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Jenin – “Jerusalem” dot com- Ali Samoudi – Miraculously, the persecuted Rateb Raed Al-Bali (22 years old) escaped death, after hidden bullets and the occupation forces surrounded him and his family in their house in the Al-Hadaf neighborhood has. Monday morning, and with the courage of his father, who refused to submit to the intelligence officer. , I wrote him a new life.

The occupying forces claim that the salary of the wounded and the released prisoner is wanted by the intelligence, on charges that he belongs to the military wing of the “Fatah” movement, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades and participated in the resistance, so she father confirmed For the correspondent of “Jerusalem” dot comthat the purpose of the occupation operation to attack his house, EExecution and assassination of his son, not his arrest.

A videotape published by activists shows the moment the undercover men arrived in a truck with a Palestinian license plate in the vicinity of Al-Bali’s home in the Al-Hadaf neighborhood, which borders the city of Jenin. belongs to and is adjacent to the camp. The operation is that the army and its special units did not enter the house, which was besieged from all sides.

In the early hours of the morning, the undercover men were seen on alert as they surrounded Al-Bali’s house, with the support and cover of Israeli monitoring and reconnaissance aircraft. Soon, large military reinforcements joined them and stormed the main streets leading to the city. the camp, and the target area.

Citizen Raed Al-Bali told, “Ratib, even though he was being pursued, was eager to sneak into his house to rest, because of the long nights guarding the camp with his companions who were occupation sought and pursued.”

He says: “In the early hours of the morning, Ratib crept home as usual under cover of darkness, had breakfast, went into his room to sleep and rest a little, but soon, suddenly and without warning, our heavy gunfire brought many close hearing.”

Death is approaching us.

Like the rest of the residents of the area, the Al-Bali family woke up to the sound of bullets and the roar of low-flying planes without knowing that their home had been targeted. We have window panes above us saw heads flying and bullets pouring into the house.”

He added, “We felt fear and terror when we saw through one of the windows the soldiers surrounding our besieged house, so I asked my wife and family to crawl on the ground and go to the living room area, but suddenly shook the house after they fired an ‘energa’ shell on the stairs of the house, and we slept in the basement of the bathroom.”

And his wife continues: “We felt that death was near us, as the bullets flew and especially penetrated Ratib’s room, as they knew her well, and the shooting was carried out without considering the presence of children and women.”

The camp.. front plots..

Meanwhile, the resistance rose in the Jenin camp, and the Martyrs’ Brigade of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade and the Jenin Battalion of the Al-Quds Brigades and the Hornet’s Nest mobilized and rushed to confront the occupying forces with bullets and explosive devices, while the occupation turned the neighborhood into a military barracks and a closed area, as the patrols imposed a siege on the area which is near Including a number of schools, it is considered a densely populated residential area.

The residents confirmed to reporter that the army occupied the buildings and houses overlooking the site and Al-Bali’s house, detained and prevented citizens from moving, and prevented students from going to their to go to schools. According to witnesses, more than 30 patrols took part in the operation, in addition to the planes that did not leave the air of the camp, whose alleys and streets turned into arenas of violent confrontation.

Israeli pressure.

At this time, the Al-Bali family was living in nightmares of horror, as the head of the family expressed, in light of the continued occupation with shooting and the efforts of the intelligence services to put pressure on them. He asked me to go out with my family, vacate the house and leave a salary in, but I refused and told him: I will not leave him and we will go out with him.”

And he added: “The officer claimed during his conversation with me that Ratib had a weapon, and he repeated his request that I should leave and leave him. I told him, he has no weapon, stop on shooting, there are children, and we will all go out with Ratib, because I fear for his life, assassination and execution.”

The conversation intensified between the father and the intelligence officer in light of his insistence on the presence of a weapon with a salary in the house, but his father stood his ground and said: “The intelligence officer gave me a minute given to get out. the house, but as I went down the stairs to open the door, they continued to shoot, so the officer and his soldiers did not want My son to come out, so I hugged him.”

He added, “His mother and sister walked behind him, while I was in front of him and beside him. I walked step by step with him and walked in front of him in front of the snipers and soldiers so that they would not shoot him. .”

He continued: “When we got to the soldiers, they arrested Rageh, surrounded him, isolated him from me and beat him and started interrogating me and interrogating me. Where is the weapon? I told them he didn’t have it, and the intelligence officer told me he had a weapon and was hiding it in his vehicle.”

And he continues: “Amidst the guard of the soldiers pointing their guns at me, a salary car was removed from its parking lot in the house, and after searching it, they found nothing, so they cordoned off the area carefully searched and withdrawn. .”

Father’s courage.

The effects of the Israeli shelling and bullets were evident throughout Al-Bali’s house, especially in Ratib’s room. The occupation admitted that he was immediately taken for examination, while his father held the occupation fully responsible for his life.

He said: “If they wanted to arrest him, they would have demanded that he surrender, but despite the siege on our house, they directly fired shots and shells at us, endangering our lives, and this confirms that the occupation wanted to execute and liquidate him, but I did not

I fear them and hesitate at the moment of sacrifice to thwart their plan.”

And he adds: “I placed my soul and body before him in view of the distribution of secret soldiers and sharpshooters everywhere, and I refused to leave him and move away from him. The Lord of the Worlds made me honored with his salvation, and God willing, he will soon be freed from the occupation prisons, suffering from their torture, just as he was shot a while ago.”

Arrest and injury. The wounded and the prisoners.

Raed is considered to be the first child of his family which consists of 3 members. He was arrested in 2019 and spent a year in administrative detention. After gaining freedom, he joined the ranks of the resistance and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades. His pursuit intensified after he was hit by five bullets at dawn on 5-8-2021 during an occupation operation in Jenin.

His father says: “Since his injury, he has been targeted, chased and threatened. He escaped death when he was shot by snipers in the industrial area in Jenin, and he could not get regular treatment because of his persecution.”

According to his father, his second son, Osama (21 years old), is in the prisons of the occupation, which arrested him 24 days ago, and is still being investigated in Al-Jalama cells.

Continuous target.

The occupation is constantly targeting the camp and city of Jenin, and the raids and military operations have increased dramatically recently, and two weeks ago the occupation forces and the secret unit captured the commander of the Jenin Battalion, Farouk Salameh, in a special operation in the Jenin camp, whose family remembers the numerous assassinations and executions to which he was subjected. Resistance fighters after their arrest, as happened with the martyr Islam al-Tubasi during the Al-Aqsa Intifada. During the arrest of Al-Bali, the camp saw violent armed clashes with the resistance, who threw explosive devices at the occupation patrols. army fired heavily, resulting in the martyrdom of student Mahmoud al-Saadi (17 years old).While he was on his way to his school “Hashad” near Al-Hadaf area, three young men were injured.

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