a new blend of teas created each season in collaboration with the world’s most renowned plantations. In addition to modern tea accessories and delicious tea-infused sweets to complete the unique TWG tea experience.

Founded in Singapore in 2008 by Taha Boukadib, Maranda Barnes and Reith Homme Stevenard, TWG Tea is an organization that includes a global specialist distribution network, unique and elegant retail boutiques, luxury tea salons and an international distribution network.

As a tribute to Singapore, the year 1837 features prominently on the brand’s logo, celebrating the year the island became a trading center for tea, spices and luxury epicurean goods.

TWG tea products are now available in over 70 locations worldwide. TWG boutiques and salons can be found in iconic landmarks including Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, Ginza in Tokyo, Leicester Square in the UK, Yorkdale Shopping Center in Toronto and The Dubai Mall in the UAE. For more information, please visit

Work for a sustainable future

Since its inception, TWG’s tea philosophy has been rooted in sustainable development with a mission to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the same quality of life that we enjoy today. Setting a long-term vision and following environmental, social and management practices is increasingly seen as a comprehensive standard for sustainable business practices.

TWG believes that it can play its part in contributing to a sustainable future by focusing on three main areas: protecting the environment, caring for individuals and communities, and good corporate governance.

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