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The video incident of “the chaste chaste wedding” sparked a lot of controversy and outrage on social media in Egypt, after a minor girl appeared in one of the villages with raised shoulders surrounded by hundreds of men and women cheering as many cars drove their honked their horns. .

According to local news sites, the oldest man divorced his wife on the wedding night, claiming that she was not a virgin, prompting the girl’s father to request a virginity test for his daughter to silence everyone’s tongues who doubts his daughter. “honor.”

And once the result appeared to confirm his daughter’s virginity and that her hymen was completely intact, a scanned image of the medical report was published, along with a video of a girl being carried by her father and parading around his village in a celebration. similar to apparitions, as the procession was hosted by a man carrying a microphone and shouting: “The honorable chaste is back.” And other phrases that the girl celebrates and boasts about the result of the report.

Part of the rolling video

Press reports indicated that this “wedding” took place on Sunday in the village of Al-Muslimiya of the San Al-Hajar tribal district and constituency in Al-Sharqiya governorate, where the video of the “honorable chaste wedding” has spread widely on communication websites. during which a 16-year-old girl appeared, being carried by a person. She was waving white cloths as proof that she was still a virgin.

A general view of the virginity report

A general view of the virginity report

“the weirdest video”

One of the tweeters said on Twitter that such cases only happen in Egypt, adding: “A girl got married on Thursday and divorced on Friday, claiming virginity, and forensic medicine proves her virginity.”

Chaste chastity

Chaste chastity

Another said: “There is no strength or power except with God. She got married on Thursday and divorced on Friday in one of the villages of Al-Sharqiya. The groom and his family said that she is not a virgin, because she leaves home without any rights. The people of the town received her in a marriage ceremony. After forensic medicine proved that she was a virgin.”

Another disparaged: “This is the weirdest video I’ve ever seen. The girl didn’t win a championship or get a doctorate. Forensic medicine examined her to prove her virginity.”

Chaste chastity

Chaste chastity

For her part, a girl who was called, Bushra Saad Madi, said on her Facebook account after describing the details of the video and the joy and her father shouting, “The chaste one has returned”: “Oh, country!

Indecent assault…and human trafficking

Commenting on the incident, Egyptian activist and lawyer Hani Sameh confirmed that he would submit a report to the public prosecutor, adding: “What happened is considered a crime punishable by law and can describe becomes a crime of indecent assault of a minor with mutual consent, because it does not take into account the consent of a girl of legal age to contract.” her tie

In his interview with Al-Hurra, Sameh added: “The expected punishment, if the case is referred to the criminal court, is 15 years for the man as a maximum, while the punishment for the girl’s father could be three years.”

Sameh stressed that the so-called “chastity wedding” is seen as an infringement on the rights of women, be they children or adults, and explained: “This incident confirms that many circles of society still live on backward values ​​that a woman’s honor to her genitals, while true honor is in science.” Ethics, work and being an active person in society in a positive way that reflects on his personal and individual development.

On the other hand, Nihad Abu Al-Qasman, head of the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights, a non-profit civil society organization, believes that what happened during the so-called “Zaffat Al-Affa” can be described as a kind of “human trafficking ,” adding, “In the legal sense, this is considered a crime, but there are no clear legal texts that criminalize this act, despite Egypt’s signing of international covenants on combating human trafficking.

And whether it is possible to punish the father and the groom for their involvement in the issue of “marriage of a minor”, Abu Al-Qumsan explained in her interview with Al-Hurra website: “Children and family laws prevent to document the marriage of a minor girl until she reaches the age of eighteen, and therefore there is no punishment for both the father and the husband, because they have committed this crime against that child, and what has happened will ‘ be a customary marriage registered with the authorized person.

She noted that to attempt to characterize what happened as “violation of a minor’s offer” would contradict the laws granting guardianship to the father regarding her marriage.

And she emphasized the need to bridge this “legal gap by amending laws to ensure the protection of young girls and guarantee their rights.”

In a related context, Sameh noted “the need to combat these outdated customs and traditions by working to spread awareness in society and educate girls and women about their rights guaranteed to them by the constitution and applicable laws .”

The lawyer asked for the protection of this “child”, expecting a customary reconciliation session that could end with the girl’s return to her husband, and thus the continuation of the violation of her rights and humanity, as he put it.

As for Abu Al-Qumsan, she viewed what happened as something that evokes disgust and anger, saying: “What happened in that (wedding) seems like we are living in a slave market, where the girl or woman just ‘ becomes a commodity which is offered for sale after making sure of (the safety of the goods).”

The human rights activist agrees with lawyer Sameh on the need to spread awareness among the classes of society, especially the poor, who suffer from high levels of ignorance and illiteracy, in conjunction with the adoption of laws that criminalize early marriage and young protect girls from the male dominance of their fathers and guardians.

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